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Navigation Sorting Issue

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

We are using MOSS 2007 and we have and area that has a subsite withing a subsite on the navigation...

When setting the navigation to sort accending by title the subsite always stays at the top. Do subsites not sort with the rest of the navigation...

eg of nav:  the subsite is staying at the top althought it starts with F...Does anyone know why this is?

subsite F

page A

page B

page C

page D


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SSRS Report Sorting issue in Dashboard created usign Performance point services in sharepoint 2010


I have created a report in SSRS and this report is integrated within a dashboard created using performance point services in sharepoint 2010.

The report is a simple tabular report with 5 coulmns and interactive sorting is enabled on each of them.

Sorting works when the report is viewed separately but gives "Report Server Error" when I try to sort (on any column) inside the dashboard.

I have user IP instead of host name in the report server url.

Please help.



Teamsite owner can't do navigation editing and sorting

I built our intranet using MOSS 2007.  I created several department sites using teamsite template.  Since I let site owners manage their sites, one of the site owners tried to rearrange the left navigation on her site.   However, she couldn't see any items under Navigation Editing and Sorting section so that she couldn't edit headings or move up or down any headings or links.   I checked if she got the full control permission as her site permission.  I am site collection administrator so that I can see all items listed under that section.  Why can't she as the site owner see any navigation items?

Sorting Issue in Gridview with Datasource



am having trouble figuring this one out.

Am using stored procedure and using databind for the gridview . i got the codes off other sites. I'm guessing its the code that i've underlined,
how or what do i use as the datasource for the sorting event. I used the Session for the paging event and that works but not for sorting.
any help would be appreciated.

 protected void LoadComplaint()

            gvComReport.DataSource = CompTypeStatusBLL.GetComplaint(ddlStatus.SelectedValue, ddlType.SelectedValue);
            Session["MyDataSet"] = gvComReport.DataSource;


 protected void gvComReport_Sorting(object sender, GridViewSortEventArgs e)
            DataTable dtSortTable = Session["MyDataset"] as DataTable;

            if (dtSortTable != null)
                DataView dvSortedView = new DataView(dtSortTable);
                dvSortedView.Sort = e.SortExpression + " " + ConvertSortDirectionToSql(e.SortDirection);

                gvComReport.DataSource = dvSortedView;

 private string ConvertSortDirectionToSql(SortDirection sortDirection)
            string newSortDirection = St

Focus Keyboard Navigation Issue


After a while I'm back :)

Well, my app is using MVVM patterns. So I have let's say two different views that can be seen at the same time. (I'm actually using Prism for that). Say that I have four text fields on the first view and other four text fields (actually they are textboxes) on the other view. What I want to do is: 

1) As I focus in one of the views I'd like to to focus to the first element

2) Since I'm focused, one weird behavior is happening: after clicking on the tab key on the last element, it goes away of the current view. I wanted to keep the navigation in a loop when leaving the last element and not going to somewhere else. It should go to the first element again after the last element. So that means that once on the view, the user can't go to another view through clicking on the tab key, unless he explicit clicks on the other view through a mouse click.


Are these things possible?

Thanks in advance,


issue with sorting of data in matrix


Hi Team,

I have SQL report with undernith query:

Select company, product, order no sales_amount order by company, product

and the report is a matrix as shown:


Company order no            a         b         c       e          f        d

abc          1                     10       12       12      12      31      

bcd          2                     12       12   

sorting issue with nerd dinner example


Im working through the nerd dinner example and Im trying to add column sorting to the list of the dinners .

i am having a terrible time getting it to actually sort.

any suggestion on how to do this?  

Im passing in my dinners as the source -- i cant figure out how to sort them and send them back 

public SortedList(IQueryable<T> source, string columnSort, string directionSort)

can some provide an example of how the source.orderby() should look?

Site navigation dropdown display issue



I am developing an inranet site for my company using Sharepoint 2007 and I have encountered an issue with the site navigation's drop down menu. When you expand the dropdown menu and it is expanded into the DataView grid, the column filter text gets mixed in with the site navigation drop down menu text.

Is there a fix for this issue?

I have a snapshot JPEG of what I am referring to but do not know how to attach it to here.

Thanks for any help!


AJAX GridView Paging and Sorting using C# in ASP.Net

To enable the GridView Paging and Sorting to update the GridView Data without refreshing the ASP.Net web page AJAX Extension controls are used. UpdatePanel is used to hold the GridView control that triggers the events for the controls placed inside it. By Default UpdatePanel triggers the asynchronous postbacks for its child controls.

Sorting Gridview using Jquery with ASP.NET

I want to show how to sorting a gridview using a Jquery in ASP.NET, it is a flexible client-side table sorting. We have known that Jquery is a new kind of Javascript Library. You can find detail of Jquery in this site http://jquery.com/ there are lot of example with documentation and also allow free download a latest version.

Sorting Gridview using Jquery with ASP.NET

used table sorter plug-in which has written by Christian Bach can found http://tablesorter.com/docs/ . It is really cool plug-in and user can allow to download and customization as their wish.

I test this example in Visual Studio 2005. Some of other requirement needed is download a latest version of Jquery from official website and table sorter plug-in which can found as I mention above website.

GridView Sorting/Paging : 'REAL' AJAX with Asp.Net Series

This is a continuation of my 'REAL' AJAX with Asp.Net (not Asp.Net AJAX) series posts for those of us trying to stop relying on Asp.Net 'AJAX'.

Ok, nothing too dramatic to start things off, we are going to make some tabled data sortable and pagable all without using a bit of postback. Not only that, but it is going to be incredibly easy!

Sorting Data in a GridView Web Server Control

The GridView control provides built-in sorting functionality without requiring any coding. You can further customize the sort functionality of the GridView control by using custom SortExpression property values for columns as well as by using the Sorting and Sorted events

Sorting GridView Columns Manually

We all know that GridView columns can be sorted automatically when SQLDataSource is being used. But what if you are not using SqlDataSource to populate the GridView. Sorting the GridView manually is pretty straight forward task take a look at the code below

Manually sorting and paging Gridview without using datasource control

Many a times while working with Gridview we want to work with the paging and sorting functionality without using any datasource control. Gridview is flexible enough to perform these tasks without the use of any datasource control and only a few lines of code.

Optimized Paging and Sorting in ASP.NET GridView

In this article I am going to demonstrate what are the performance drawbacks of using conventional way to page and sort your GridView and then I will demonstrate 'An Optimized way to implement Paging and Sorting'.

IsapiModule Error 500 Issue


I am about exhausted trying to figure out this error:

HTTP Error 500.0 - Internal Server Error

Description: The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred.

Error Code: 0x8007007b

Notification: ExecuteRequestHandler

Module: IsapiModule

Requested URL: http://localhost:80/ReportServer

Physical Path: c:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.2\Reporting Services\ReportServer

When I enable Failed Request Tracing Rules and view the log output I am supposing that the actual problem is in the 2nd call where there are 2 backslashes before the actual filename in the specified path:


CALL_ISAPI_EXTENSION DllName="C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727\\aspnet_isapi.dll"

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