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SQL Server 2008 Licensing Question?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I know the same question is being asked many time from you, but I am curious to know the answer to my question.


SQL Server licensing says you don't have to purchase any new license for (Mirroring, Clustering, Log Shipping) as long as it is not up and running beyond 30 days and less or equal processors then the active sql server.

I want to check how the licensing works when the DR site is setup with SQL Transactional Replication, where the target server is just a stand-by but active.

Please Advise. Thanks in Advance


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SQL server 2008 r2 Data sync question???

Sql 2008 r2 data sync, does it involve a db hosted by microsoft or does that involve us hosting the sync functionality locally?  I know we have db's local that need to be sync'd across a wan but does that happen in a db hosted in the ms cloud or does that have to do with a sync functionality that runs locally to keep my db's sync'd?   Thanks, SL

SQL Server 2008 R2 Installation and Service Pack 1 Question

I am migrating a SQL 2000 server to a SQL 2008 R2 server (on different physical servers) . When I ordered SQL Server 2008 the volume licensing allowed me to download sql server web 2008, sql server web 2008 R2 and sql server 2008 service pack 1. I don't know why I have three options to download. Don't I just need to just install the sql server 2008 Web R2? Are there any sql 2008 R2 service packs available?   

SQL Server 2008 Licensing and VMWARE

Hi, We are currently running a vmware environment with 10 physical machines and we are thinking of running SQL Server 2008 Std Edition in one virtual operating environment. We already have SQL 2008 user cal's, am I correct in assuming that we only now need one SQL Server 2008 Std Edition Server license, or do we need to licence each of the 10 machine the VOE could be running on. Thanks Adam Sankey

SQL Server 2008 R2 and MSDN Licensing


I am creating a VM for the development team of an upcoming project and have a question around licensing.

The MSDN download for SQL Server 2008 R2 now comes pre-pidded.  Does this mean that I can download and install the full server install on the VM using the pre-pidded product key?  All the developers have their own MSDN subscriptions so they would have legitimate licenses.  I just don't want them to have to install SQL on the VM before they start work.

Ideally I will sysprep the images using the new prepared image functionality in R2.

My thought was to download the MSDN iso and then extract it to a folder on the VM.  Then I can run a prepared image install and sysprep the image.  I can then script up the final part of the install to run when the VM is first fired up.  The only issue here is if the license key would have to change.  Hopefully I can confirm that the pre-pidded download will be fine for all developers with a valid MSDN subscription.


SQL Server 2000 to 2008 R2 db restore question


Hi guys

I've just restored a db (MS SQL 2000) unto MS SQL 2008. All went well and the users for that db were also created. But they were created on the db level.

On the server level, these logins were not there. I tried to create them manually at the server level. When I try to assign the login to the db it understandably says that the user with the same name already exists in the db.

I tried dropping the login created in the db level but I can't do so as there is a schema in the database with the username.

How should I go about getting the same login unto 2008 without dropping any schemas as I am trying to keep everything the same as it was in 2000 for testing purposes in 2008.


Thanks in advance.

SQL Server 2008 instance question



Is it possible to install a SQL Server 2008 without giving it an instance name?  So that my dotnet applications' connection string won't need to change to "data source:dbServer\Instance;...", and still can use the "data source:dbServer;..."
Thanks for help.


SQL Server 2008 management tool and MSXML6 sp2 question



I would like to install the management tool on my WinXP SP3 machine.
When almost went through all processes, some error happened.  And I checked it's because of the MSXML6 SP2.  I need to uninstall the MSXML6, but just can't remove it from the Add/Remove program.  I tried to reinsatll the MSXML6 but it said a newer version is already there.
How do I solve this problem?
Thanks for help.


SQL Server 2008 Lock question



I'm using the SQL Server 2008 now.
I remember in the SQL Server 2000 Enterprise Manager, we can cancel some dead lock processes.  How do we do this in the SQL Server 2008?
By the way, what SELECT command can we apply to know those lock/dead lock processes?
Thanks for help.


question about installing sql server 2008 express with another server...



I am doing a self-study of databases and right now i'm playing with mssql server 2008 express edition.

One of my buddies asked me, if i'm going to install two mssql version. let us say i have mssql server 2005 already installed. If i install 2008, will it affect everything that was done in mssql 2005? also, if i uninstall one of it, will it affect each other? even in a small fraction of the settings?


P.S. sorry, i haven't tried and test it myself because i'm still looking for an older mssql server express edition and the question we have right now is only based on our curiosity. Advance thanks to anyone who can share their knowledge and experience in this matter.

question about using SQL Server 2008 Express R2 for my web site


Hi guys,

I was wondering a few things.  I have since become exposed to the wonderful technology that you provide through SQL Server 2008 Express R2, and I use it as a development device on my laptop, but I hope to actually use it when I host my own web site someday until I (if I need it), buy SQL Server 2008 web edition.  What I want to know is, one, applications that support SQL Server express R2, do they work efficiently, and two, 10 GB seems like a lot of space for such a small community as mine is right now.  Will SQL Server either Express R2 or compact edition 2008 work in a small production environment?  Can I use multiple databases on the same application if I need to?  Thanks so much for any feedback you can offer, and I look forward to discussing this further. 

Many thanks,


SSIS 2008 - Question on OLEDB Destination to SQL Server 2000

Simple question, In a SSIS 2008 Package is it possible to have a OLE DB Destination pointing to another Server Machine running on SQL Server 2000 to do bulk insert operation ? . what are the potential pitfalls when while inserting into SQL Server 2000 ?

Sql Server 2008 Tutorials

This Link Provides total Sql Server 2008 Tutorials

Seven reasons to care about SQL Server 2008 R2

Microsoft begins to fully realize its vision of SQL Server as an information platform and not "just" a database. Hence the main theme for this release -- at least according to Microsoft -- is self-service BI. The PowerPivot plug-ins for Excel 2010 and SharePoint 2010 are easily going to make the biggest splash of all the new features, not least because they're the most complete. But then, SQL Server 2008 R2 isn't strictly necessary for PowerPivot for Excel, which works with plenty of other data sources.

Error upgrading SQL Server 2008


i was normally using VS2005 and SQL server 2005...

i upgraded to SQL Server 2008... and then...

i could not build my project anymore... because of this error:

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code. 
Exception Details: System.IO.FileNotFoundException: The specified module could not be found. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)
Source Error: 

sql server 2008 adventureworks database


dear Friends

For my MCTS 70 -433 examination, I recently installed sql server 2008 and installed the sample databases too. but my issue is, in that book they have mentioned a database called "AdventureWorks2008" and the nice thing is I don't have a such a database with me in my sql server 2008. 

And the query is 

-- MERGE Statement
USE AdventureWorks2008
MERGE INTO	Sales.SalesOrderDetailHistory AS SODH
USING Sales.SalesOrderDetail AS SOD
ON SODH.SalesOrderID = SOD.SalesOrderID
AND SODH.SalesOrderDetailID = SOD.SalesOrderDetailID
INSERT (LineTotal, SalesOrderID, SalesOrderDetailID, CarrierTrackingNumber, OrderQty
, ProductID, SpecialOfferID, UnitPrice, UnitPriceDiscount
, rowguid, ModifiedDate, Cancelled)
VALUES(LineTotal, SalesOrderID, SalesOrderDetailID, CarrierTrackingNumber, OrderQty
, ProductID, SpecialOfferID, UnitPrice, UnitPriceDiscount
, rowguid, ModifiedDate, DEFAULT)
UPDATE SET SOHD.Cancelled = 'True'
OUTPUT $action , inserted.* ;	

Please help me to overcome this issue and let me know where can I download that database too.

Thanking you

happy Coding

PostGreSQL to sql server 2008?



I am new to POSTGREsql.

I have a database built in POSTGresql and I have to migrate it to SQL SERVER 2008.

How can I do that?



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