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Indexing a share to make a list?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

I have a windows 2003 CIF share that I would like to build sharepoint 2010 as a list without importing the data (or well maybe importing the data if I have to). I don't want to import the data into a library because of how the users need to access it and some meta tagging needs.

It seems like a should be able to build this list by making the share a external data source but I'll be dammed if I can figure that out. Maybe that wrong approach?



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How to make a drop down list of links in Microsoft Share Point Designer 2007.

I have just downloaded the free download of Share Point Designer 2007 and I
would like to know how do I make a drop down list of links in the program?.
Where you would place your mouse curser over the links in the link bar of my
site and I get a drop down of links for my site? I just also purchased the Step
by Step book
for Microsoft Share Point Designer 2007 and I can not find it in
the book on to make a drop down list of links for my web site. I would
appreciate your assistance in this matter. Thank you.
Sincerely yours,
Larry H. Ziegler

radiobutton list item make visible true or false in javascript

in my project i have used one radiobuttonlist according different user login , i want to make one of radiobuttonlist item visible true or false..   please help me to solve this issue.   thanks in advance.  

Creating Lists On Share-point 2010 Server from .stp list template files using Features

Plz, let me know, how to create list on share-point 2010 server from .stp list template files using features in C#

make columns read only in a list

Hi, I am using SP 2010 and needed help in customizing an exisiting list. I need to make 3 columns of the list editable to 3 users only and the rest of the users have a READ-ONLY option. How can this be done?

Make a list field ediable by a group of users or hidden to everyone else.


I understand how to hide a field, but this hides it for everyone. My team want to hide it for the users and show it for our team. The field we want hidden from other users are Assigned to, Due Date, and Due Date, but we want our team to be able to edit these fields; not the other users. Is it any way to do this? Thanks for the help.



using share point list webservice




HI all,

i am new to sharepoint development. i'm currently try to access the sharepoint server my local machine and having access only to a inner document library.i need to get all data inside that document library. i'm trying to use list.asmx service to retrive all items inside that document library.

but i'm getting error ''401 Unauthorized".

my sharepoint url is like http://mysite.com/Sites/MainCollection/abc/asd

i'm having acces only to asd document library.i need all items (folders and files) inside this document library.

service i'm using is http://mysite.com/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx.

i'm able to add the service to my local project and view all the methods inside the list service but getting error when try to access it.

could someone help me please.




Search not indexing one particular list


hi all , i have a list of articles (about 20 columns) with only 15 items in it.  Search is not indexing it.  the tech support for this search implementation says that the list is being picked up for crawl but the items can not be enumerated.  He has no idea why but he asked me to create a new list and manually copy the data over to it.  I did this and we verified that the new list worked and got crawled.  However when i went in and changed all my old article lists to this new list, then deleted my old articles list and re-named this to articles - the search problem came back.  They said they have verified that there are not any special rules set up that exclude "Articles" names in lists but there has to be some reason for this.

So my question is does anyone have any ideas or know why search may pick up a list but not enumerate the items in it? 

Any ideas are appreciated.



How to make Quicklaunch of share Point site movable?


How to make Quicklaunch of share Point site movable?(so is its not needed , it should be moved to leftmost direction)

                                                                                     Thanks and Regards,

Workflow or Time Job for email reminder on Tasks List in Share Point 2007


I need to send a reminder to the person whom a task has been assigned 3 days before a due date. We also wants to re-use this workflow/time job on other lists as well. Name of the lists can be different??


Also if the due date gets change it should change the reminder accordingly.

Which approach i should take to achieve this?? 




how to make webpart only show top list item?

Our office is new to SharePoint (including me!).  On our new SharePoint intranet I want to create a SharePoint Tips list.  I then want to put a WebPart on the home page that only shows the most recent tip added to the list.  I can't figure out anyway to configure that.  Thanks for suggestions.

How to make a sharepoint list column readonly or invisible while add/edit list item in sharepoint UI


 Hi Everybody,

I have created a list in sharepoint. In that list there is a field which I want to make read only or invisible when the user tries to add or edit a list item through sharepoint UI. I want this because that particular field gets populated through a webpart and direct data entry into that field is unnecessary. Is there any way to make a sharepoint column (for me its a picture column) read only or invisible in the sharepoint UI.

thank you,

Arun Dutt

How can I make my Visual Studio Workflow update my External List that I created in SPD


I am creating a workflow VS2010 that can write to regular SP Lists however, when I try to have it write to my External List it does not work?


Leland Usher SharePoint Developer/Administrator

Share Point List Issue


I have created a list for a small quiz.  The list includes columns with questions 1 through 5 which are choice columns with multiple answers or single answers.  I am trying to score the quiz and have tried adding additionl columns between the questions.  It allows me to add a calculated column for the questions that have single answers and the formula menu includes a slection of that "question 2" number from the list to add to your formula.  The questions that have multiple choice answers do not appear in the list for you to select to add to your formula for that question. 

Example: Question 2 - Single answer
Formula: Score 2 - =IF([Question 2:]="true",5,0)  This formula scores 5 points if the answer is Correct and = true if it is incorrect it is 0 points.

Problem: Question 4 - Multiple answers
Formula: Score 4 =IF([Question 4:]="A;,B;,D", 5,0)  This does not work.  I have tried writing my own formula but I get an error everytime.  Error Message. One or more column references are not allowed, because the columns are defined as a data type that is not supported in formulas. 

I do not generally work with formulas and this is farely new for me.  This is Microsoft Share Point Moss 2007 .C

How can I make a list be displayed in add mode?



I have a Sharepoint custom list. I want to use it as a registration form. This means the list needs to be displayed in an "Add item" mode? How can this be done? I am assuming with loading the list in Infopath 2010 and editing it?


Make Search Results Look Like a SharePoint List

How could I transform XSLT in the search result page of SharePoint to make it look similar to a list view?  i.e. show metadata columns for the search results page.  I would like to do this for specific "This List:" type search results pages.

How to make a copy of a large list within the same site


I have a large list (125MB) that I wish to make an exact copy of within the same subsite of a site collection (albeit with a different list name, of course).

Because of the size, creating a template with content throws cabinet errors even with an increased max template size.

The gl-export/import does not work when importing/exporting into the same site (it just appends the data to the existing list). importlistitem/exportlistitem also seem to have a bug that prevents the import from working properly.

Creating a blank list off of the template and copying items over in datasheet view is not feasible as it does not appear to retain created/modified data.

This is MOSS 2007 SP1, though publishing features are not available on this particular site. This can be investigated if it is the only method.

Any advice?

Thank you for your time.

How to make editable row move to top of SharePoint List?


1. By default the editable new row is at the bottom. I want to move that to the top. I am using SharePoint Server 2007.


Ravi Acharya

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