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WSPBuilder only including dll, not including list definition files etc

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 07, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi All,

I have a project that contains:

2 Content Types

2 List Definitions

2 List Instances

Event Receivers for 1 List

Have grouped the List Instances and Definitions, so in my WSP View I have 3 features



   Event Receivers


Now, when I build the wsp through VS 2008, it only includes the dll, it doesn't include any other files. So on deployment, none of my features get installed.

Any ideas?



Andrew Berry - Software analyst/Developer

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Copy entire list including contents to a different SharePoint site


Hi: Just using the GUI in WSS 3.0, is it possible to copy an entire list including content from one site to another - asssuming I have admin rights to both sites? If so, how does one go about it?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Including policy files in a VS SharePoint Project package



I have some policy files to redirect requests for old versions of some custom assemblies in the GAC to the new versions, and I've just refactored my project to use a SharePoint project for packaging (previously I was doing this with MSBuild scripts) - how do I configure my SharePoint project to also include the policy .dll and .config files in the package so that they also get deployed properly?




Calculating the size/files count of a directory (including subdirectories)




I've been told that the fastest way to calculate the size/files count of a directory (including subdirectories) was something like this:

                ProcessStartInfo startInfo = new ProcessStartInfo("CMD.exe");
                Process p = new Process();
                startInfo.RedirectStandardInput = true;
                startInfo.UseShellExecute = false;
                startInfo.RedirectStandardOutput = true;
                startInfo.RedirectStandardError = true;

                p.StandardInput.WriteLine(@"dir " + this.Path + " /s/-c");

                string output = p.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd();


And then reading the sums somewhere in the end o

Multiple forms on the same page MVC2: how to handle (including validation from model)



It should be simple; although I'm having a hard time to figure out the best way to do it. I've MVC2 pages with multiple forms on the same page having different functionalities.

What's the best way to handle this; including the MVC2 way of validation from the model?


Issue with List Definition of same base content type and deployed via same feature


I am trying to deploy two custom list definitions using only one single feature.  Below are the details of my issue.

  • Two custom list definitions
  • Each custom list definition has its own custom content type
  • Each custom content type inherits from the base content type Picture (Type = 109)
  • The custom list definitions are grouped together under one single feature
  • The custom content types are grouped together under a seperate single feature

When I deploy my solution in this configuration, the second list definition gets the first custom content type applied to it and the list schema from the first list definition is also applied to the second list definition.

What makes this more interesting, when I seperate both of the list definitions under two seperate features it all works fine.  Custom content types and list schemas get applied correctly.

Can anyone tell me why I can not deploy both list definitions under one single feature?

If you need me to post any of the origional code or XML to this post please let me know.



Including Chart in ASP.NET 4



I have a web application that I built using .NET 2.0. I have loaded it into Visual Studio 2010 and changed the target .NET Framework to .NET Framework 4. I want to incorporate a Chart control into one of the pages. However, the Chart control does not show up in intellisense. In addition, when I compile the web application, I receive an error that says:

"Unknown server tag 'asp:Chart'."

This would imply to me that I have not set the target .NET Framework properly. My question is, what am I doing wrong? What am I overlooking? I want to include the new Chart control but I can't figure out how to do this

Thank you,

All Users (Including Site Collection Admins) receiving Access Denied from one Site Collection

I usually spend my time in the forums answering questions.  But this time I need the help. I’ve got a client who somehow has succeeded in locking EVERYONE out of one of their Site Collections.  Users can authenticate to the site, but get an accessdenied page when you try to access anything in the site collection, including pages served from the _Layouts virtual directory.  The AccessDenied page shows that they are authenticated, but not authorized.  This is true for Site Collection admins and user’s who have been given Grant Full Control via a Web Application Permission Policy.  Central Admin and one other site collection are behaving normally.  I've already checked for database permissions - the service account can access the database fine. I've also checked for a locked database or overextended quota.  It's not that either. The accessdenied page url references the users list in the root of the site collection as the offending list denying access.   Does anyone have any ideas?Paul Stork SharePoint Server MVP

Invalid data has been used to update the list Item.(List definition)

<nativehr>0x80070057</nativehr><nativestack></nativestack>Invalid data has been used to update the list item. The field you are trying to update may be read only. I have created a list definition and into that i have created lookup column when i am trying to add any item into the list then it gives me an error as above. Can anyone help me.? I made the readonly attributes to false for lookup columns.  

Creating Lists On Share-point 2010 Server from .stp list template files using Features

Plz, let me know, how to create list on share-point 2010 server from .stp list template files using features in C#

Today() Function including timezone causing issues in Analysis Services

I'm using Reporting Services 2008 R2 connecting to Analysis Services. I've used this same code without issues before (pre R2), just wondering whether it is an RS, AS, Server or some other issue entirely. I have a report with a datetime parameter @vdtmDate (I use this so the user has the date picker instead of a drop down list of dates) with default =DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, -1, Today()) Then in the MDX for the dataset, I use the following to build the filter. SET [Today] as STRTOSET('[Calendar].[Reporting Week].[Day].&[' + VBA.FORMAT(VBA.CDATE(@vdtmDate),'yyyyMMdd') + ']') The issue I'm having is when the report runs with the default parameters, the value passed to Analysis Services includes the timezone which causes the query to process for the previous day to that selected. When the user runs the report manually (ie just pressing the view report button straight after the initial report load) the date passes without the timezone and returns the correct information. Example, running the report today (3rd September), the default parameter passes the value (info from profiler)         <Parameter>           <Name>vdtmDate</Name>           <Value xsi:type="xsd:dateTime">2010-09-02T00:00:00+

Including project output does not include web forms

I have an VS 2010 ASP.NET application that I am trying to deploy.I added a Web Setup Project to the solution, and then went to "Add > Project Output" and selected my application. So far so good.The problem is that when I run this installer, the only files that appear in my Inetpub folder are the compiled application dll's. So I cannot browse the website, unless I manually go to the setup project, and include each file in the setup.How can I get the Microsoft Web Setup Project to include the web forms, and not just the project dll?

How can I see all active SP databases in my Farm? Including teh SharePoint_AdminContent etc?

Guys, I have been asked to migrate all the SharePoint databases for a WSS 3.0 Farm from one SQL server to a new SQL server. So I gather I need to move the following: The SharePoint_AdminContent contentdb for C.A. The ContentDbs for each web application SharePoint_Config (with psconfig.exe cmds)   Is this all the DBs? I am confused, as I'm taking over these SP farms from another engineer who has left the company and there are other databases on the SQL instance that appear to be SharePoint related: 2 x SharePoint_AdminContent_GUID.............. 1 x WSS_Search_Server-Name-Here - obviously this is the WSS Search index, but how do I move this to the new SQL server and connect it back to the farm? Or do I accept I have to rebuild the index after migrating the dbs??? Can't find any info online about migrating this db. Many thanks ConradConrad Goodman MCITP SA / MCTS: WSS3.0 + MOSS2007

Retrieving a number from a comboBox value including number and text

Hi, I am using C# and trying to retrieve a number from a value in a comboBox that contains both numbers and text.  I am modifying what is in the comboBox using the following format which is working fine ("130mm Corus-Comflor 46" is a value already loaded into the comboBox):   this .floorComboBox.Text = "130mm Corus-Comflor 46" ;   This line of code is changing what is in the comboBox and from what is written in the combo box, I would like to be able to retrieve just the first number '130' from the newly updated comboBox so that I can use it elsewhere.  I am not sure how to go about this and I have looked online for something similar, but with no luck. Best regards, Mike  

InfoPath list definition of type Document Library

Is there a way to create a list definition that is a document Library and deploy to SharePoint 2010 that is based on a InfoPath form?  Meaning that it will deploy and if I select the "add new item" link it will automatically open a new InfoPath form that a user can submit?  I have the infopath forms created already but I need a way to create the form library through visual studio so I can promote through our test and production environment and have it automatically and deploy to the different environments and create the proper list structure. 

Can not select Forms Library for List Definition

Why can I not select a content type of Forms Library when creating a new List definition?  I want to create a form library list definition that I can link to a InfoPath form that I have created?

Can i go ahead including hint: Option (MAXDOP 1) in my Backend Stress Test

Hi,   I am performing backend (SQL Server2008) stress testing using VSTS2008.I am using some select quires in my Database Unit testing and using this in my load Test script.   I have run the load test for 200, 100 and 50 Virtual users. Each time i am getting below errors.   Error 1:DatabaseUnitTest1.DatabaseTest1 threw exception: System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: The query processor could not start the necessary thread resources for parallel query execution.(error Count 1000)   As the description says, processor could not start the necessary thread resources for parallel query execution, so, there might be a cause that, Parallel queries execution is much slower. So i have included hint: Option (MAXDOP 1) in the Database Unit Test. Hint: Option (MAXDOP 1) The Max Degree of Parallelism or MAXDOP is a configuration indicating how the SQL Server optimizer will use the CPUs. Option (MAXDOP 1) is a hint. This will run the query much faster. When SQL Server uses parallelism, it runs slower. This is a server wide configuration that by default uses all of the CPUs to have the available portions of the query executed in parallel. So the query is executing much faster and there is no thread allocation issue.   Again i ran the load test script starting 50, 75,100,150,200,250,300,400 users. The entire test run successfully without any performance related issu
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