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Cube, Build, Deploy, Process

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server
Dear all,

I'd like to get simple and clear explanation of the cube in data mining, and 3 notions we encounter a lot : Build, Deploy, and Process.

(1) What is the cube that is created when we deploy a mining solution/project?
  I wonder what type of cubes they are because although the dialog on deploy/process
  show that cube, after successful deployment we still don't see the cube in Cubes folder
  of the project.

(2) Why the SQL Server created that cube? Even though we process only one table
  and only use case-table (without nested table)

(3) Can someone explain these 3 concepts with CLEAR differences between them?
  (A) Build
  (B) Deploy
  (C) Process

As far as I know, the stages are like that : build, then deploy, then process.  Also, it seems
to me that those operations do not create objects inside 'Relational' database, but create
objects (binary and text, with text files usually in XMLA programming language) in the
related project's folders and subfolders.  Any good explanation is appreciated.


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Process cube - other cubes get processed

When I process a single cube other cubes are getting done as well. Am I right in assuming that is because they share dimensions ?

IS There is any way out to process only one partition of cube and data of other partition remain ava

HI ALL. Please let me know is there is any way out to process one partition only,while data of other partition remain available in the cube with the help of SSIS

Errors attempting to process SSAS Cube. I get Either user does not have permission to create a new o

Hi All, One of my production server deployed cubes i am not able to process the cube.When i tried to process the cubes i will get an Error: TITLE: Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio ------------------------------ Either the 'NA\gsad478' user does not have permission to create a new object in 'JNJAUSYSVR01', or the object does not exist.  (Microsoft.AnalysisServices)   Over the source server i do have sysadmin access and also  i have added read only role of particular cube. I right click on the database and tried to create new database of SSAS that also thrown with same error. Please help me in this regard.   Thanks, Gangadhar

How to process just one cube in a solution of three cubes inside BIDS SSAS

Hi, I have a BIDS Solution with three cubes...I want to make a full process of just one of the cubes, but If am doing just one, the other cubes comes unavailable... How can I process just one without affecting the other ones? Thanks!

How to process two month data only from 10 month data and 8 month data still available to the cube.

HI ALL, I have created cube in SSAS 2008 and created 10 partition on one of the measure which contains 30 day data per partition i.e 10 month data which is filtered on the basis of getdate() -30 to getdate() ,only date part included. Now i want to refresh data only for the last two partition i.e getdate()-60 to gedate() and also to sustain rest of the data i. e.-from getdate()_61 onwards. I have tried full process mode but in that case i have lost one day data. Please suggest whether it can be possible with the process data mode.if not kindly suggest the way how to perform the same.     Regards Amit   Regards Amit

Workflow designer causes VS 2010 RTM to freeze when editing build process template.

I have a Dell Studio 1747 laptop with Intel i7 1.6GHz, 6GB RAM, Windows 7 Professional x64. I recently "updated" VS 2010 RC to RTM (removed all of RC and installed RTM). So far so good. Also, I have TFS 2010 RTM on the machine working perfectly, and have two team projects in there. Now, on a given solution, I copied DefaultTemplate.xaml to NewDefaultProcessTemplate.xaml and checked it in. I check it out and open it, and the workflow designer shows up. Then, I "Expand All" and go down to the "Compile, Test, and Associate Changesets and Work Items" section. If I click a subsection to collapse it, the mouse cursor changes to an hourglass and stays like that indefinitely. Sometimes, after a couple of minutes, the action is performed; then, it happens again up to a point where VS completely freezes. I have cleared VS 2010 cache, and have performed a repair on VS 2010 and TFS 2010 (just in case) to no avail. I have even disconnected from TFS right after openning the file, and still the same issue. This is f****** extremely frustrating. I can't do anything on the workflow designer. HELP !!!!!

error in process cube


hi all

im trying to process a cube and im geting this error:

OLE DB error:the qurery has been canceled because the estimated cost of this query (1039) exceeds the configured thredshold  of 300

any help?

Cannot deploy cube



I just downloaded the AdventureWorks DB so I could start testing some BI.
But now the db is installed correctly on the server on my workstation > WORKSTATION999\SQLEXPRESS
Now when i want to deploy the cubes I keep getting deployment failed!

The configuration properties of my projects are like this
Server : WORKSTATION999\SQLEXPRESS (default this was localhost, but I have no server called like that)
Database : Adventure Works DW Standart Edition

I even tried to deploy it on a development server but there also no luck...
Thanx in advance! (btw Working with MS Visual Studio 2005 SP2 on XP)

How to achieve an Incremental Build for a Partitioned Cube?



I have one cube in my project and done partitioning on it based on year. In my project, they are using Team Foundation Server (TFS) tool. Now requirement is for an Incremental Build of cube. How can I achieve it? I have no idea of TFS.

Expert people please help me out.

Thanks Shiven:)

dimension's incremental process generates processing on all partitions in cube


Hey eb

Have any one noticed this behavior??

Incremental process (process update) of dimension generates reprocessing of indexes on all cube's partitions,even when no change has occured in that dimension.

I am using SSAS 2005 sp2.

This is disturbing because my cube holds some 700 daily partitions so processing indexes on all of them - on an hourly basis - is very time consuming.

Also it flashes that cube's cache!


I did noticed that changing heirarchies memberskeysunique property to True + changing the toppest attribute in this heirarchy mambernamesunique to true solves this problem.

Is this a must then to prevent recalculating indexes on partitions every process update of dimension??



automating build process for sharepoint 2007


Hello Folks,


I am trying to automate the build process in my sharepoint 2007 environment. I have all my visual studio project files (solution files) and I also have some batch script files which have to run on the server.


CAn somebody suggest me what is the best practice to promote the code to different environments using automated build environments.


thanks in advance

How can deploy a cube from production server to local server?



How can deploy a cube from production server to local server?

I tried to do it from BIDS, I have opened production server database from BIDS but nothing happened when I click project file.

I couldnt change default deployment

Also I have tried Wizard but couldnt find product server asdatabase

Any help will be appreciated



how to deploy web service in sharepoint 2010 using build and deploy ?


in MOSS 2007, I used to use WSPBuilder utility and add web service as web service wspbuilder item to it. It helped to keep everything (WebParts, WebService...etc) together in the same project. All i had to do was WSPBuilder -> Build WSP and then Deploy.

Now in SharePoint 2010, how can i achieve similar scenario to deploy asp.net web service by just few clicks, i dont want to copy the dll to GAC, copy .asmx file etc.. manually.

 Any idea ?



Send SQL Input file using Build Process Template


Hi. I think the title pretty explains the problem.

Is there any activities I can use to send my input script into a SQL server? (The script only contains INSERT INFO Header() VALUES () )

If not, could anyone give me any hints or directions to start on how to make SQL custom activity. (NOT how to create custom activity in general).



Thank you for any replies!

Can I use visual studio 2010 to build and deploy 2007 solutions?

Actually I have some 2007 code someone gave me.  I haven't used those external wsp builders for a long time.  I don't know if I can just use vs 2010.
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