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Per app install/copy of .net (instead of .net installed on the machine)

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework

Is it possible for an application to have its own version of the .net runtime rather than have to depend on .net being installed on the machine?

I'm working on a java project that when installed, contains its own version of the java runtime in the application's directory (c:\programs\myapp\jre). My boss considering moving over to .net just as long as they don't have to depend on .net being installed on the target machine.



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How can Install Office 2007 on Windows server 2008 R2 64 bit machine in WSS 3.0

I have  64 bit machine  and Windows server 2008 R2 has installed. i have successfully install WSS 3.0  , but  when i tried to install  office 2007 ,  one  error  has  come  "OS is not compatible "  i thought  it was asking  for 64 bit office  2007   and i go through the  google and R&d find no 64 bit office is available ,  i have used   excel .dll in my custom code  so my problem is that   how can  install office 2007  on 64 bot OS 2008 r2  machine .  if anyone can help   me  , please let me know . thanks in advance

Do SharePoint 2007 and VS2010 have to be installed to the same Windows Server machine?

For WSS 3.0 development using VS 2005, I learned that we need to install VSeWSS to the Windows Server where the WSS 3.0 was installed.  For MOSS 2007 development using VS 2010, do we need to have VS 2010  nstalled to the same Windows Server?  Thanks, Jeffrey

Copy folder from FTP site using SSH to local machine using a script task (.NET)

  Hello, I need to copy a folder over to my local machine from a FTP site that is listening on SSH/SFTP connection. Could this be accomplished using .NET? I have an SSIS package, and I am wondering if I can accomplish this in a script task...   Thanks DaveDave SQL Developer

Silent install of SQL Server 2005 fails when SQL Server 2008 is installed


We currently install SQL Server 2005 Express silently during our installation, using the following switches


We also attach a 2005-created database immediately after using the following command line (^ is a path concat operator in Installshield):

sqlcmd.exe -S .\\SQLEXPRESS -E -i \"" + svConfigPath ^ "SetupUapDB.sql\" -vmdfpath=\"" + svConfigPath ^ "UapCfg.mdf\" -vldfpath=\"" + svConfigPath ^ "UapCfg_log.ldf\" -o \"" + svConfigPath ^ "SqlCreateDB.txt\" -e

Note that we do not specify an instance name.  We ran into a situation where someone had installed SQL Server 2008 on a box using a default instance name and our install then failed.  I am considering 2 possible fixes, and have questions for both.

Fix #1: Specify an instance name.  Ideally this would install SQL Server 2005 Express side by side with SQL Server 2008, create a unique instance name and we'd be good to go right?  If yes, what is the accepted convention for specifying instance names?

Fix #2: Not sure if this is possible.  Can we detect if SQL Server 2008 is on the box, and if yes, apply our 2005 database to it instead?  In this case (tell me

Copy folder from FTP site using SSH to local machine using DOS batch files



Is there a way to copy a folder from an FTP site listening on SSH connection using DOS batch files? I know that there are several third party tools out there that accomplish this. I am NOT looking for that solution. I tried this in Powershell, but could not find a solution, and I am hoping a simple DOS batch file can handle this.


Any help would be appreciated...

Dave SQL Developer

Install Error -- The install in progress conflicts with a previous installed MS Office 2010 Server P



Working on a development image in Hyper-V.  This image had never had any beta installed of any product.  Had SharePoint Server 2010 and Office Web Apps installed but another installation of another product messed up IIS settings.  It was easier to just uninstall both and start again.  I uninstalled both fine but now when I try to reinstall SharePoint I get an error message saying:

"The install install in progress conflicts with a previous installed Microsft Office 2010 Server Product"

I have done multiple reboots, manually deleted the SharePoint folders on the machine and run CC Cleaner.  Still I get this error.

I even tried the advice suggsted in this blog post: http://blogs.technet.com/chad/archive/2010/04/28/Installing-SharePoint-2010-RTM-Over-Previous-Versions.aspx even though I never had beta installed.

Anyone have anythoughts?

My Ramblings @ http://alanwhitehouse.wordpress.com

Install issues with WebStudio- .NET framework 4.0.3 not installed

I downloaded a trial version of WebExpression and it won't install XSetup.exe - NET Framword Initializaiton Error. To run this application you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET framework: v 4.0.30319.  I have .NET  Framework 4 Extended installed.  What more do I need to do?  Can anyone help?  I am running on  Vista Home Premium 2007 - Service Pace 1

Install a wcf as a windows service and copy files from a network location



I need to intall a WCF as a windows service. In side this WCF , I need to copy files from a network location to the local machine and run them.

I tried to give a specific user account ( which has access to the shared location)for the windows service processinstaller and install the service. but this account cant host the WCF since it does not have admin rights.

Is there a way to host the WCF using local account.. and then to access network location in side the wcf using a specific account. ( impersenation??/ )

Thanks in advance.





Detect SQL Express 2008 installed on machine


Hello all,

How cal I detect if SQL Express is installed on may machine through C#.





Remote copy and execution given admin username and password for remote machine



I have an application (.exe files) that I need to install on remote machine. For this I need to copy .exe file from my machine A remote machine B  and execute it remotely.

I have local administrative privilleges on remote machine.

For e.g. Username & password on remote machine : "remoteAdmin" , "remotePassword".

However this "remoteAdmin" account is not present in my local admin group on my machine A.

Is there a way to do this ?

Also on remote machine B firewall may be on or off.

I tried this using WMI but there were some issues due to firewall.

I can do this using File.Copy method of System.IO namespace but it needs "remoteAdmin" account to be present in my local machine's (A) Administrators group. I have even tried creating new user account and adding to admin goup using DirectoryServices but I don't know how to set domain for the new account.

Also for remote execution I tried using wmic but it did not work when firewall was on. Iteried remotely running notepad.exe. It works if firewall is off but I cannot assume that firewall would be always off.

So , is there a way to copy file and remotely execute them if I have admin username and password for remote machine ( preferable using C++ or C#) ?

 Also I cannot

Can't install SQL 2008 if we previously installed SQL 2008 and removed it???

We installed SQL 2008 and uninstalled it.  Now we can't install SQL 2008.  This seems to be consisten with other servers.  Generally, you get one shot at SQL 2008.  I have a Microsoft case open, but they can't figure it out.  Anyone have any ideas?

can i install 2000 on a machine 2005 exists


Hi Team,

will i be able to install sql server 2000 on a machine where there is 2005 installed? basically i am trying to downgrade!!



SQL 2008 R2 will not install on my XP Pro Sp3 machine


I just want to install the client tools. But I only get as far as the Setup Support Files step in the wizard.

When I click the Install button, some actions are performed then the installer just disappears with no message or anything else.

I don't have any pre-existing SQL registry keys in HK Local Machine Software MS and no SQL folders anywhere in my file system and might interfere.

I did find a log for the SQL Bootsrap and here's where things seem to start going wrong, see below. But right now I cannot install SQL on my machine. Any help appreciated, thanks.

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: ------------------------------------------------------------

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: D:\x86\FixSqlRegistryKey_x86.exe exit code: 0

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: Completed Action: FixSqlRegistryKey, returned True

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: Running Action: PostMsiTimingConfigAction

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: The object state property 'workflow' is null/empty.

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: Error: Action "PostMsiTimingConfigAction" failed during execution.

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: Completed Action: PostMsiTimingConfigAction, returned False

2010-10-21 08:04:09 Slp: Completed Action: ExecuteStandardTimingsWorkf

Downloaded Sharepoint Server on host machine. How do I install it on Virtual Box VM from host machin



My configuration is Windows 7 as host operating system. Created a VM using Virtual Box with Windows Server 2008 R2 as guest operating system. I downloaded Sharpoint Server 2010 on the host machine. I want to install Sharepoint Server 2010 on my VM machine . How do I do that ? Please help.



can you install active directory after wss 3.0 is installed


hello, i want to ask another question.

i have installed wss 3.0 as standallone on my machine.

and the machine does not have active directory.

my question is. can i install active directory now with the wss 3.0 already installed?

is this possible without i loose my web applications?

wuauclt trying to install SQL 2008 SP2 when I have SQL2008 R2 installed ?????


Hi, I have sql 2008 r2 installed on a windows 2003r2 enterprise edition, I received the update to my wsus server last night,

This morning my windows 2003 server advise me of of a update to sql 2008, now here is the interesting part, I don't have sql 2008 installed I have sql 2008r2 installed,

so why is the wsus client trying to install service pack 2????


I have tried to manually install the service pack bit I get the error

There are no SQL Server instances or shared features that can be updated on this computer.

Which is right as I have sql2008 r2 install


any ideas as to why its trying to install sp2 for sql 2008 when I have sql2008r2 installed?

Thanks for your time and effort

Can I install VS 2010 Pro whilst I also have VS 2008 pro and VWD (2010) installed?


I have Visual Studio 2008 Pro and  Visal Web Developer 2010 installed and working OK.

Can I install Visual Studio 2010 Pro  "alongside" these products from a DVD or must I prepare my machine in some way? (e.g. uninstall VWD)

Just trying to get it right first time :-)





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