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How make setup of a winforms application

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF
I am making a winforms application. I would like to about how to make a setup of my winforms application after its completion ?? secondly i have 3 computers at home with windows XP professional SP2, whenever i try to install .net framework it fails and gives some SUIT TOOLKIT error....m worried whether it will work on my client's machine or not.... Your opinions are requested.. Thanks n Regards

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Very slow regasm.exe and aspnet_regiis.exe make a setup timeout.

Hello, I originally posted my problem in the Exchange forum, but I think that it is an ASP.NET issue. The Exchange setup launch "aspnet_regiis -config+" command with maximum timeout of 120 seconds. If I manually launch the command, it take 240 seconds for a successful résult. I found that this command use regasm.exe, witch take 3.5 Minutes just for help (regasm.exe /?) All details are on : http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/exchange2010/thread/70d8cbfa-6e9e-47be-87b8-969ad1a581aa Can you help me ? Syncerely Yours, David.MCSE, MCITP Exchange 2K7 & 2K10

How to launch EULA.rtf for the end user agreement before the winforms setup project (installer) actu

Hi, I am using Setup Project to create installer for my windows applcation. I need to have the user read and accept to the terms in EULA document. So this has to be displayed BEFORE the installer installs the applciaiton. I tried adding the EULA file via Setup Project-> Application Folder -> Add -> File -> EULA.rtf assuming that installer will identify the license file by default and display it before installing the app, but it did not. Please Help.   Thanks

How to make taskbar notification appear and disappear in asp.net web application

I want to make taskbar notification as like yahoo messenger or other messenger. When new message will come, from the taskbar small notification will appear as when new email come, yahoo do the same.   How I can make small taskbar notification in web application using asp.net? I want to notify if there is new record has come then from the taskbar notification will appear and after may be 2 minute it will be automatically disappear as like yahoo do.

How to make my application to be minimized directly to the tray icon area ?

I know its a problem . my program most of the time working in the background so most of the time its going to be in the tray icon area. The thing is i can minimize now my application reagulary and it will drop to the left bottom corner and i see only the top of the window of the application so i can resize it. Or i can turn the taskbar property to true and then it will be minimized to the taskbar in the middle . I tried using hid on the taskbar but then i cant resize it from the tray icon cuz its only hiding it in the taskbar not realy moving it to the tray icon . Is there any way or something to make the application move directly to the tray icon area when im pressing the minimize button "-" on my application ? I know there some programs not many but some that when you press the minimize button its going directly to the tray icon. I wonder how they did it.   Thanks for the help .  danieli

how to make this application and/or how you do it?

I have some experience with asp-om. I had the opportunity to work with an application made in the old ASP and now I'm learning asp.net and I would like to make this application in asp.net c #. I currently thinking of what should I do and how to do it...The application is typing basketball statistics and then it passes into the database to calculate the percentages and other statistical information...applications generally goes like this:You choose the 2 clubs that played the game from the drop-down, and some other thing ... you press a next button and the next page is a list of players who are listed in the database under that clubsYou put a check in front of the names of players who have played that game. and for each of the selected player on the next page the asp creates a row where there is a couple of textboxes in which you will enter the statistics for that player.Now I am interested in this:- How to write code that will for every selected player on the next page make a row with these texboxes to put numbers in.I understand that I will need a for each loop, and I will transfer my data between pages using viewstate, but how to set the id for that every texbox and connect them the database for later recording of data.I also interested in how to create for this and for the future when it is not a predefined number, or when a number of created texboxes, chec

Trouble deploying Winforms application that accesses com components

Using VS2008 Framework 3.5. I have a Winforms application (exe) that uses a Winforms user control (dll) that uses a VB6 user control (ocx) that connects to a VB6 ActiveX EXE. All of this runs on a single Windows XP workstation, no networking involved. I have verified that the VB6 components are installed and working properly. When I run the Winforms exe on my development machine, it runs correctly. When I copy the Winforms exe, dll, and interop dlls to another developers workstation, it too runs correctly. When I copy the same files to a non-developer workstation, it does not run. I get an error that says the application encountered a problem and needs to close. The error signature refers to an Event Type:clr20r3 and a system.invalidoperationexception. The workstation has Framework 3.5 and the VB6 components are installed properly. I looked at the CAS and it appears everything is running with fulltrust. I also tried building the assemblies with strong names. And I tried installing them to the GAC... no change. It seems like I must be missing something easy. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks

how to make a .exe file execute after installation of project using setup and depoyment project in c

hi all,   i am trying to execute a .exe file included in application folder of my setup and deployment project, such that it executes after installation of main project is complete.How to do this. plz help. thank u in advance. Raghu

C# Winforms Application Permission

Hello, I am trying to write a C# application that needs to run on multiple server OS, including 2008. My application stores information in the registry (for now) and needs to write to both local drives (on the server) and remote shares. Text files are used to write logs on the server, but I also need to record events in the event log. The application works fine on 2003, but when I run it on 2008, I am facing issues. It's able to read/write to the registry on 2003 & 2008. It can even write to text files (as long as its not the root of the C drive) without any elevated privileges. When it comes to event logs, the program can easily write to application log on 2003, but on 2008, security exception is thrown. I know this is because it parses through the securtiy log as well, which creates the problem. I can live with not being able to write to the event log, though I would appreciate it if some one could tell me how to do it on 2008 as well. Now to my question: Can I run my Winforms application on 2003 or 2008, automatically giving it elevated permissions (full admin rights) with out having to use the UAC prompt or an Administrator Command Prompt window. The application needs to run without any user interaction, part of the requirements. If someone could help me, I would really appreciate that. Thanks. Sri

Search server 2010 setup - error creating search service application

I am running in a very similar siutation as this post:

I am configuring a new Search Server 2010 production environment.

I used the search setup account to run the setup and run the SharePoint Products Configuration Wizard.

During the first run of the SharePoint configuration wizard (where the farm account and service applications are setup), the process failed because the search service application could not be created.  

Errors were encountered during the configuration of the Search Service Application.
System.Data.SqlClient.SqlException: User does not have permissiont to perform this action.

I was under the assumption that the setup account had securityadmin and dbcreator SQL Server roles.  However, this was not the case and I had them added.  My original thought was the setup failed because of this.  After those roles were added, I tried to recreate the search service application and I still get a failure.

I am pretty sure I have followed the prerequisites as prescribed by Microsoft in terms of account setup (

Make WPF application look the same on all supported Windows versions

Hi Folks,

I've been developing a WPF application for the past two years on an XP machine. It's mostly been used within my company where everyone else has been using XP, and I have gone to great lengths to make it look good. Now everyone is in the process of upgrading to Windows 7, and the application doesn't look so hot on Windows 7. A few subtle changes in the Windows 7 theme make custom visual changes I introduced on XP look like an eye sore. We are letting some beta customers use this software now, and we plan to distribute more broadly in the future, so I need to make sure the application looks good on any OS that WPF supports. I would be perfectly happy with having the application looking identical on XP, Vista, and W7. I thought I could achieve this by adding the following to my App.xaml file:

  <ResourceDictionary Source="/PresentationFramework.Luna;component/themes/Luna.NormalColor.xaml" />
I tried this, and nothing changed when running the application in Windows 7. Does anyone know how to solve this? I would be most interested in a solution that does not involve any per-OS customization (a per-OS switch statement in one place in my App file might be acceptable). I simply don't have

How to run SQL Server 2005 Setup to make SKUUPGRADE=1?


How can I run SQL Server 2005 Setup to make SKUUPGRADE=1?


Believe you can do it, and you will!!

How to make the application install 1 time only



I have a need to create an applicaiton that can be installed 1 time only be a user. The user may or may not be and administrator.

How can I do this (without registry alteration if possible)?

Thanks much.


How to make the windows forms application install only 1 time and be used only 1 time only



I have a need to create an applicaiton that can be installed 1 time only be a user. The application can also be used only 1 time. (on a given PC)

The user may or may not be and administrator.

How can I do this (without registry alteration if possible)?

Thanks much.


How to make Dynamic button permament to form though application restarts in vb.net


Hi all,

I am making an application in which i am trying to make buttons on run time and on every dynamic button click  i have open different files.

I am able to do that.

but problem arises, when my application restarts...

i want to make those dynamic button permanent to the form(even if my application restarts).


Kindy if anybody have a simple timy code to perform it.... then please send it to me as i want this to be done on urgent basis for my final year project..

Thanks and Regards;

Nikhil Mahotra

Profile Service Application Setup


I am running SharePoint 2010 in a farm environment.  I have 2 app servers and 3 web front ends.    I want to have the profiles running on 2 servers.  Does anyone know of a best way to do this.    If I reboot the app server, trying to get to profiles throws an error...    "Internal server error exception"   The way we have our MOSS farm setup is user access the web front ends and we can reboot index server at anytime and no one is ever affected...    I want to do the same setup.   

How can I load balance the profiles or atleast have them on 2 servers in case one goes down.


Setup for client application



Which Software or which projekt type in VS 2010 can be recommended for the following requirements:

- Installation of a client application
- target systems are: XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003 + 2008 (both 32-bit and 64-bit)
- user need to give some input:
          - name, company, path for installation, path for data storage (configuration, temp files, etc.)
          - serial number (should be checked by own code, preferrable in c# or InstallShield script)
- there will be about 30 files for the application and the size is about 40 MB

Just for better understanding: The application will use a database (this is already installed on the user system).

Is the MSI-project in VS 2010 good enough? Or maybe the InstallShield LE (free vor VS 2010)? Or is a full InstallShield needed?
Or some complete other software?

What would you recommend? And which should definately not be used because of limitations?

Thanks in advance!

Viele Grüße / Best regards CSN22

How to make Excel open in application not browser by default


I'm facing a problem here. I tried the to open an excel file (.xls) which was attached in a Calendar Item.

On 1 PC, it opens automatically with the Excel application and thus the user is able to edit and save.
On another PC, it opens in the browser and the user is unable to edit / save the file.

Initially, I tried and thought that it's user rights issue but apparantly, it is not.

How can I make the .xls to open in excel by default? Can someone help me?

Really appreciate the help and answers.


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