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Localize SharePoint 2010 Solutions

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hello everyone,

I`ve a SharePoint 2010 Solution with Custom Actions (xml), Application Pages (aspx) and of course Code behind (cs) files. What I`am trying to do is, to localize the whole Solution.

First thing I did is to add a Mapped Folder to 14\Resources and add my Resource Files in there. I could work with that in the xml and Code behind files but not in the aspx ones as the Resource Files where not copied to the AppGlobalResource Folder...

So I added an empty SharePoint Project and put my Resource Files in there. Afterwards I changed the Deployment Type to AppGlobalResource so the aspx files get the Resource Strings. But in this Scenario my xml files wouldn`t find them anymore and I can`t use SPUtility in the code behind files too.

How do I deploy Resource Files to SharePoint so they get copied to the 14\Resources Folder and the AppGlobalResource Folder and then be able to use the Resource Strings within all parts of my Solution?


Thank you for your help!

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What is the best way to deployee no code solutions in SharePoint 2010




 We have implemented no code solution (Data View Web parts) for a share point 2010 site now I want to save that as a template so that I can reuse that template where ever I want.

 When I saved it as a template(.wsp) I am able to activate it in from solutions but I am not able to create new site based on this template its throwing an error.

What is the best way to deployee  no code solutions in SharePoint  2010

Thanks Inadvance,




Multilanguage solutions in SharePoint 2010


For SPList, SPField, SPWeb, SPContentType and so on I've found Resource properties to fulfill my need for a multilanguage solution. So for each SPField I've set the resource properties for all languages I want to support.

Now I'm struggeling with the following two elements of SharePoint 2010:

- if I got a SPFieldChoice and I want to add choices, I can't do that for different languages so I can only have one set of values for those SPFieldChoice no matter what language is selected

- the displayname of all my SPViews are set once I initially create my sitecollection so they don't change depending on the current UICulture

As I'm not sure how to solve this issues I was wondering if someone could provide some insights or ideas.

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