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select syntax

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 06, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


I'm trying to return some records from my sample table under a title. for example :


in stored proceture operate on a table in Dataset.

now I want to return table above with label : "tbl1" to access table name in Dataset .

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Hi guysi am kinda stuck and im sure you can help mei have the following code to add stuff in my database Try Dim cmd As New SqlCommand("INSERT INTO Patient_Basic_Info(PatientID,Patname,Patlastname,DOB,Tel,ErTel,EmailAd,Adress,Insurance,Vdate) VALUES('" + PatID.Text + "','" + Patname.Text + "','" + Patlast.Text + "','" + DatePicker1.SelectedDate + "','" + Pattel.Text + "','" + PatERTel.Text + "','" + Patmail.Text + "','" + PatAddress.Text + "','" + insurancebox + "','" + DatePicker2.SelectedDate + "')", conn) conn.Open() cmd.ExecuteNonQuery() conn.Close() Label1.Visible = True Button1.Visible = False Catch ex As Exception 'handle exception here Label23.Text = ex.Message Finally If conn.State = ConnectionState.Open Then conn.Close() End If conn.Dispose() End Try Now i want a select statement to assign the Name column to a variable where the Vdate = a textbox in my formbasically i want the program to return the Name of a person in my database based on the value in another textbox. I know it doesnt make much sense

Correct Syntax for a Select statement with a date in VB.net 2008 web developer


What is the correct syntax in VB.net 2008 web developer in SQL to do a WHERE clause where the data is >= to the current date? I can't figure out how you pass now into the SQL statement.

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Hi, I am new to gridview. I want to make a gridview. Its row when selected should direct me to a specific .aspx page.Each row should direct to a different page. Should I use querystrings for this? Please suggest. Regards, ap.

Need Syntax To Make Results of LINQ Union Return Non-Generic Type



I have the below SQL which works just fine:

SELECT     Message, CreateDate, AccountId, AlertTypeId
FROM       dbo.Alerts
SELECT     TOP (100) PERCENT Status, CreateDate, AccountId,
                          (SELECT     10 AS Expr1) AS AlertTypeId
FROM         dbo.StatusUpdates
WHERE AccountId = PassedInParameter

I have been going about trying to convert the above into a LINQ method and am having problems with return types.
As the above SQL illustrates, I am querying two distinct LINQ tables - Alerts and StatusUpdates -
and then attempting to perform a Union on them. In order to do the union in LINQ, I have to have agreeing types. So, I
am using "var" to make the results of "alerts" and "updates" generic before the union.  

public IList GetStatusUpdatesAsAlertsByAccountId<T>(Int32 accountId)
            using (WorkbookDataContext dc = _conn.GetCont

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