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Sketch Generator

Posted By: Nikhil Kumar     Posted Date: February 27, 2010    Points: 2   Category :Aptitude
Here is a site where you can generate a sketch of your image online.
An amazing site visit and enjoy this feature :)

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Stored procedure generator?


Hi, I am looking for a stored procedure generator with full source code(C#) compatible with Visual studio 2010. I want to create my custom stored procedure code. Please send some link. Regards, ap.

OpenSearch Descriptor File Generator for SharePoint Server 2007 Sites

Learn about the OpenSearch Location Builder Tool, which you can use to create an OpenSearch Description (.osdx) file to connect SharePoint Server 2007 sites to the Windows Client via the OpenSearch protocol.

Is there any tool like SharePoint list schema generator for SharePoint 2010.?

Is there any tool like SharePoint list schema generator for SharePoint 2010.?

Sharepoint Solution generator can not see any of the SharePoint sites

I am trying to generate site definition from SharePoint Solution Generator 2008.  on the second pane you are asked to select the site from a treeview showing all the sites on the server.  Nothing shows up.  I enter the URL manually for the site from which I want to create the site definition.  The next pane shows all of the lists on the site.  Then the final pane why trying to create the site definition, reports "No SharePoint site exists at the specified URL.", and errors out.  I have checked the permisions for the identity running the Solution Generator's application pool.  They are correct. I tried adding host headers to the site.  The site failed to restart.  I tried entering the site as a port 80. Instead I got "No SharePoint site exists at the specified URL." on pane 2. ERJ MCSD MCDBA

About de Code Generator of Designer Form.


I'm working with Winforms. Inherits Windows.Forms.Form, create Class that know frmDefault thinking in create a SDK, or framework, based in pattern, all of Applications, know that interfaces Inherits RightNow frmDefault. But i have looking code in de Designer Form with Visual Studio 2008, and all of properties declared in the form inheritable is initialized in Designer Form. Same properties would not have to be in the Designer code. Somebody could help me? As to define some variable or propiedades that will not be controlled for the code in the code inheritable. This variables, some variables store information of security of the application. 

I'm sorry, i'm not write or speak English better. King Regard's.

Humberto Queiroz [ humbertoqueiroz@yahoo.com.br ]

Equivalent of Solution generator 2008 in SharePoint 2010


Hi all,

Do we have some kind of Equivalent of Solution generator 2008 (SharePoint 2007 to generate list definitions and site definitions via SharePoint 2007 UI and use it in our WSP)  in SharePoint 2010?

Thank you.



Getting a random number generator to be specific.


Random rand = new Random((int)DateTime.Now.Ticks);
        int numIterations = 0;
        numIterations = rand.Next(1, 50);
        Response.Write(' ');
        numIterations = rand.Next(1, 50);
        Response.Write(' ');
        numIterations = rand.Next(1, 100);
        Response.Write(' ');
        numIterations = rand.Next(50, 100);
        Response.Write(' ');
        numIterations = rand.Next(50,100);
        Response.Write(' ');

DTO Generator tool required


I am working on a website in layers. So in model layer i need to have properties of all table in sql server.


I need dto generator tool which can take table as input and give me dto properties as output for vb.net .


i have for C#.net but tht is only for c# not for vb so kindly give me link from where i can download.






T4S Stored Procedure Generator (www.tools4sql.net)


T4S Stored Procedure Generator reads database schema and generates stored procedures based on your selection and configuration. It supports MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008, MSDE, SQLExpress databases.

Key features of T4S Stored Procedure Generator are, joined stored procedures based on foreign key columns, join type selection based on nullability of column or as per user requirement, error handling (try catch based for 2005 & 2008 database, @@error function for 2000 database), transaction management (commit - rollback), concurrency validation, options to return primary keys several ways, paged stored procedure with and without CTE, default value assignment at the time of parameter passing, Flexible SP naming convention, hierarchical SP using Common Table Expression for self reference table, execution time logging etc.

30 different types of stored procedures can be generated using T4S Stored Procedure Generator.
* Select by PK, UK, IC, Guid
* Select View by PK, UK, IC, GUID
* Select All, Select by FK, Select in Hierarchy, Select Paging
* Select First Record, Last Record, Next Record, Previous Record
* Select by Where Condition & Order By, Select by Column Name, Select Combo Box
* Insert, Save OR UPSert, Update & Delete by PK, UK, IC, GUID, Delete by FK

It is highly useful for programmer, DBA, archite

CRUD Stored Procedure Code/Scripts Generator for SQL SERVER 2005


I need a simple anf functionally CRUD Stored Procedure Code/Scripts Generator.

Anyone have a solution?

Thanks in Advance.

SharePoint Solution Generator 2008 - does it only work on local WSS instance?


I am using the version of Solution Generator installed with VSeWSS 1.2. I have VSTS2008 and WSS3 installed on a Win2k3 box, which we use for development. The solution generator works perfectly on the local instance of WSS, but if I try and make a solution a any sites hosted on a remote box, I get the 'No SharePoint site exists at the specified location' error message. Does the solution generator only work on local sites?

The account I am using is a domain admin and a farm / site collection administrator and SQL sysadmin on both boxes hosting SharePoint. I'm trying to generate solutions from a live site to put into source control. I don't really want to install visual studio on the live server as I am only intending to use it there for this one-time generation job.

Three Tier Code Generator For ASP.NET


Hello ,
Any one could help me  find a free  3-Tier Code Generator for asp.net  .

how to use RSA or des,md5 TO make a random number generator?


how to use RSA or des,md5 TO make a random number generator?

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