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need to print a report.

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 05, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Guys. I need to pull an Access Report, insert values into its fields and print it. 

The original website that should have this functionality is written in ASP.NET using VB. I'm willing to install what ever. (Report Manager?)

How can this be done? 

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Reporting services in 2008 r2 how to get a report in a print button click event in my c#.net page


how to  get a report in my c#.net page button lick event also steps to call a report from asp.net to reporting services


Thanks in advance

print of crystal report


hi all

my crystal report works well but when  i want press button print instead of print ,export it to a file

what should i do for paper print?

thanks in advance  

how to print a crystal report in mvc?


I need who print a crystal report in mvc, i have a example in the server show the report ok, but i can´t print and export, could someone help me?

Automatically print in a landscape format when report does not fit into a portrait format

Good morning,When I print a report, sometimes this report fits into a portrait format, sometimes, it does not, depending of the size of certain field that can grow, do someone know a way to automatically print into a landscape format if it does not fit into a portrait format?, I join the code of this report, when I print it, I have pages thats contain only a few caracters... I do not find how to attach a file here because if I could, I have printed this report in PDF so you will be able to see my problem.Thanks The code seems to be too long to fit in here, I can email to anyone that need to know more  

Printing Landscape Report using the Print Control of the ASP.NET Report Viewer

I am using the ASP.NET Report Viewer 2010 web control in remote processing mode connected to a SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 R2 report server in Native Mode. I am viewing the report in IE8 and the print control within the report viewer is available. According to "Printing Reports from a Browser Using the Print Control" at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms159237.aspx  "The Print dialog box and the default printer settings for width, height, and page orientation are determined by the report definition." In SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio I am using the “Report Properties” window accessed from the “Report” menu to set the Orientation to “Landscape”, the paper size to “Letter”, the Width to “11in”, and the Height to “8.5in” in the report definition. When viewing the report using the ASP.NET Report Viewer 2010 in IE8 and exportint to PDF, the report renders correctly in landscape orientation and the size both on screen and printed is as defined in the report definition. However, if I print it directly from the ASP.NET Report Viewer using the Print Control the print preview shows the report correctly in landscape orientation and page size, but the resulting printout is in portrait orientation and skewed or cropped.  If I go into the properti

Print a specific Access Report with selected GridView record

I have my code output a gridview with all the data with an option to select records. I'm trying to make a code which would allow me to select a record, and then print this record using a specific Report stored in MS Access. I've located the code to print the Report it self, but it prints ether all the records or a range. Any ideas? 

in crystal report i need to print each group in new page



i have one problem in crystal reports

i want print  group details ,for each group it should print in new page.

some thing like this




Transaction Number                Date                           Amount                           Remarks

   1111                                   10/1/2007                    300.00                                 JE999

   2222               &nb

Report Viewer control: Print crashes if subreport is too long



I have a report and a .NET 3.5 Winforms application which displays the report in local mode, passing the required datasets to the report as it is supposed to do. It takes about 2 seconds before the report is displayed.

However, when I click on Print Layout, the "Loading..." box appears and does not disappear any more. If I want to print the report, a window appears telling me that the first page is being sent to the printer and... that's it, all I can do is kill my application via task manager.

After playing around with various elements in my report, I was able to reproduce this behaviour if one of my subreport returns too many rows (the subreport contains only a list element, listing all records).

I believe it has something to do with the subreport spanning more than one page. I played with the KeepTogether property on various elements, but to no avail. Has anybody experienced something like this before? Is there a workaround?



How to hide 'Print' button in report viewer??


Hi, i want to hide print button in report viewer by using javascript or with some CSS trick.

By default print button is visible. I don't want to hide by using 'ShowPrintButton' property.

Thanks in advnace.


Crystal Report Export and Print button not working inside UpdatePanel



Iuse UpdatePanel for my pages, clients requested to view pages without flickering.

So, I put all component in update panel, but after that, export and printing for Crystal Reports stoped to work. If I put report viewer outside of updatepanel its working.

Have anyone this problem? There's some solution for this?

Thanks, Paul

SSRS + Print Report


We are using SSRS 2005. I created a report using BIDS and user's view the report using Report Manager.

When the user renders the report in web browser and clicks on 'Print' icon OR File|Print, we want the report to be printed default as landscape on 14 X 8.5 paper. It is not happening. How to set this as default settings.

Secondly, user want to export it to PDF and then print. I set Report Parameter\PaperSize and InterActiveSize (Width, Height) settings. So, when report is exported as PDF and Printed, it is better working.

I read about Device Information Settings for setting PDF settings, but not sure how and where to set.

How can I have both.


I appreciate your response.



How to print a report one page per input parameter?


I am working on a new report, and have been asked to have a report that may have multiple part numbner, and they want the report to keep the report details seperate for each part number. How do I do this?

It seems like I would recursively be calling the report. I have not done this before. Any help is appreciated!

__________________ Clifton Dunaway

How To print RDLC Report in asp.net Web Apllication



i have used my web application in RDLC report i want print that report using C# code .........

Printing and Print Preview hangs on a large report


Using SQL Server 2008 R2 Cumlative Update #4 (build 10.50.1746)

A report that is 119 pages long hangs after page 113 in both the print preview and printing.

A different report that is 90 pages long hangs on page 60 in both the print preview and printing.

These reports worked fine before applying the cumulative update #4.

cannot print multiple copies of a report using PCL6 driver


I have one particular SSRS2008 report that always prints just one copy even when tell it to print multiple copies after clicking the print button in the RSClientPrint control.  After some troubleshooting, I discovered that this report is able to print multiple copies when it is printed using a PCL5 print driver, but not with a PCL6 print driver.  Other reports are able to print multiple copies using the PCL6 driver.

All of the impacted machines are using the same HP Color LaserJet 2840 PCL6 print driver, though the same problem seems to occur with the drivers for at least a couple other HP LaserJet printers (i.e. it seems to work on any PCL5 driver and not on any PCL6 driver).  However, I've got about a hundred machines that are impacted by this, so simply switching to the PCL5 driver would not be my preferred solution, as I don't know what other impacts that may have on the systems - and it just doesn't seem like the "correct" solution, since all our other reports work just fine with the PCL6 driver.  I'm not very familiar with how the report was built, as I just support the OS and drivers, etc.  But does anyone have any suggestions for what might be wrong with this particular report, that I can pass on to the guy that built it?

Thanks in advance!

Print functionality one Report viewer controller



  I'm currently using report viewer controller 8.0 in my WSS 3.0 site. But i don't have the print button. I tried by property ShowPrintButton property. But it didn't work. Can you please help me to active the print button on report viewer.

Print always hangs from VS2008 report Preview window

I am creating a report in VS2008 that displays with no problem in the Preview window, but whenever I click the Print button from the Preview window while in VS2008, the print window (Printing page 1 of ..) appears but never gets past page 1 and never prints.  If I deploy this report to a SQL 2008 Report Server and run it from Report Manager, I can print from there.  Unfortunately, when it hangs in VS2008, the only way I found to fix it is to kill VS2008 from Task Manager.  I have tried printing to 2 different printers, I tried running small one page reports, it does not seem to matter how small or simple the report is.  I have been using VS2008 for reports off and on for about 4 months, and while I think I have printed from here before, I really cannot say 100% that I have been able to print from the Preview window in the past 4 months.  I cannot find a post anywhere about printing from VS2008 creating problems.  Any ideas of where the problem might be will appreciated.
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