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Web Q&A: Targeting Frames, Hidden Fields, Dropdown Menu Positioning, and Distilling Other Web Sites

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

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Dropdown menu - Null or empty string??


I have drop dowm menu as follow.

<asp:ListItem Value="">none</asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="STO">Stock</asp:ListItem>
<asp:ListItem Value="ORD">Order</asp:ListItem>

If I chose none, it stores data as "Null"

If I Query the data as below, I don't get the data has value of "Null"

SELECT tabale From type Where type <> STO or type <> ORD

I get data that has empty string but not Null.

Here is my question.

1, How do I write dropdown menu value in oder to get empty string instead of Null?
I did <asp:ListItem Value="">none</asp:ListItem> but this stores Null.

2, Why this Query won't pick up Null?
SELECT mytabale FROM type WHERE type <> STO or type <> ORD

Thank you for your help.

drop down menu is hidden

i have a drop down menu which opens onMouseOver but it is hidden even after setting the z-index property ... Menu is in master page and in the content page it is hidden i am using IE7.   Master Page    <head runat="server"> <title>Welcome to SLK Video Library</title> <meta http-equiv="Page-Enter" content="blendTrans(Duration=0.1)" /> <link href="styles/style.css" rel="Stylesheet" type="text/css" /> <asp:ContentPlaceHolder ID="head" runat="server"> </asp:ContentPlaceHolder> <style type="text/css"> .style1 { width: 662px; } </style> <script type="text/javascript" language="javascript"> function DoPostBack() { // alert('hi'); // __doPostBack('btnSearch'); $get('btnSearch').click(); } var DDSPEED = 10; var DDTIMER = 15; // main function to handle the mouse events // function ddMenu(id, d) { var h = document.getElementById(id + '-ddheader'); var c = document.getElementById(id + '-ddcontent'); clearInterval(c.timer); if (d == 1) { clea

validate and hidden fields

Here is my dilemma, I have a web page that I hides and shows textboxes based off a selection within a dropdown. The dropdown shows Yes/No, if they select NO they see one set of textboxes to fill out, if they select YES they see a different set of textboxes, once they're done, they click submit which does validation. Here is my issue. ALL textboxes are required, so how can I not validate the textboxes that are not showing on the screen? I'm hiding them like this: var show=""; function show(o) { if (show != "") show.style.display = 'none'; if(o.selectedIndex>0) { var d=document.getElementById(o[o.selectedIndex].value); d.style.display='block'; show = d; } } and I call that from my dropdown. onchange="show(this);">   and I have this in my HTML <tbody id="N1" style="display: none;"> </tbody> and I have textboxes within the N1 tag, I also have an N2 tag that shows if YES is selected.each tag has required textboxes, how can I not validate the textboxes if they are not showing on the screen and are in the hidden N tag?  

how to activate dropdown menu in MOSS2010 as MOSS2007

Dear All, i installed MOSS2010 and created a teamsite. Everything is working fine. I created subsites for one of the menu's items. The subsites dont appear as a dropdown menu under that item. I checked the show subsites in the navigation screen but still they dont appear as a dropdown menu although this was working right away in MOSS2007. thanks

How to make Hidden Fields appear on every other page when there are other data regions exist on the

Dev Environment: Visual Studio 2008 Client reporting(.rdlc) I have a client report with one hidden field and one table. The data for the hidden field come from one dataset and the data for the table comes from another dataset. Since there is huge data on the report, the table data spans multiple pages. at the same time i want the hidden field to appear on every other page along with table. i'm using these hidden for report header purposes. As an alternative i have used hidden parameters instead of Hidden Fields. Are there any alternatives other than this ? -- Praveen

Auto-fill Title and other fields from a data View edit menu

How do I Auto-fill Title and other fields in a list from a data View edit menu. The Title and other current data should transfer from the data view row being edit. Can anyone point me into the right direction how to accomplish this? Thanks. Mike  

hidden fields


we have a web application developed with .net 2.0 framework. The home page is instrumented with master page. I see an hidden control name as "__LASTFOCUS" in the view source of the home page. I dont know how it is getting generated. I never declared it in aspx/cs page as well.  I looked at the entire solution but i couldn't find explicit declaration of the field. Any idea how to track that field? 

Append an Item to a SP List and NewForm dropdown menu


When Lookup Column on a NewForm.aspx, that was populated from another SP List, does not contain a value in the DropDown menu can it be added/inserted into the source SP List from the NewForm without leaving the NewForm? 

Is there code or example how to insert the Item in the SP List, then refresh/repopulate the Lookup Column's DropDown menu (in the NewForm)?

Or is there a better way to do this add an item both the List and the dropdown without resetting the values already entered in the NewForm?


asp:menu (4.0) is behind dropdown list in IE6


I have a couple of drop down list inside a update panel and a asp:menu. When the site is accesed with IE6 the asp:menu appears behind the dropdown combos.

I already try fix it with z-index but nothing happen, the dropdown still appears in front of asp:menu.

Somebody can help me, is a bug in IE6, or there is a workaround?

PD. This not happen with IE7, IE8 and Firefox.


Item dropdown edit menu


I created a costum list and I would like the dropdown edit menu to come up in a different column than item. I don't even want my clients to have to fill out a client column. How do I do that?


Context Menu not listing all fields issue with ie7



We have a Sharepoint 2007 installation using performance point reporting for our main system. Because of legacy systems our endusers are using IE6 and all works correctly. Recently we have moved some end user browsers to IE7 and this has had an effect on our reports.

In IE6 we can drilldown using the context menu in Analytic  graphs and Analytic datagrids, which displays all of the fields that are part of the cube. If most cases it displays about 20 fields that can be used to slice the information as we require it.  Using IE7 we can still drill down but the list of fields displayed is much shorter, usually 4 or 5. 

Is there a setting or fix we need to apply to IE7 to display the full list of fields in the context menu?


Sharepoint designer 2007 - Java date query - and how to disable value required for hidden fields


Hi guys,

created a list, i've managed to get field to hide and dates to populate into the applicable fields, I just have 2 queries taht I need some help with

>I need to work out how to get var tmoz to ignore saturdays and sundays - i.e. if request is raised on fri - it would default to the following mondays

>I need to work out how to mark a field as no input required if it is hidden, and input required if visible (urgent change justifacation)

 Below is the current java i'm using

<script type="text/javascript">
  function hideFieldsOnStart()
   //hide the control at start
   var control = getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle("input","TextField","Urgent Change Justifacation");
   var control2 = getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle("input","DateTimeFieldDate","Proposed Implementation Date");
   //add an onchange event to the dropdown
   getTagFromIdentifierAndTitle("select","DropDownChoice","Change Type").onchange = function() {ChangeEvent()};

BI Chart right click dropdown menu


I want to restrict certain users from using right click menu to change report type, apply filter and change measure on chart.

Is this possible?

webpart to open link and prepend hidden htlm fields to hosted payment site


I have an almost completed application based on SharePoint 2010 and InfoPath 2010 forms. I think what is now needed is a custom webpart that will bring in 3 web part connection parameter fields from the forms in SharePoint, open a link to an HTML site, and prepend some static and dynamic HTML to the stream and open a new window that will allow a user to enter credit card data into the https site thus opened. Next is to write back the results of the transaction to a form column paid_in_full yes/no, that I in turn can release the goods to the user.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish this in a web part or other is greatly appreciated!



Sub sites showing at top level on quick launch menu


After making a number of Teamsites, I am experimenting with Publishing sites.  I am experiencing odd behavior in the Quick Launch and don't know if this is a function of the Publishing template or one of the configurations I have tinkered with.  The problem is that when I make a new site in my collection, the site name is displayed in the quick launch in the same heirarchy as Sites, Lists, Documents, etc., instead of showing up UNDER the Sites category.  Can anyone advise please?

There are no mistakes; every result tells you something of value about what your are trying to accomplish.

How to get rid of hidden fields in ASP.net MVC 2



My problem is that, I have a strongly typed view and to retain some model values. I am using hidden control in my View. But due to security purpose, I don't want hidden fields on my View.If I will not use them then on Post action I am not getting the value of model property in my controller.

Please help!Cry



SharePoint Tutorial - Team Sites

Team sites are small web sites that are created to store everything about a particular thing. For example a site can be created for a department in an organization like human resources. I site can be created for a particular project. A site can even be created for a meeting. Everything about the thing (department, project, meeting) like documents, lists, calendars, etc. is stored in that site.
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