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Is there an option to force Strong Name Validation when Application is under Membership condition UR

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework

i'm working in a team that develops a managment Application that manages our
Hardware Product.
The project is written in .Net Technolgy Winforms + Smart Client which is
downloaded from our hardware Web Site and running under Internet Exploerer
which acts as a container for our application.

Inorder for Our Application to run we set .Net Security Additiona Code Group
with our required Permission Set with MemberShip Condition URL.
So far So Good.

We are about to pass U.S Federal Certification for the Application and
according to the Federal Testsing for the application to be approved our
application needs to use one of the following membership Conditions: Strong
Name, Publisher, or Hash.

The problem is that when running under Internet Explorer we fall under the
URL membership condition and Creating any of the 3 member ship conditions
above will not work since application is downloaded from the URL and running
as a smart client.

Does Microsoft Security Experts have anysuggesion ? Something we do not
understand Correctly ? workaround ?

Just to Give an idea of the requirements see below some of th

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VS 2010 HTML validation "in CSS" option - where the hell is it?


In VS 2008 there is a very useful feature of background HTML validation - it checks if CSS class name is valid i.e. it exists in one of the linked css files. But VS 2010 Express does not do that any more. And the relevant setting in Options->Text Editor->HTML->Validation->in CSS is not there. Ok, maybe they made it paid for option? VS 2010 Professional? Not there. Or maybe VS 2010 Ultimate? Not a trace.

1. am I blind?

2. they decided it is too convenient to use and removed it?

3. they will "introduce" it in SP1?

What is going on? That one thing made me move back to VS 2008 web developer.


Data Validation in a 3 tier application

Say you have a form  designed in  Silverlight(Front end)-Asp.NEt(business layer)-SQl(bakcend)Should data validation occur on all 3 layers or just the presentation layer or  a combination of the front end with the other 2  e.g. validating an email address? I'm trying to undestand as to why if data has been validated on the presentation  why further data validation would be necessary  especially if there would be large amounts of data being validated and this could potentially slow down database transactions? 

Why SQL accepts both encrypted connection and non-encrypted connections when force encryption option

I have installed a certificate and have set force encryption to yes under the flags' tab of protocols' window as well as SQLnative client configuration properties but SQL Server accepts both encrypted connection and non-encrypted connections,why?(i have checked the encrypt connection of the connection properties of connect to server window). also when i run profiler, it can capture both T-SQL statements which has run against encrypted and non-encrypted connection and i expect the profiler should not be able to get the encrypted connection's T-SQL statement,am I right or something is wrong with my  configurations?--yousef

WCF Membership Authentication and Winform Client Application Services

I am needing more validation of what I am doing versus solving a problem. I have a winforms application that uses Client Application Services to validate a user against a customer membership provider all over SSL.  This works fine.  My winforms application validates correctly. The winforms application uses WCF to call services that are installed on the same IIS server that is providing the membership services for the Client Application Services.  The WCF services use wsHTTP binding, transport security, username credentials, and validate against the same membership provider as the Client Application Services. It appears that although the service and Client Application Services are at the same URL, they do not share credentials between them.  Ideally, once I log into Client Application Services, any calls to a WCF service at that location would be automatically authenticated.  However, this is not true.  I have to pass the username and password into the credentials for the WCF service.  This works as expected where the username and password are validated prior to allowing a service call.  On subsequent services calls, it does not validate again since it has established the secure channel. So, does this sound like the best approach?  Is there a way to pass credentials from the Client Application Services to WCF automatically?  I

Link ASP.NET Membership DB to my application's DB

Hi all,I'm trying to convert an ASP application to a .NET one. In the old ASP application methodology we have a "users" database with all our users and is indexed by an auto-increment integer which is used across our database (~25-30 tables) relationally. I'm recreating the tables from scratch, so no need to worry about merging data. Let's assume we just have a large relational database that we want to connect to the .NET security model.Now - with .NET, there is the concept of members and roles being handled for you. I took a look at the aspnet_Users table and it shows a GUID for members I created using the ASP.NET Configuration tool. Basically I need advice on how to link the ASP.NET user's login to my custom database. Any tutorials/links are welcome, I'm not afraid of reading!It would be great for the Context.User.Identity.Name to store the auto-increment integer PK as well because that could be used in all of my SQL queries to grab information for given users. Any ideas on how to do this?Thanks very much! Hope to hear from you soon.-Mikep.s. I'm trying to write it as an MVC2 application with a lot of Linq to SQL to keep it all strongly typed and awesome.

Force deletion of Search Service Application

Hello, we have a farm consisting of 5 servers. The server hosting the search services instances (admin component, search component, query component) crashed. The crashed server has been removed from the farm (manage servers, remove server). How can we get rid of the Search Service application? When we try to delete it, the job runs for hours (Processing, please wait.....) but never finishs? Thanks a lot for help Christoph

Force update of bound combobox when validation changes bound source property


.NET 3.5SP1, VS 2008

I have inherited a system for maintenance and I'm working my way through defect reports.  Once such issue involves insuring a combobox value is reset to a known good value when a validation failure occurs.  The combobox is bound to a source property loaded which is initialized when the user selects a case for update.  According to this post it is an issue inside of WPF to ignore value changes when processing an update to the source (at least that's how I interpret the post).  Unfortunately for me, the UpdateSourceTrigger for a combobox is PropertyChanged, so the suggested approach does not fit my needs.  I tried it anyway, just to be certain.

I've created a test app which mimics the application design and exhibits the behavior I'm attempting to work around.  At this point, I'm at a loss how to proceed further.  I'm certain there's something I'm missing and would appreciate a nudge in the proper direction.

xaml window:

<Window x:Class="TestWpf.ComboTest

Membership provider in WPF application


Hi group, 

I have an ASP.NET web application using an SQL Server database for security: the database is configured accordingly, and everything works fine in it. Now I have to create a WPF desktop application for some remote operations and I'd like it to use the same database with a SqlMembershipProvider for authenticating its users and allowing them to do their stuff in the remote database. So I added an app.config to the desktop application with the same connection string and membership provider configuration, but whenever I try to use any SqlMembershipProvider method I get a null exception when acquiring the connection string. So how should I configure the application to use the same web application database but in a desktop environment? Here is my app.config:

 <add name="ApplicationServices"

Can i force 32 bit application to use 64 bit com dll?


I have an application in .NET which is compiled in 32 bit (x86). Now it uses SQLDMO.dll in one class.

When i run it on 32 bit it runs fine as it loads 32 bit SQLDMO.

But when i run this on 64 bit machine it tries to load 32 bit SQLDMO and fails. I want this application to use 64 bit SQLDMO, but i done want to change it to ANY CPU. Can i force my 32 bit compiled app to use 64 bit SQLDMO?



Other option then using if.... else condition in Stored Procedure???


Hi all,

i am creating one Stored procedure which contains around 12 to 14 variables.

here i have to check that if @Parameter1 <>'' and rest of all are empty then execute one select query and if @parameter1<>'' and @Parameter2<>'' and rest are empty then according query will get execute.

but if i use the if else condition in the stored procedure to execute this then it will become so confusing and very big because i have to pass a select query for each condition........ :(

so please help me to know if there is any way in which i can check all the condition in a very easy way without using this if...else statement.....

why doesn't validation control stop application?


I use a validation control to check if value entered is numeric.  When I type letter in the textbox, the error messages shows for a second, then the application continues, and eventually throw exception. 

I'm going to add server side validation in code behind.  But I wonder why the validation control doesn't stop the application.  I don't see any difference between this web form and other web forms where validation controls work fine.

Could somebody tell me what may be the cause?  I'll appreciate your help!

disable validation by condition


Hi All.

I create validation class and check TextBox if user open form as new for empty, length field, numeric, and duplication. I would like using same validation class and don't check for duplication if user open form to edit record. If is it possible how it to do?


Authentication and ASPXAUTH size when using Client Application Services; MemberShip.ValidateUser alw


Apologies if this is the incorrect forum. Please let me know if it should have been posted elsewhere. Please let me know if I need to clarify anthing. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, direction pointing, etc.
I have been using all three features of  client application services (authentication, profiles, and roles) in my windows app (DotNet 3.5 framework) for almost two years now. Up until now, I have not had any problems. This week I hit a brick wall and am pretty stumped with two seperate but related issues.

In development, we decided to upgrade our websites/services to DotNet 4.0. All applications upgraded successfully. However we are unable to log into our application using Client Application services. No matter what user we use, Membership.ValidateUser returns false. Since we know the username and passwords, we thought this was strange. When debugging the application, we found that Membership.ValidateUser was throwing an InvalidOperationException (see below for complete exception) stating that the ASPXAUTH property was too long, longer that the schema created in the SQL/CE database. (See below for things tried).

In production .. A user all of the sudden could no longer gain access to the application. Upon inspection, his ASPXAUTH cookie was 264 characters long (9 characters longer than the schemas nvarchar(256)). E

Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure t

  • I am new to asp.net etc.

I have developed a website that has began to act unusually. I get the following error below.



Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that <machineKey> configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.

Description: An unhandled exception occurred during the execution of the current web request. Please review the stack trace for more information about the error and where it originated in the code.

Exception Details: System.Web.HttpException: Validation of viewstate MAC failed. If this application is hosted by a Web Farm or cluster, ensure that <machineKey> configuration specifies the same validationKey and validation algorithm. AutoGenerate cannot be used in a cluster.

Source Error:


The source code that generated this unhandled exception can only be shown when compiled in debug mode. To enable this, please follow one of the below steps, then request the URL:

1. Add a "Debug=true" directive at the top of the file that generated the error. Example:


How to Validate a Method through Validation Application Block


Can i use Validation block  to apply check on Method parameter e.g. we have USerMasterBO as input parameter and we want to check if MasterID provide when user access a method GetUserDetail(), then only it should go to function else return before it because of validation fails.

In other words like we have validation feature in Message Inspector on API can we do the same in Validation block?


Does the application name property in sql membership provider and role provider has to be the same?



For my FBA authentication I have membership provider application name as 'x' and role provider application name as 'y'.

My FBA login form is authenticating users that belong to application 'x' in aspnetdb database, and not application 'y'.

could anybody help me with this..




removing validation based on condition in INFOPATH



i am having 2 controls, one is dropdown with values:-Monthly,Weekly,Quaterly,Not Applicable

second control is RichTextBox,this 2 controls are mandatory fields but when dropdown value is "Not Applicable" RichTextbox must not be Mandatory


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