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Csharp webbrowser Abnormal

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF

Csharp Source  

                        SHDocVw.WebBrowser wb = this.webBrowser1.ActiveXInstance as SHDocVw.WebBrowser;
                        wb.NavigateComplete2 += new SHDocVw.DWebBrowserEvents2_NavigateComplete2EventHandler(wb_NavigateComplete2);

A Source URL handling :

<input type="button" value="submit" class="dpl-btn" id="submitFormBA" onclick="submitForm()" />

B Source URL handling :

<input type="button" name="Preview" class="dpl-btn-blue" id="btnPreview" value="preview" onclick="previewPage()"/><

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Some help regard csharp



I am new in Csharp but worked in VB. I have done a web application but my PM says following things i corrected my code and please compare following rules with my Code if i am wrong???

    *  Try to initialize variables where you declare them.

    * Always choose the simplest data type list or object required.

    * Always use the built-in C# data type aliases. Not the .Net Common Type System (CTS) E.g.

           short instead of System.Int16

           int instead of System.Int32

           long instead of System.Int64

           string instead of System.String

          o Only declare member variables as private. Use properties to provide access to them with public, protected or internal access modifiers.

          o Try to use double for fractional numbers to ensure decimal precision in calculations.

          o Only use float for fractional numbers that will not fit double or decim

Want to Create Table Dynamically With text Control in WinForm Csharp

Hello To All... from Many Days i m tryng to create a simple table using csharp in WinForm.Which will include textbox in each cell according the Passed No of Col & Row. but not getting the proper result. Actually i want to trace each cell data and want to save each cell data to data base : eg. in cell 11(1col & 1row) i m having Combobox which having some item list and when the user select the list item the data will save to the database. Regards, Praveen    What is the Key of Life ... Its Sharing Your Thought & Knowledge ...

Extract a number from WebBrowser component

Basically, I am using this program that goes to this webpage, and tells the user how much points they have.   <div class="profileresults"><b>Gift Point Balance: 485</b></div>   That's the html. I am looking the extract just the 485 part. Just to note, this number value can be anywhere between 5 and 1000 or HIGHER. I know I'm going to have to use regex for this, so please help me, as I have no clue what do work from next.    

How to open an excel document in a webbrowser control

Hi,  I have an XBAP app that we would like to be able to open an Excel doc in a WebBrowser control but instead we always get prompted to opne in Excel.  Is this possible?  Here is what I have tried.  The reports are in SharePoint but we want to show them in our own application not SharePoint.       System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser ReportView = new System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser();     WindowsFormsHost ReportViewHost = new WindowsFormsHost(); ReportView.Navigate(_fileName,   "_self", postBytes, "Content-Type: application/vnd.m?s-excel"); ReportViewHost.Child = ReportView;   _filename would be something like http://localhost/shared%20documents/myfile.xslsx Thanks for any suggestions. Rhonda

Possible bug in WebBrowser Control realization in WPF and Windows Phone 7

Hello, I'm tried to make authentication component for russian social network Vkontakte.ru (vk.com). In russian forum nobody answered me. The proplem: When authentication is complete WebBrowser component must be redirected to page like: http://vkontakte.ru/login_success.html#session={%22expire%22%3A%221272008089%22%2C%22mid%22%3A%22100172%22%2C%22secret%22%3A%229c8d8f0305%22%2C%22sid%22%3A%221131703552161ae352a1256402e3140d7cbde41b1602a93d15472c82%22} In Windows Form application all works normal. But in WPF browser was redirected to http://vkontakte.ru/login_success.html Without #session.... It happened not only in WPF Applications, but even in Windows Phone 7. It is a bug? Or this parameter can be accessed from another place?

WebBrowser zooming in WPF

I am using a System.Windows.Controls.WebBrowser control in my WPF application to display an HTML page, but require the ability to zoom in/out of the page. I have found an option for windows forms: http://slingkid.blogsome.com/2007/04/13/ie-zoom/ , but I cannot see how/if this applies to the WPF WebBrowser control. Any help would be appreciated

Capturing each frame of WebBrowser

I need to capture each frame of System.Windows.Controls.WebBrowser Windows 7 does that nicely, you can notice that if you open a browser with some dynamic animated content like Flash or Sliverlight and look at the previews hovering over the taskbar or Win+Tab screens with Aero enabled, you can see the performance displayed there matches usual performance of the browser. I have prepared a code trying to achieve the same, but this code runs much slower, the frames per second rate is very low, and causes different exceptions after few minutes of running the application. Please take a look and tell me how to achieve the same high performance of capturing a browser rendering window each frame? The solution is a WPF Application named "WpfWebBrowserApplication" and requires PresentationCore, PresentationFramework, ShDocVw, System.Drawing references. <Window x:Class="WpfWebBrowserApplication.MainWindow" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation" xmlns:x="http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml" Title="MainWindow" Height="350" Width="525" Loaded="Window_Loaded"> <Grid> <Grid.ColumnDefinitions> <ColumnDefinition Width="0.5*"></ColumnDefinition> <ColumnDefinition Width="0.5*"></ColumnDefinition> </Grid.Co

How to Suppress the JavaScript error tht pops up while printing the WebBrowser content??

Hi All, In my windows application I'm loading more than 100 urls in my web browser control one by one in a for loop and need to print them programatically after each URL gets loaded . But, I keep getting the Javascript error for so many URLs. I'm not sure why this error keep coming. Can anyone help me on how to suppress the javascript error through code and proceed. Thank you.

Calling csharp code from Javascript

Hi, Is it possible to call a c# code block from Javascript in Sharepoint 2010? I am using redirects to pages at the moment to achieve the effect, but the results are far from desirable. Any help would be much appreciated.   Cheers, M

New WPF WebBrowser - How do I suppress script errors?

There is no ScriptErrorsSuppressed property, so how do I suppress them?It's extremely annoying that this control doesn't have this feature!

How show the Visual of WebBrowser on another Window

Hello, basically my idea is to "duplicate" in realtime(i'd want to watch videos too) the visual of WebBrowser on another Window. I add a WebBrowser control and i use it for web navigation. In realtime, i want to project that navigation on another window (that i move to the secondary monitor). I tried to use VisualBrush setting the WebBrowser as Visual but it show nothing. How can i "duplicate" the visual of WebBrowser control? Is there any way?   P.S. Sorry for my bad english

MissingManifestResourceException for WebBrowser during form initialization

I used to have a Microsoft WebBrowser on a form (TimerForSearches) that was perfectly functional.  Lately, I had problems with it so in an attempt to debug them I've removed the WebBrowser and all code associated with it.  The form can be opened without problem.  However, if I simply move the WebBrowser from the toolbox onto the form, rebuild the solution (successfully) and the start the debugging process I get an error during the InitializeComponent when the form opens.  The code throws an error on the line (this.axWebBrowser1.OcxState = ((System.Windows.Forms.AxHost) in the code below:   <pre lang="x-c#">this.axWebBrowser1.Enabled = true; this.axWebBrowser1.Location = new System.Drawing.Point(410, 115); this.axWebBrowser1.OcxState = ((System.Windows.Forms.AxHost.State)(resources.GetObject("axWebBrowser1.OcxState"))); this.axWebBrowser1.Size = new System.Drawing.Size(409, 234); this.axWebBrowser1.TabIndex = 9; the error message is: System.Resources.MissingManifestResourceException was unhandledMessage="Could not find any resources appropriate for the specified culture or the neutral culture. Make sure \"FindItCShp.TimerForSearches.resources\" was correctly embedded or linked into assembly \"FindItCShp\" at compile time, or that all the satellite assemblies required are

System.Windows.Forms.WebBrowser strips out #fragments

I have a WebBrowser called webBrowser. I call: webBrowser.Navigate(@"file://C:\Documents and Settings\michaelb\Local Settings\Temp\tmp2F.tmp\OPS\main3.xml#section_5343"); I have a handler for the Navigating event: void   webBrowser_Navigating(object sender, WebBrowserNavigatingEventArgs e) Inside the handler I see that e.Url has no properties in which the fragment (i.e. the # onwards) has been retained - all knowledge of the fragment has vanished. I saw a posting in the WPF forum where a developer had noticed that the WPF browser control was doing this with a URL using the http:// scheme. The expert responding said that this was a known problem and that the workaround was to use the traditional WinForms browser control (i.e. the one I am using). I, however, am seeing that same problem with this WinForms browser control - the only difference that I am aware of between my case and that described in the other post is that my URL uses the file:// scheme. Anyone know a fix? Regards, Michael

How to enable own shortcut within WebBrowser control in Windows form application




I am developing a windows form application with C#, where I have placed WebBrowser control... I load some web page in this webbrowser and I need to know, that after I press my own certain shortcut that it will allow me to call my handler...

It should work something like this => I have certain textbox on web page and after pressing my own shortcut, it will call my handler which will automatically type certain text (which will be prepared in that handler) into that textbox... 

Could you advice me, how to make this happen or if it is even possible?


Thanks a lot in advance

Blank content in WebBrowser


Hello to everybody, I've this unsolved problem...

I've included the WebBrowser in a sample single window wpf application and loaded by the navigate method an arbitrary url. In this case the web browser display it well.

If I embed the same WebBrowser into a custom user control hosted into a secondary assembly the WebBrowser displays a blank page without any exception!


Could somebody help me?



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