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Unintended impact on SBS2008?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I installed these patches on my SBS2008 instance this afternoon through windows update and am now unable to boot the server at all.  I'm not able to boot into safe mode. I searched this forum for SBS and found no posts.  Any thoughts or assistance would be most appreciated!

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Does the use of regions have a negative impact on the application?


Does the use of regions have a negative impact on the execution of the code?  Are there any negative side effects from using these?

Are they completely ignored at runtime?

Bugslayer: Measuring the Impact of View State


Bloated view state can be a real performance bottleneck for your Web app, but it can be difficult to diagnose. John Robbins creates a handy tool that records and reports the view state size for pages in your ASP.NET applications.

John Robbins

MSDN Magazine November 2007

C# 3.0: The Evolution Of LINQ And Its Impact On The Design Of C#


LINQ gives allows developers to take advantage of the power of queries. Find out how it came to be.

Anson Horton

MSDN Magazine June 2007

Memory Models: Understand the Impact of Low-Lock Techniques in Multithreaded Apps


Because the use of low-lock techniques in your application significantly increases the likelihood of introducing hard-to-find bugs, it is best to use them only when absolutely necessary. Here Vance Morrison demonstrates the limitations and subtleties low-lock techniques so that if you are forced to use them you have a better chance of using them correctly.

Vance Morrison

MSDN Magazine October 2005

is there any impact of using static methods in Business Access layer in 3 tier applciation


is there any impact of using static methods in Business Access layer in 3 tier applciation,

Please suggest me what are the best practices and standards

SSRS Migration and Client impact

We currently have SSRS 2005 and will be migrating to SSRS 2008 (not R2) very soon. Most of our applications are VS2005 ASP.NET Web applications. We do not have any plans to upgrade the applications in the near future. The applications use different methodologies to access the SSRS reports. Some use the URL Access method - build a url with all parameter data (and PDF rendering extension) and open the url. Some use a report viewer control working in the Server mode (Remote mode) to display the server reports. Some use the ReportingService2005.asmx web service to render reports as pdf/excel How the clients could be impacted in each of these scenarios, if we just upgrade the SSRS from 2005 to 2008?

impact of enabling filestream

Hi I have a SQL 2008 R2 setup question: Currently we have SQL 2008 R2 installed and having sharepoint 2010 foundation running its dataabse in the SQL 2008 R2.  I would like to enable filestream base on http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc645923.aspx .  The document didn't say if a restart of the sql engine needed or not.  Since this sql has sharepoint running on it already for a week and is live.  I would like to know the impact of those steps to sharepoint.  Any suggestion?  Thx, Ted.

Impact of change of the cn attibute in the Active directory

Hello, Is there an impact in SharePoint applications (MOSS 2007, with workflows, alerts, ect.) if the content of cn attribute is changed in the Active directory?  We received a note from our infrastructure team that asked us to assess the impact on our applications if they modify the cn attribute of users and groups.   For instance, my name is currently displayed as Name, FirstName - Division / Division (in French).  The new display would remove the comma and the dash.  Would I need to revisit all my SharePoint Designer workflows?    Other impacts ? thanks for any help you may provide.

Any negative impact to Sharepoint and Project Server if IP for backend database server is changed.


If IP address of the backend database server will be changed for sharepoint 2007 and project server 2007, will it impact any way  both the servers.

Can a table name impact generating the service client when creating Service Reference?


I have a new WCF service I'm writing under VS2010 and IIS 7.5.  The service includes a table named Client.

When I built my test class and added the service reference, the first test was confirming the creation of the client.

My service reference did not generate any client that I could call .Open on!!!! I was wondering if it is due to that table name???

 Edited to add that I tested the service through the browser and it brings up the page and XAML fine.

Thanks for any assistance!

Relocate Sharepoint 3.0 database from SBS2008 to a different server

The SBS2008 server got Sharepoint3 and SQL2005 pre-installed. Is it possible to move the sharepoint database to a different server? The reason for that is mainly due to storage capacity.

Alter measure group: Impact on cube processing?

Hi All,

I have a XMLA script to alter source column (<ColumnID>) of a measure. I would like to know
following regarding the script:

1 - Do I have to 'Process Full' the cube or other processing options are applicable?
2 - The cube takes 2 hrs to process. Will there be reduction in process time processing the cube
    after running the script or will it take the whole 2 hrs?
It running cube on production so I would like to minimize the impact of the alter script.

Thanks in advance for any help.

What is the impact of resetting pass phrese in SharePoint 2010

What is the impact of resetting pass phrese in SharePoint 2010

What is the impact of resetting pass phrese in SharePoint 2010

What is the impact of resetting pass phrese in SharePoint 2010

how to see inner exception or embed its impact in wsdl


There are large amount of object heirarchy in my application (Application type is webservice).

Means to say that my application contain mutiple tiers. One is client Data Entities, second one

is Dal and third one is business logic layer and in business logic layer, there is a one controller class which can contain nessesory business and object.

I have placed an custom exception on client data entities for each property . Now when i try to fill invalid data then it throws an exception but actual exception text is truncating exception text .

One thing more which i want to discuss, by applying the custom exception on each property i need to embed these kind of validations in  Wsdl .



SSL System Impact on Sharepoint BDC, Workflow & Event handler



if SSL  implement on existing  Sharepoint portal .what is the impact of  existing Sharepoint BDC, Workflow &  Event handler ?




Surendra Singh

"Release" folder vs. "Debug" Folder. What is the impact & how to do it.


Hi Folks,

I have few questions regarding Debug vs. Release mode.

1) How to compile a application so that it lands in "Release" folder vs. "Debug" Folder.& how to do it. What is the impact or difference between Debug vs. Release mode

I ask this question for C++ & C-sharp applications/dlls.

2) Also, Can I used "Release" mode Reference dlls in an Application which itself is going to be complied in Debug mode.

Thank you


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