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JSONRequest - I'm pulling my hair out here :-(

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi Everyone,

I need to write a basic sample that consumes data returned from a server in JSON format.  I've read most of the info on json.org, including the page on the JSONRequest function, which seems straightforward except that there appears to be no way to make the request in a C# web app (or any other kind of app as far as I can tell.)  I get "JSONRequest does not exist in the current context" which makes perfect sense given that it is not part of the .NET framework.  However, after hours of Googling I cannot figure out what library or reference I need to add to access JSONRequest. 

Sorry for my frustrated tone, but I'm...well...frustrated.  Does anyone have any experience with this?


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I'm pulling out my hair,hard to find a suitable mvc sample application to learn from

I've noticed several samples in the url:http://www.asp.net/mvc/application-developmentbut,nerddinner seems too hard for me ;MVC MusicStore cannot run in my computer. seems it use sql2008&i have sql2005 installed in my computerASP.NET MVC Storefront Starter Kit        even worse  after i've download the source code from codeplex as told by the author, just find that I  can not compiled it  in vs2010(it's deveplopped using vs2008)and it seems out of date(the project begun at 2008),actually i wanna find a sample written after 2010.And I hope the sample is classic   and easy to learn,  and the technology used should not turn out to be a past after a new version of mvc or .net framework released.Anyone can help me out?

Pulling data from MyProfile page to People & group's list

Hi, Is it possible to pull the data from Profile page, like the email, contact number etc to be displayed in the People & Groups page. Please refer the screenshot for better understanding..

Link to the image: http://img694.imageshack.us/i/pplgrps.png/

Pulling Data from Gridview

I am currently adding checkbox functionality to a system.  I would like to check a group of users and add them into a db table.  I currently have the administrator values flowing into the db table fine but it will not insert the empID into the table from the gridview.  Here is my code:  protected void gvAddUsers_OnRowCommand(object sender, GridViewCommandEventArgs e) { if (e.CommandName == "Add") { if (e.CommandName == "add2") { int index = Convert.ToInt32(e.CommandArgument); DataKey data = gvAddUsers.DataKeys[index]; hiddenEmpId.Value = data["hr_emp_id"].ToString(); litEmpName.Text = data["empName"].ToString(); pnlSelectUser.Visible = false; pnlSetAccess.Visible = true; } } } protected void btn_add_user_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) { bool userInserted2 = false; string errorMsg2 = ""; ArrayList refId = new ArrayList(); foreach (GridViewRow gr in gvAddUsers.Rows) { CheckBox chk = (CheckBox)gr.FindControl("chk_add_users"); if (chk != null) { if (chk.Checked) { refId.Add(gvAddUser

Need Information on pulling data from Oracle Source to SQL Server

Hi,   I was told that we will be extracting data from Oracle database and loading into SQL Server Database. I will be developing packages on the Remote Server where SQL Server is installed. I mean I wont be developing anything on my local machine. This is the first time I will be writing a package to extract data from Oracle database and my knowledge on Oracle is zero.   Could someone list out  what all I need to do to extract data from Oracle database ?  Server that I will be working is new and nothing is installed on that except the SQL Server 2008.      

Image control pulling src twice

Hey all, I've created a web part which display a thumbnail image. I'm using the following code:   //Add Thumbnail Image thumbnail = new Image(); thumbnail.Width = 82; thumbnail.Height = 65; thumbnail.ImageUrl = spItems["Thumbnail" ].ToString(); //Create new cell for image TableCell imageCell = new TableCell(); imageCell.CssClass = "thumbnail" ; imageCell.Controls.Add(thumbnail); tRow.Cells.Add(imageCell);   But when it actually renders its pulling the correct source, followed by either the source repeated, or some garbage. Like the source will be   "http://mydev/PublishingImages/myicon.jpg, http://mydev/PublishingImages/myicon.jpg"  which obviously causes the image to not render. Another example is "http://mydev/PublishingImages/myicon.jpg, %20MyIcon" I think it has to do with the type of column I made? I used the URL or Picture column type. Maybe I should just use a single line of text? I wonder if it is grabbing something from the description field? Any thoughts? Am I doing this wrong?

Pulling data from an Excel Speadsheet to a Sharepoint List

I have an Excel Spreadsheet filled with company phone numbers which I would like to pull into a Sharepoint List. I am unsure of how to go about this, as my only experience so far is using SQL statements for an Access Database to pull information from one location to another. I would also like this list to be searchable and sortable if possible. As another option, I have looked at Datasheet views in Sharepoint and it is possible that the data could be re-entered in here (will take a very long time though) but I unfortunetly also don't know how to export the data into a printable document from here. Any help with either option would be very much appreciated as I am quite new to Sharepoint! Thank you very much

Pulling messages using WCF

I need to consume messages from an external source on to a public queue which is hosted on machine in domain which is part of internal network. There is a perimeter zone (DMZ) which hides the internal network from the outside work. I cannot have a WCF component in DMZ to act as service to outside world and client to queue in domain. External clients cannot send messages to service in DMZ and client on DMZ cannot send messages to queue backed up service in domain. Can I use callback operations as a solution? Having WCF component on DMZ as client to external service to pull messages and Service to a WCF client in domain. Now would I be able to use another callback to client in domain from Service in DMZ? If this sounds confusing could someone please tell me how can I include an image to this post. I can show a network diagram. Thanks -= JL =-

Can't get merge subscription to start pulling changes

Hello! We have two servers running SQL Server 2008 Standard.  I am using merge replication to replicate the entire database (11 GB, 350 tables) from Server 1 to Server 2 (pull subscriptions).  I have all the tables split up in about 10 publications.  I need about half of the database to be continuously updated every second, however, when I view the details of some of the tables in Replication Monitor I see a Download/Upload Progress bar that never gets to 100% and has an approximate time that keeps increasing.  I assume I/O is the bottleneck, so to test this theory I wanted to setup subscriptions on a new server we’ll be using for another project – which has a PCIe SSD (running SQL Server 2008 R2).  When I view the synchronization status on the subscriber (new server), I get the message:   “Skipping file TableName.sch' because it has already been delivered for a previous article or by a previously interrupted snapshot.” In Replication Monitor, the status is Running and the message in the Error Message column changes the table name (and script applied) in the message “Bulk copying data into table ‘DifferentTableName’”.  But the table names and scripts keep repeating themselves.  In the Error Messages field at the bottom of the window, I get: “The process was successfully stopped. (Sou

"PivotTable.DisplayEmptyRows = false " in Excel pulling from Analysis Server 2008, doesn't work.


We display financial information, using Excel pulling from Analysis Server 2008.


In vba,  "ptTemp.DisplayEmptyRow = false" works fine for hiding empty rows of data on most pivot tables, but if the "account numbers" parent/child dimension is in the row fields, it doesn't.


The row Dimension look like this:


Balance Sheet


Current Assets


Total Balance Sheet


Income Statement

Gross Profit


Item A


Total Income Statement

Query help required - before I pull out the rest of my hair!!


I have a query that I am running from a Table Function....

FROM dbo.FN(@p1, @p2)
WHERE cValue IN (1)

And I get the following error message..

Msg 245, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
Conversion failed when converting the nvarchar value '= 31' to data type int.

Yet if I run the following query with the only change being in the WHERE clause.....

FROM dbo.FN(@p1, @p2)
WHERE cValue IN (1, 9)

It runs OK. Now please can somebody explain the logic of that to me?!?! Basically if I put in a single value into the brackets it fails. it only runs when I put in more than 1 value. I will be bald before the day is over!



Pulling one by one and using a select statement


I have to pull up a list of people by their branch number which could vary, and give a detailed report on there performance using a select queries. I have the select queries but how can i create a script to look similar to this one.  Ive got the branch drop downlist already created just need to know how i can go about pulling all the users in this group and doing this select to all of them. Any help is greatly appreciated!


someone told me I might need to use cursors to loop thru a select with every person in the list but im not sure how to go about that.


select fldusername from tbluser where fldio='o' and flduserbranch=@branchid 


is going to give me the names of the people i need to query. but how can i run a query on each of them seperate?



Pulling report, query almost complete......


I have a table structure and query below......

in the activity table there is a field named isCompleted and if this =1 then the activity is completed...

i want to pull this same report but only for the ppl in the XREFEmployeesInvitations that have completed activityId 10

USE [Wellness2010_Current]

/****** Object: Table [dbo].[XREFEmployeesInvitations] Script Date: 09/28/2010 15:03:05 ******/


CREATE TABLE [dbo].[XREFEmployeesInvitations](
	[EmployeeId] [int] NOT NULL,
	[ActivityId] [int] NOT NULL,
	[IsSpouse] [bit] NOT NULL,
	[HasBeenViewed] [bit] NOT NULL,
	[IsCompleted] [bit] NOT NULL,

pulling a website into Visual Studio


I have a friend that needs some new development on his company website. So, I got the ftp credentials and pulled the site down to my computer. In Visual Studio I did "create project from website". Here's the problem. When I try to run the site I get errors saying that I am missing several pages throughout the site. I can only presume that on some occassions he compiled the pages and copied the DLLs to the server while on others he just copied the codebehind pages up to the server. When I look at the files that were pulled into the project there are several .cs pages while some .cs pages are missing. There are DLLs in the bin folder that I assume hold some of the compiled codebehinds. What can I do about getting this site to run? Thanks.


InfoPath Pulling incorrect account info from SharePoint

I am new to the world of Sharepoint developing and I'm having a slight problem. I have 3 different accounts that I use for sharepoint for myself. A low end account, a high end account, and a sharepoint system account. I almost always use the system account as it has full priveledges for me to do everything I need to. I have developed an InfoPath form that pulls the sharepoint user info using the getuserprofilebyname function and it seems to work fine for everyone who opens the form except for me. When I am logged into sharepoint under my low end account on my computer and I open the form it autopopulates the user name text box with "Share Point" which I imagine is the user name for the sharepoint system account. I really need it to pull up my own name for testing purposes so that I can avoid having to use another pc to open the form or having my co-workers open the form on their pc's. Any ideas on why I can't get it to pull my account info?

Help pulling data from Sharepoint List in SSRS

Hi there, hoping somebody can help me out here.

I'm using SSRS and trying to connect to a sharepoint list.

I followed the steps here:

But I'm still getting an error. I'll give as much info as I can.

For the shared datasource, I'm using a link that when I plug it into a browser it brings back "Lists Web Service," so I think that part is fine.

When I try to enter the "SOAP CALL" into the Query string of my data set I get an error.
Soap Call:
<Method Namespace="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/soap/" Name="GetListItems">
<Parameter Name="listName">
<ElementPath IgnoreNamespaces="True">*</ElementPath>

Error Message:


Could not generate a list of fields for the query.

people picker pulling old values sharepoint




I have my people picker to pull values from my AD as well as my SQL form authentication database. HOWEVER.. if i delete or add a user its A. not reflecting the new user right away and B. it is showing old deleted users. Is there a way to "Clear the cache"? or remove these old users from showing up?


Thanks in advance.

Steve Kopp

Transactional queue with netMsmqBinding only pulling a single message from the queue


I have a xamlx workflow hosted in a windows service using WorkflowServiceHost. I want to read messages from a transactional MSMQ queue that is populated from another service.

I cannot get my workflow to read more than a single message from the queue, then it never processes any more messages. I get the same behaviour when hosting th workflow from a console as well.

Here is my xamlx:

<WorkflowService mc:Ignorable="sap" ConfigurationName="Service1" sap:VirtualizedContainerService.HintSize="307,345" Name="Service1" mva:V
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