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How to tell SQL Server to skip the part after AND?

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

Hi everybody!

I have a question regarding optimizations. Concider the following WHERE-clause:

WHERE [Filter A]
AND [Filter B]

Suppose filter B is really heavy to execute. Is it possible for me to ensure that the SQL Server engine skips filter B if filter A returns false? After all, if filter A returns false, the value of filter B doesn't matter anymore because the result of the AND operation will be false anyway. I thought that SQL Server would already keep this in mind but it seems I was wrong. Here is some sample code that demonstrates this:

SET @var = 1
	SELECT 1 AS [Value]
) A
WHERE @var = 1
AND A.Value = (SELECT @var)
	SELECT 1 AS [Value]
) A
WHERE @var = 2
AND A.Value = (SELECT @var)
	SELECT 1 AS [Value]
) A
WHERE @var = 2

If you include the execution plan, you'll notice that the first 2 queries are equally fast, and that the 3rd is the fastest one. This is logic because the 3rd one has one less WHERE-operation to execute. However, the 2nd query should (so I thought) be faster than the 1st one because its first filter returns false. I would have expected that t

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Pass the server variable to search core result web part


I'd like to custom the search core result web part to filter results based on the log on user name.

It can easily be done in Dataview web part.

However the search core web part doesn't accept "<parameterbining>" to pass in the server variable [logon_user]. I can't figure out how to use <xsl:param> to get this server variable either.


Any ideas? Thanks a lot!

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SQL Server Analysis Services Filter web part.

Hi all In a NTLM farm with 1 SharePoint and 1 SQL server, I am using clamis based authentication for Excel Services app in SharePoint Server 2010. While all Excel documents work, I get error on "SQL Server Analysis Services Filter" web part. The filter works when I am logged on the sharepoint server and open the Intranet to use it, but doesn't work if I reach the Intranet by not logging on the SharePoint server. The error I get is on the filter web part: "An error occured while retrieving filter values (The connection either timed out or was lost). Anyone else that have had the same problem? Any ideas to troubleshoot? :) Regards

Issue - A significant part of sql server memory has been paged out.


Hello Experts,

I am running a huge SSRS 2008 report and it gets rendered sometimes and sometimes it gives me an error,

"The report execution has expired or cannot be found. (rsExecutionNotFound)”.

When I see SQL Server log after this issue comes I see following message there;

"A significant part of sql server memory has been paged out. This may result in performance degradation. Duration: 300 seconds. Working set(KB): 97672, memory utilization 42%"

Please help me to know what is the issue and how to fix it.


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