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How to implement a subscription service

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 04, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WCF

Hello all,

How do I setup a two way communication channel so that my clients can subscribe on the host? What we need to do is to maintain a list of clients so that the host can send a notification when it is shutting down. If someone could post some skeleton code to get me started, I would appreciate it. Thanks!


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Is it possible to implement your own version of the Managed Metadata Service?

Hi, It would be nice to provision a new instance of the Managed Metadata Service where the service is not implemented by Microsoft.SharePoint.Taxonomy.MetadataWebServiceApplication, but a custom provider. Is it possible to expose your own service as a Managed Metadata Service?

how to store credentials with windows authentication in reporting service for subscription

when I try to set up a subscription, I get this error message: "Subscriptions cannot be created because the credentials used to run the report are not stored or if a linked report, the link is no longer valid" I use a datasource which use windows credentials to access a database which contains stored procedure with OpenRowset query to access cube data in analysis service on the same server.  I have to use windows credentials to access cube data in analysis service.  How can I store the credentails with windows credentials? I appreciate your help!

WCF Router service - How to implement Load Balance



Do you know if is possible to implement a Load Balance using this WCF Router Service ?

I know that WCF Router Service has routing and backuplist feature. 

By the way, how does WCF Routr Service deal with services that have Callback Contract ?


Luis Filipe (from Brazil: Sorry about the English!)

Reporting Service. Subscription.



Is it possible to trigger a subscription using url access to SSRS? And how can I deliver a report to the ftp server using subscription?


How to implement caching service in .net 3.5/4.0 framework ?



I need to develop a dedicated caching service to cache the data(monitoring data of application)  from

Database ( SQL Server 2005) which can then be consumed by 2-3 windows services( .net 3.5 WCf services)

so that they do not need to call DB repeatedly. So basically it is a additonal level of service layer

between these services and DB to reduce the performance penalty of calling DB   The data in Database is

large and very dynamic (events continously inserted in DB during the day) which we want to cache. Each

of the consuming windows service is dependent on another ( one service is retrieving data from one Table

in Db and aggegating the data and putting  in another table in DB which would then be consumed by

another service) . we have the following requirements :
1. Could have either Push or Pull model for pushing or retrieving data to/from DB and Services.
2. The cache must reduce the overall impact to the DB and load data by delta, rather than reloading the

data completely
3.The cache data must be updated if the source data in DB has changed. Sql cache expiration policy must

be defined.
4.Should have asynchronous method calls for Data retrieval from DB and cache update to minimise wait

5.The cache must support parallel requests to a single DB<

Design Patterns to design and implement WCF Service


I want to create a service to that will interact with my DAL and BL and send the desired output to my client application.


So, how can I implement it, what design patterns should I use??? Please suggest.

Prabhanjan Kumar Mahapatra

Reporting service, subscription event always null


Hi All, i discover an issue for reporting subscription, since look like very ccommon but i still cant find a good solution, please help

SQL version: SQL version 2000

issue: I am trying to get a time subscription for a report to work. The SQL Agent
job is created, and runs successfully. The ReportServer.dbo.AddEvent sp is
run and add record to the "event" table in the ReportServer datanase, but
event appears to never be executed by the ReportServer. How do I verify that
the Report Server is actually polling this table to verify whether or not
there are events to run.


Can I implement a custom protocol as a service?


Hi all;

Not sure where to post this - I think this is the most appropiate. I have implemented a custom protocol as a command line app. It works great except a DOS box pops up each time it runs. Is there a way to implement this as a service? And if so, how do I register it in the registry?

thanks - dave

Very funny video - What's your Metaphor?

Windows Service Applications Tutorials

You can easily create services by creating an application that is installed as a service. For example, suppose you want to monitor performance counter data and react to threshold values. You could write a Windows Service application that listens to the performance counter data, deploy the application, and begin collecting and analyzing data.

WCF Tip: Using Properties in Service Contracts

you'll notice all of the Service Contracts are implemented with interfaces containing only methods. For the longest time I thought that's all that was supported, until I thought about it a little more. In C# land, properties are simply wrappers around a get method and set method, so why wouldn't we be able to use properties in a service contract? Well the answer is we can.

Realizing a Service-Oriented Architecture with .NET

This article is meant to be a practical discussion guide to building a .NET application in a service-oriented architecture. We will consider real-world goals, real-world obstacles, and experience-based solutions. I quickly concede the approaches discussed here are not exhaustive or infallible. This paper is focused on application development, not application integration. We will specifically consider architectural issues and component design issues.

The Potential of Web Services

Web Service for uploading documents into SharePoint

WS UploadService is a web service written for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and is meant for uploading documents into SharePoint. I have just uploaded the zip file to GotDotNet.com so it will take some time before the zip file appears in the list of downloads. For the time being, you can download the zip file from the following location

Creating and Using an ASP.NET Web Service in Visual Web Developer

In addition to letting you create Web pages, Microsoft Visual Studio also lets you create Web services that use ASP.NET XML. Creating a Web service in Visual Studio is similar to creating a Web page. You can also use the Microsoft Visual Web Developer Web development tool to reference and use Web services that are in a Visual Web Developer solution, on your local computer or in a local or external UDDI directory. In this walkthrough, you will create the Web service in one solution and use it in another.

Tasks illustrated in this walkthrough include:

Creating a simple XML Web service in Visual Web Developer.

Creating a separate Web site that uses the Web service.

how implement transformations in slideshow extender.



i am working on ajax slideshow extender.

can anybody help in coding for 

1) implement transformations between slide to slide.

2) and the direction means orientation in changing of slides.

I hope u got my querries.

please help in this regard.

thanks in advance.

how implement this code


check this link

and how can i implement on aspx page to get value on textbox


AutoGenerateSelectButton="False" ignored when using Domain Service


Crosspost from RIA Services forum: http://forums.silverlight.net/forums/t/196466.aspx

I'm creating a Dynamic Data application in VS2010 and have recently switched to using a Domain Service to give greater control over the data presented to the client. I've noticed that the AutoGenerate<Action>Button attributes on my GridView are being ignored. The presence of the Edit and Delete buttons appear to be contingent on the existence of Update and Delete methods on the partial classes autogenerated in the Domain Service, but i'm not seeing how to control the generation of the Select button. Is there a way to control this from within the Domain Service class?

Any framework for creating a job scheduler service?


Just curious to know if there was any official Microsoft code blocks, classes, or such for writing a service that runs other assemblies or WCF services?  That can be configured easily from a web page, pre-coded, for running tasks at certain times on certain recurring intervals?  I've already built one but am open to anything done better- which I'm sure there is.  Thanks!!!

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