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Corrupt thai characters when report is exported in ReportViewer

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 03, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


I am facing problem while exporting report to PDF using report viewer. The problem is that I have Thai character in the report, which I am able to view perfectly, but when export to PDF functionality of the report viewer is used, the thai characters are not displayed correctly.

Below is the attached RDCL with embedded thai characters.

<Report xmlns:rd="http://schemas.microsoft.com/SQLServer/reporting/reportdesigner" xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sqlserver/reporting/2008/01/reportdefinition">
      <Textbox Name="Thai">

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Dynamic Report in reportviewer


HI I m sorry to say this But this task too urgent.

 Ex- i have two tables in my db name called Comdetails, deptdetails.

TCS is a one company name stored in ComDetails and Company_ID took as primany key,

TCS having 10 department stored in deptdetails and Company_ID as foreign key.

so now in DB we have available one company with 10 departments.

so now i need to generate report , i m using report.rdlc and reportviewer.

i hope upto now its clear.

my task-

1- i have two pages in a report in page 1 i m doing designing report like top i  need to show companydetails, middle frist department details in deptdetails table , and bottom some calculation part leave about calculation part. in report page 2 on  top i need to show second department details from deptdetails next below the design again same design i did here i need to show 3 department details from deptdetails next below the design again same design i did here i need to show 4 department details from deptdetails next below again calculation part design leave about calculation part. so up to now i shown 4 department details here still i need to show 6 department details , for this programatically after 4 department details finish next generate dynamatically page 2 of re

Make dynamic changes to ReportViewer Report design InteractiveSize property


Hello all,

Could someone share with me how to dynamically change the Report design InteractiveSize property?  I want to use a radiobutton list which has two options (complete list, paginated list) which changes the height of the Report display.  I wonder if I need to use the Report Parameters but how do I change and refresh to display the selected option.  Thank you.


Multiple Rdlc report in one reportviewer.

Hi, I have multiple reports that take the same parameters. Need to create a master report with all the reports merged together. I dont want to copy paste the rdlc files into one large file. found a control by Telerik called ReportBook but it costs money!! http://www.telerik.com/help/reporting/designing-reports-general-explanation.html anyone knows something similar? or am i missing something very obvious? using visual studio 2005... Cheers will subreports solve my problem? not sure how these work. so say i have a report that lists employers and i create a subreport that lists all employees for a particular empoyer. is it then possible on one rdlc to have the list of employers and a bunch of subreports for each employer's employees?

Report exported to Excel 2007 is EXTREMELY slow once a filter is applied.


I am exporting a 12,000 row, 20 column report to Excel from SSRS 2008.  Once opened in Excel, everything is fine.  If I further filter the data through Excel (no external data connections) performance degrades.  If I filter down to say 20 rows, it nearly completely bogs down my entire PC.  I've emailed this spreadsheet to several others, who then experience the same issue.

If I export this same set of data from a different BI tool, such as Microstrategy, there are no performance issues what so ever.

How to hide information based on whether the report is being printed/exported



I have created reports with drill thru functionality. I use a blue foreground and bold font to give the user hints as to what they can drill into.

I would like to be able to turn off the blue, bold, and even the drill thru action when the report is being printed or exported.

I have thought of basing those properties on a hidden/non hidden report (ex. @ShowLinks) parameter, but the best scenario would be if I could determine (via a global variable) whether a report is being exported or printed rather than the user having to remember to set a parameter.

Any ideas?



error when trying to load the report in reportviewer in the active tab



I created a tabcontainer that contains initially 1 tab, but when the user clicks on a button, it will create a new tab and make this one active.

The newley created tab contains a reportviewer where i should load the report from the sql server. But I'm getting this error in jscript --> this.m_clientController = null in OnReportLoaded

Tried to add a new button on this tab2, and it works so I'm not sure what's wrong... can someone give me some indication?




Using ReportViewer.LocalReport.Render() method to export single report multiple times


I'm using the ReportViewer control on my .aspx page which displays a single report based on various user parameter selections.  Dropdown2 is dependent on the DropDown1 selection (i.e. the user selects Unit A from DropDown1 and that results in 10 selections under Dropdown2, or the user selects Unit B from DropDown1 and that results in 15 selections under DropDown2, and so on).  The user makes the selections, clicks the "Run Report" button, and the report displays as expected.  The user then can export to Excel or PDF

I've received a request to allow users to run the report for all possible selections and export to their desired format rather than having to run the report for each separate DropDown1 and DropDown2 selection.  So in other words, they don't even want to see the report on the screen, they just want to be able to click a button that runs the report for all possible parameter selections and export it to a single Excel or PDF document.

Does anyone have thoughts on how to best approach this?  Or is it even possible?  I know how to render a single report with parameters directly to PDF or Excel using the ReportViewer.LocalReport.Render() method, but I don't know how to render the same report multiple times to a single destination.

clearing reportviewer and reload of dynamic report


I have an application that builds the SQL Select statement and creates the report in ReportViewer.   The trouble is this, it will not reset the data that is already loading in the report.  I have to close out of the ReportViewer screen and come back in to make new selection options.  What am I missing?. 

ReportViewer.ProcessingMode = ProcessingMode.Local
Dim rView As LocalReport = ReportViewer.LocalReport
rView.ReportPath = "myReport.rdlc"
Dim ds As DataSet = GetDonorData()       '<-- This executes my sql query
Dim dsDonor As New ReportDataSource()
dsDonor.Name = "dsDonor_Data"
dsDonor.Value = ds.Tables("dsDonor")

Private Function GetDonorData()
Dim dsDisp As New DataSet
Dim sqlDonorData As String =

While Exporting to CSV (XComma Delimited), Report Header and Footer will get Exported Or not


Hi All,

I have Below Report in 2005.


My Report

Renaming a report exported in Excel for a subscription



I can rename a report when in the Report Manager I export it f.e. into Excel format. Is it possible the same thing when I create a data-driven subscription, please? I doubt to do it.


Disable Export Options on ReportViewer using a Server Report


Is it possible to disable export options on a server report in the ReportViewer control without changing the reportserver.config file? 

I have the code to change a Local Report but not a Server Report.  We have a group of reports we only want to be able to export to PDF and TIFF while the other server reports should be exportable in all formats.

ReportViewer displays report in portrait by default


Hi, I'm using VS2008 and SSRS 2008 R2 and server-side report, we run into an issue with the native Report Viewer seems to always display the report in portrait, but when printing it prints in the correct orientation of the report as it's designed. The problem is that in the report viewer it shows a different number of pages than when it prints. For example if the report is designed in landscape, the report viewer will say the report has 4 pages (because it displays in portrait), but when printed the report is actually 9 pages (because it's landscape). Is there a way to set the report viewer to display the report in the orientation of the report as it's designed?

Thank you.

ReportViewer displaying report in wrong orientation


Hi, We are developing an ASP.NET web application, and we're using VS2008 and SSRS 2008 R2 with server-side reports. We have a number of reports, some designed to be landscape and some in portrait. We have an aspx page containing the ReportViewer control, but when run, it seems the ReportViewer always displays the report in portrait, even for the landscape reports, but when printing it prints the report in the correct orientation as it's designed. The problem is that when shown in the ReportViewer it shows a different number of pages than when it prints. For example if the report is designed in landscape, the report viewer will say the report has 4 pages (because it displays in portrait), but when printed the report is actually 9 pages (because it's landscape). Our landscape reports are set to landscape, also the paper size and the Interactive size are both set to 11 inch in width and 8.5 inch in height. Is there a way to make sure the ReportViewer display the report in the correct orientation of the report as it's designed (so the page numbers will match when viewed and printed)?

Thank you.

User sorting in Reportviewer and RDLC Bar Chart Report


Dynamic sorting in Reportviewer

I have an ASP.NET webpage called PageCount.aspx
It has a ReportViewer control with a bar graph in it that uses an ObjectDatasource.
The ObjectDatasource uses the GetData method in a dataset to return rows.
The GetData method is 'SELECT PageName, PageCount FROM PageCounts
I want the user to be able to click on a button to sort the data.

If I add a button, outside the reportviewer control, to sort the bar chart how do I implement the sorting?




Reportviewer- Change report in runtime



How can i change a report in runtime?

Thank you


SSRS report in the center of the reportviewer control


I am trying to display the report in the middle position of the reportviwer. i have an aspx page having reportviewer control. While trying to display the report in the center position it goes to left. becuase of the width of the report is small it goes to left of the control. What property need to set to diplay the report in center position of the reportviewer.

If any proprty please sepcify...

Thumbnail for report with ReportViewer control


Hi all

I have a webpage where I have implemented a ReportViewer control. The report has been designed in BIDS and the RDL file has been imported into SSRS. I can view the report on my web page and all is right with the world.

Except now I want to create a "thumbnail" of the rendered report, so I can have several "thumbnails" for reports all on one page. I will use an anchor with a javascripted onclick event to show the full size report in a new window.

I've tried the Percent Zoom to reduce the view of the report to 25%. This works and I can remove the toolbars just fine. However the "25% Zoom" report seems to be presented within the "full page" of the designed report. In other words, the reports is zooming smaller, but the underlying page space for the report remains the same size. This, then, produces scroll bars along with the smaller image.

I would like to produce that smaller report image without the cooresponding scroll bars, or in some other way produce a thumbnail of the report.



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