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sp_replicationdboption hangs

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 02, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

I am having a problem stopping replication on SQLServer 2008 R2. When I select "Disable Publishing and Distribution" from the Replication context menu of SQL Server Management Studio, my system appears to hang. After shutting down SSMS and restarting it, "Disable Publishing and Distribution" works correctly. I have tracked this down to the call:

exec sp_replicationdboption @dbname = N'active_test', @optname = N'publish', @value = N'false'


My test setup:

Windows Server 2008 vm hosted by VMWare

SQL Server 2008 R2

Transactional replication with the publisher, distributor and subscriber all on the same database server.


Any suggestions?











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I have a package whose control flow consisting of a single data flow task with multiple destinations continues to hang at random locations.  The data flow task is fairly simple: - One OLE DB source (one query of selecting about 10 fields from one table) - 9 lookups that serve basically as left joins to capture which data "drops off" (does a row redirect on on lookup errors to an "error flow") - Two destinations: one the captures all the data that doesn't drop off from the lookups, and another to capture the data that does drop off; these write to two tables unrelated to each other, and unrelated to any of the tables I'm reading from I have tried the following: - Changed one or both destinations from OLE DB to flat file -- still randomly hangs - Removed both destinations altogether -- this always suceeds.   - Removed destination A and leave destination B -- this always succeeds - Removed destination B and leave destination A -- this always succeeds I took great care in making sure I get no warnings when the package runs, even resolving the unneeded column warnings, and the duplicate keys on all my lookups, but it still hangs. However, once I give up and stop the package, the following error is thrown (among others that appear to be a byproduct of the root issue): Error: 0xC02020C4 at Data Flow Task, OLE_SRC AP12 [1]: The attempt to

SPD workflow status show "starting" when I create a document from the library !!. and hangs

I have a document library in MOSS 2007. Have created a WF and that starts "autmatically when new item created" In the document library I have created couple of column those are mandatory (required columns) and user has to fill those column while uploading a document as well creating a document from library. WF has ran and completed succefully  when I use "upload" option to load a document.  As you are aware, when we "upload" a document, we will have to fill all "required columns" and the click "check in" command button.  After I do all this, document get loaded and WD ran succesfully. However, the WF is not running when I create a document (.docx) from this library (using "new" button) !!.  I have filled all required field in the document information panel . After save & exit from WORD application, I can see WF status as "starting". But, it never started and completed.  So I did following and found WF worked !! a) After creating document (.docx) using "new" option I found WF status "starting"!. So,  I did "Check-out and Check-in" manually from document library. After doing this,  WF ran and status has been changed as "completed" b) In SPD, I change workflow start option from "Automatic" to "Manually start".&nb

Bug in ODBC SQL Server driver (SQLFetch hangs)

I have come across a bug in the ODBC driver for SQL Server when working against SQL Server 2008 64-bit with TDE where tables contain text-datatypes. We concluded that it is a bug after testing a simple SQL query using Microsoft ODBC test tool (odbcte.exe) and the workaround for us was to start using the "SQL Native Client 10" instead. However I would like to share this information if someone else come across this problem. Below I will describe the problem in more detail. The table has three columns with text datatypes and we use a simple select query against this table to return about 10 rows of data but SQLFetch hangs before all data is returned. It is unfortunately very difficult to reproduce the errror since even a very small change will change the behaviour. If we for example add or remove a column to the select statement then the problem will dissappear, if we call SQLBindCol before instead of after SQLExecute (or the other way around) the problem will dissapear, if we change the WHERE-clause to fetch a different set of rows the problems will dissapear. We have seen the problem though with a number of different SQL queries so it is reproducable.

OpenQuery() to Linked Server hangs, leaving SPID with open tran, then templog.ldf grows without limi

Hi, We have a customer that is using SQL Server 2000, and experiencing the following intermittent problem -- occasionally templog.ldf will grow and grow until it fills the entire disk. This is a rare problem, it has happened less than 10 times in the past two years, for a job that runs once a minute. But it has happened on 3 different SQL Servers, (two production servers, and one test server). Our suspicion is that the root cause is an OPENQUERY() to pull data from a linked server (Oracle database on Unix). We have seen that these OPENQUERY() statements occasionally hang and cannot be killed. The OPENQUERY() is used to populate a local table, and when we originally populated permanent tables with OPENQUERY(), then there would be a lock on this permanent table and nothing could be done until SQL Server was stopped and restarted. To workaround the immediate problem, last year we modified all OPENQUERY() statements so that the local table was a #temp table. In that case, cancelling the job left the hung process, but the hung process had a lock on a #temp table and so that didn't keep the next execution of the job from creating a new #temp table and populating it. However... it appears that the hung process, because it leaves an SPID with an open transaction, keeps the tempdb log file from being truncated. And eventually you run out of disk space, no matter how much disk space is

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Greetings, Just as the subject says, my VS'05 installation hangs when trying to create a new website.  I even installed a fresh version of VS08 along side '05 and '08 is doing the same.  Any ideas on a fix or where to look? Thank you in advance. 

networkstream.read hangs

hi there,my php-script sends some data to my c#-appand listens to the answer: Code Snippet <?$fp = fsockopen($host,$port);fputs($fp,'daten');$buffer = '';while (!feof($fp)){    $buffer .= fgets($fp,128);}echo $buffer;?> my c#-app has to receive these and sends a answer backto the php-script: Code Snippet //....NetworkStream stream = client.GetStream();string result = "";byte[] buffer = new byte[128];int i = stream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length);while (i > 0){  i = stream.Read(buffer, 0, buffer.Length); // Here it hangs!!  result += ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetString(buffer);}// Here i would send the data back//....sadly the program hangs on the stream.read in the loop.any idea?thanks a lot  greez nullpunkt

VS 2008 Design Mode Hangs on Windows 2008 Server

 I have looked at all the posts I can find on this problem and tried everything I can think of, but still the problem persists. I am getting really sick of it. It was working fine for the last year until an update to MS Office 2007 caused a lot of problems (automatic update). After checking posts here, I removed it completely. No change. I then tried all the things I could find on other posts, also no change. Today, I removed VS and the Web Authoring Component and re-installed. Still no go. Does anyone have a fix for this problem. It seems that it has been around a long time, but is still giving problems. I even saw one suggestion to reformat the drive! You've got to be joking! Help please, I'm getting desparate.  

Processing hangs

Hoping someone out there knows this error or possibly can help me to find out the reason. We have a SQL Server 2008 relational Database as the source for SQL Server 2008 cube. The cube will be processed by a SQL Server job using XMLA command. <Batch xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2003/engine"> <Parallel> <Process xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema" xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:ddl2="http://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2003/engine/2" xmlns:ddl2_2="http://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2003/engine/2/2" xmlns:ddl100_100="http://schemas.microsoft.com/analysisservices/2008/engine/100/100"> <Object> <DatabaseID>MyDbName</DatabaseID> </Object> <Type>ProcessFull</Type> <WriteBackTableCreation>UseExisting</WriteBackTableCreation> </Process> </Parallel> </Batch> Our environment is: Windows Server 2008 SP2, x64 MS SQL Server 2008 Enterprise SP1 VM-Ware Maschine Processor: AMD Opteron 8381 HE (QuadCode 2,5GHz) Memory: 8 GB The problem is: sometimes (not always) the job step for processing hangs until we restart the analysis service. The CPU is not busy, no error entries in windows event log, no entries in msmdsrv.log (Analysis Services-Log), n

Oulook.exe hangs when Domain User launches application through Interop windows 2003 sp2

Hello,I have a problem using Interop.Outlook on a win2k3 sp2 server. For windows 2003 version prior to sp1 i could use a specific identity for application pool and i had no problems launching outlook.User was authenticated and delegated correclty. With sp2 the Outlook.exe process is launched by the domain user specified as identity (also visible on Task Manager Processes) but no exception or time out is ever thrown.  The only way that i can make this to work is when i set impersonate=true in web config (without setting userName and password as this would have exactly the same affect with the application pool identity).Are there any permissions that i can set to overcome this?Help would be greatly appreciated. Normal 0 false false false EL X-NONE X-NONE Appreciate

Process (System.Diagnostics.Process) invoked by aspx hangs on iis6 / win2003

Hello all, I've encountered a problem trying to run an external exe from an aspx page. My code works fine when running under visual studio and also when running under iis7 on windows server 2008 SP1. It does not work on iis6 on windows 2003 sp2: 1. The executable is loaded and uses 560k or so of memory 2. The executable does not use any cpu 3. The executable does not appear to enter Main()  4. The invoking code hangs at WaitForExit() I've tried using different executables including a dummy that simply returned and that did not make any difference. I'm pretty sure that the credentials being used for the executable are correct because if I fudge the password, the process reports a login failure. I'm pretty sure that output blocking to the standard out and standard error streams is not the issue as a) it works on iis7 and b) when I first suspected this as the cause, I re-wrote the aspx to launch threads to read the streams. I've tried invoking my exe directly and via cmd.exe and that makes no difference. Anyway, if anyone has any ideas on this, it would be greatly appreciated. I've included a snippet of my code below. Thanks in advance... ...Beau                     // Create a new process to invoke the console app                     usi

SharePoint Search - hangs on setup

Trying to get Search running on our SharePoint site. I go into Managed Service Applications, and then select New - Search Service Application I did that about 30 minutes ago, and its still sat there saying "Please wait while the content loads". I cant see anything in Event Viewer to say what it started doing/is still doing.   Any ideas as to how I can find out whats causing it to stall?

SSIS For Each loop with data flow hangs on DTC (SID -2) when inside transaction

The short story: I have a data flow inside a For Each container that is inside a sequence container.  A transaction is established at the sequence container, with Isolation Level Serializable.  The For Each container is limited to execute only 4 iterations.  The data flow iterates once fine, but the second iteration hangs.  The Activity Monitor shows the process is waiting on a another process with a SID of -2.  From other research in the past, I have found that this is an internal process dedicated to DTC (Distributed Transaction Coordinator). Environment: Microsoft SQL Server 2005 (SP3) on Windows 2008 R2 Standard.  I'm using SQL Server BIDS 2005 for building these packages.  I also have SQL Server 2008 installed and the databases are installed there. The details: The data flow merges data from the same table in two databases, source and target, using a Merge Join component.  It then performs a few transformations and lookups from other tables in the target DB to get IDs.  Then it inserts new records into the target DB or updates existing records in the target DB.  The two source tables are using OLE DB Source components with customized queries.  The insert target component is an OLE DB Destination and the update target component is an OLE DB Command.  In this particular scenario,

IDE hangs when loading the Fluent XAML Control page

Hi All, This question is related to the MS Fluent WPF RibbonControl samples at http://fluent.codeplex.com. My OS is Vista. But the Fluent suite 1.3 is supposed to be stable. Nevertheless, the 3.5 NET sample apps will execute OK... but when I try to view the "window.xaml" code page in the VS2008 Pro IDE, the page loader hangs (the devenv.exe process consumes 50% of the CPU time) and never completes. Is the IDE configured properly? I'm new to Fluent and just installed the Samples. Also, I installed and uninstalled the MS Ribbon Control samples for WPF. If anyone can help... Please do! Thanks, King

Application hangs (100% cpu) outside debugger, but when debugging it runs ok.

Be prepared, this is a tricky one. One of my customers he is building a proof of concept using my software components. When running outside the debugger, the application will hang, using 100% CPU in the main thread. At this point attaching the debugger is unsuccessful. When running inside the debugger, the application runs fine. (.NET framework 3.5, Windows 7 Ultimate x86, running in VirtualBox (virtual environment)). Using Process Explorer I've tried to find some hints as to what's going on. Showing a callstack in PE at some arbitrary point when the app hangs is shown at the bottom of this post. The one line that caught my eye was this: halacpi.dll!HalClearSoftwareInterrupt+0x355 I googled around a bit, looks like a number of people ran into this, but nobody had found the true cause of/solution to this problem. One that came close was mentioning a patch for .NET framework 1.1, but there seems no information on later framework versions: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/904705 Some more details from my customer seem to point in the direction of GraphicsPath, which is used quite intensively and I know this class does a fair bit of switching to native land and back (PInvoke, also mentioned in the patch above). We really need to get this one solved, so let me know what to do to get some developer support on this one. Thanks, - Wout ntkrnlpa.exe!KeSetEvent+0x2a1 ntkrnlpa.e

Drawing text hangs - FormattedText bug?


A customer has reported that our software hangs when he runs it on one of his computers. We narrowed down the problem to rendering text with FormattedText and put together a simple application for him to try, which just renders some text with different font parameters - this would hang too.

Here's the bit of code which does the actual text drawing:

Typeface typeface = new Typeface(m_Font, m_FontStyle, m_FontWeight, FontStretches.Normal);
FormattedText ftext = new FormattedText(m_Text, new CultureInfo("en-US"), FlowDirection.LeftToRight, typeface, m_FontSize, m_FontColor);

ftext.TextAlignment = CenterText ? TextAlignment.Center : TextAlignment.Left;

if (m_DrawOutline)
  Geometry geom = ftext.BuildGeometry(CenterText ? new Point(ftext.Width, 0) : new Point());
  dc.DrawGeometry(m_FontColor, DrawOutline ? new Pen(m_OutlineColor, m_OutlineWidth) : null, geom);
  dc.DrawText(ftext, CenterText ? new Point(ftext.Width, 0) : 

Processing screen hangs when I am trying to create a new site collection



I am trying to create a new site collection in Sharepoint 2010 (installed on Windows Server 2008 Standard). I followed the below steps:

Central Administration -> Application Management -> Create site collections

I created a new path and entered all the required details.

When I say OK at the end, it takes me to the processing screen and that's it from there it hangs without giving me any error.

Please let me know if anyone had faced this error before.

We never had any issues before. I created couple of site collections before and had no issues.

Please let me know if you need additional information.










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