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Blocking Issues Win 7 64 bit Framework 4

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 02, 2010    Points: 0   Category :.NET Framework

I had this problem with my existing Windows 7 64 bit install, so I wiped everything and did a fresh install.  Before installing ANYthing else, I tried to install Framework 4 using this file: en_.net_framework_4_full_x86_x64_508940.

I still get the same blocking message which looks like this:

Blocking Issues:

The setup cannot run in compatibility mode. For more information, see the <A HREF="http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=164156">Readme file</A>.

The .NET Framework 4 is not supported on this operating system. For more information, see the <A HREF="http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=164156">Readme file</A>.

I really need this resolved.  Can anybody help?


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Framework.net 3.5 and connected issues

Hello, I was toying around with some private servers, and then removed them and some software. After that, framework.net 3.5 was messed up. I uninstalled it, and then tried to reinstall it. It said I can't reinstall it without turning some things off in windows features. When I try to, it says its unable to turn them off. Dell datasafe is also having problems since then. Have done a system restore, and it won't fix it. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Framework.net 3.5 and connected issues

Hello, I was toying around with some private servers, and then removed them and some software. After that, framework.net 3.5 was messed up. I uninstalled it, and then tried to reinstall it. It said I can't reinstall it without turning some things off in windows features. When I try to, it says its unable to turn them off. Dell datasafe is also having problems since then. Have done a system restore, and it won't fix it. Please, any help would be greatly appreciated!

Can not print. All of the sudden Print spooler service not running. and .Net Framework issues


I am running Windows XP home SP3.  About 7 months ago I connected an HP printer to my computer along with a pdf print program.  Everything was fine until about 2 months ago. One day I tried to print and I received an error stating that Operation could not be completed.  The print spooler service is not running.  I cannot redownload my printer and all properties in the printer box in control panel is empty.  I have run the Microsoft fix it scan and others, etc.  They say it starts the spooler but it does not.  I still cannot add a printer nor print.  My printer recognizes my computer but not the other way around.  One scan said:  Printer:  Troubleshoot problems preventing from completing; Package Version: 2.0 Microsoft.  I have tried to repair .NET Framework 2.0 SP2 and it says cannot find netfx20a_x86.msi and then earlier tried to repair .NET Framework 3.5 but problem there as well.  I am not 100% computer savy but have been to always handle my own.  Would like uninstall all .NET Framework but am extremely afraid of what would happen.  PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME.  I have been having problems for several months.  Also, I cannot defrag my drive to not enough space, yet I really do not have much on my hard drive so do not know what to do there either.  PLEASE HELP ME QUICKLY- BEFORE I LOO

Install issues with WebStudio- .NET framework 4.0.3 not installed

I downloaded a trial version of WebExpression and it won't install XSetup.exe - NET Framword Initializaiton Error. To run this application you first must install one of the following versions of the .NET framework: v 4.0.30319.  I have .NET  Framework 4 Extended installed.  What more do I need to do?  Can anyone help?  I am running on  Vista Home Premium 2007 - Service Pace 1

Datetime issues in Entity Framework in subqueries


I'm bonking my head against the wall trying to resolve this.

I've got three tables - Widgets, Users, and Subscriptions. I have a one-to-many reference set up between Users and Subscriptions since users can have multiple subscription, and a many-to-one between Widgets and Users.

What I'm trying to do is populate a gridview of widgets. Widgets have (only) one user, and those users may or may not have a subscription that's in the same category as that widget. So I've got

Widgets has a category_ID and user_ID (the owner)

Users have a user_ID and a name

Subscriptions have an expiration date, category_ID, and user_ID

Now before in LINQ to SQL I was doing something like

from c in dataContext.Widgets
let sub_days_left = (from d in dataContext.subscriptions
  where d.category == c.category
  && d.user_table.user_ID == c.user_table.user_ID
  select d.expiration_date).Single()
select new
  days_left = sub_days_left == null ? 0.0 : (sub_days_left - DateTime.Now).TotalDays

So I'm converting this all to Entity Framework and obviously TotalDays can't be used. So I'm trying to figure out how to accomplish this. I don't want to do an .AsEnumberable or .ToList() so that I can use Linq

Net Framework 4 blocking issue


Problem: cannot install .net 4 full installer (from the MS download site)


Current net installs: 1.0,1.1 sp1,2.0 sp1,3.0 sp1 and 3.5 sp1

>net 4 previously installed? NO

error: Setup cannot continue because a previous installation requires your computer to be restarted. Please restart your computer and rerun Setup.


the .net cleanup utility, ms office cleanup utility, ccleaner

removed all the exisiting net installs and ran the above tools again


Visual Studio is NOT installed.

I am admin on the PC, though I am connected thru remote desktop when doing the install


at a lost on what to do  next


thank you!

Managed Addin Framework UI Issues


Problem #1: An add-in UI cannot be rotated, scaled, skewed because of which the UI from addin is not getting contained in the container because of which it is blocking the controls.

Problem #2: When focus shifts between controls in an add-in UI, the GotFocus and LostFocus events are neither received nor raised by the host application because of which addin UI sometimes seen on top of other CONTROLS and get refreshed on Mousemove.

Multiple database support with Entity Framework

One of the features introduced in Entity Framework is being database independent. Which mean each database provider can support Entity Framework by implementing its provider.

This feature allows you build applications independent from the underplaying database provider. In this post I'm going to show how to build an application that support multiple databases using same conceptual model made by Entity Framework.

IP Address Blocking or Restriction in SQL Server

"is it possible to block connections to SQL Server based on IP address". As far as now there is no official way in SQL Server to block the connections in SQL Server based on IP address. However this can be done from the OS end, we have the following three options available, refer HERE for more.

.RRAS IP Filter

Creating a Generic Entity Framework 4.0 Repository

With .NET 4.0 right around the corner, I thought it would be cool to download Visual Studio 2010 beta 2 and start playing around with the next release of Entity Framework.

The initial release of Entity Framework came with a great deal of criticism. To make matters worse, there was a large uproar when it was rumored that Microsoft would be abandoning LINQ to SQL, in favor of Entity Framework. This was because, at the time, many developers felt Entity Framework was an inferior technology to LINQ to SQL. To set things right, Microsoft proactively moved forward with improving Entity Framework, in time for the 4.0 release of the .NET Framework. This is good news because my initial impressions, so far, have been nothing but positive.

ASP.NET 4.0 Dynamic Data and Many to Many Entity Framework Entities

I did not play much with Dynamic Data controls in VS2008 and just made a cool discovery in VS2010 Beta 2. This may not even be new, but as I'm sitting 30,000+ feet over the Atlantic ocean, I don't have access to VS2008 at the moment to check.

Entity Framework 4 Tips for WinForms Development

I've been recently working on a smart client (WinForms) application backed by Entitiy Framework 4 (EF4) on Visual Studio 2010. In this blog post I will try to give you some tips regarding some limitations and points to be careful about EF4.

Bar Code Scanners with the .NET Compact Framework

Summary: Learn how to make your applications use bar code scanners in a generic way-ndependent of the specific bar code scanners that are used on different devices. Using the design patterns Façade and Factory, the implementation not only supports multiple bar code scanners, but it also makes it easy to add support for other bar code scanners. After a brief discussion about bar code scanners and the bar code scanner pattern, a download code sample, written in C#, demonstrates the use of the pattern and technologies.

Serial Communication with the .NET Compact Framework

Learn how to make your applications communicate over a serial port and how to handle common issues when implementing serial solutions. After a general discussion about serial communication and a common serial communication standard, this article demonstrates a practical use of the technologies through sample source code written in C#.

.net 4 framework getelementbyid for javascript without clientid


I thought I heard we would be able to get the value of an asp:textbox by id with javascript in the .net 4 framework? was I mistaken? if not does anyone know the syntax?

Cannot find ASP.NET tab on IIS6+2003,how to choose .NET framework 4.0?


Hi all,

I just wanna setup a .net framework 4.0 on my VPS for a new site. While I could not find the ASP.NET tab on properties. I did some research find some similar problems but haven't fixed it yet.

Any suggestion would helpful.



Problem with .net framework ! PLZ HELP !


This is how my Add / Remove Window looks like...

Recently i installed Visual Studio 2008 where

all these components got installed automatically...

Now the problem i face is...



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