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Windows Designer Question

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 02, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF

I am new to WPF and i have downloaded the trial versions of the Microsoft C# Express.
I created a new project and on the Windows i tried to drag and drop more than more control it would not allow me to.
But when i added a Grid Control it lets me add more than one control to the Window ? Why is this so ?

Also whenever i runt the application and return to the designer pane it shows me a message saying that "An assembly or related document has been updated
which requires the designer to be reloaded.Click here to reload". Can somebody explain this to me.

Any help is greatly appreciated cos i am just learning WPF.

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Visual Studio closes itself by opening aspx-Page designer after Windows Update


Hey Guys,

I've a problem with my Visual Studio.

On the 13th of August 2010 i installed a Windows update on my vista sp2 pc. For this date my Visual Studio 2008 sp 1 always has closed itself by opening an aspx-page in designer view. There is no error message just closing the window. I restored a backup of my windows from the time before updating it and it helped, i could open aspx pages in the design view till the update has been installed again automatically after rebooting the pc. I can't disable windows updates, cause it's my pc at work and safety is very important. I hope you could help me out of this disaster.



Designer crashes sometimes because application path becomes C:\Windows\system32

Sometimes VS crashes as it seems to execute the WPF designer in its directories or C:\Windows\system32. Sometimes it works fine as we can preview saved settings in the Designer. I have set application path as follows : ConfigFile = Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, "mixer.ser");<br/> When VS crashes I accept to debug it, the exception is : {"Access to the path 'C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual Studio 10.0\\Common7\\IDE\\mixer.ser' is denied."}    System.Exception {System.UnauthorizedAccessException} ... or c:\windows\system32 Any ideas on how to fix this ?   Thank you !

Question about WCF Service hosted in Windows Service

Hi, I have little experience with WCF and working on a projet that requires WCF Service instance to run 24x7. After searching for a solution and reading about WCF, I think if I host it under Windows Service I can have a single instance of WCF Service running 24x7. Is this correct? I just successfully ran the MSDN sample project that hosts CalculatorService in Windows Service. I realized that Windows Service cannot communicate with WCF Service it is hosting (I do not have any experience with writing Windows Service). I wrote a test function (public) in Windows Service and tried to call it from WCF Service but it did not appear in the Intellisense list. Is my assumption correct or is there a way to establish communication between Windows Service and its hosted WCF Service? Thanks. kr

Query Designer question

I am not sure where to post this question, so I guess it is here: I have a VERY large query that joins quite a few tables. I am using the graphical designer to get the tables all linked together. However the graphical designer seems to place the order of the tables in a random order resulting in a hodge podge of left and right joins.   In the graphical designer, is there a way to order the from clause?

WPF Designer not displaying controls in the toolbox VS2008 Prof Edn running on Windows 7

My Version Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Version 9.0.30729.4462 QFE Microsoft .NET Framework Version 3.5 SP1 I have windows 7 home premium running on my machine I installed Visual C# 2008 Express Edn with SP1 first I got that running I then installed rest of the Express components including SQL. I then installed Visual Studio 2008 Prof Edn with .Net 3.5 SP1 I then installed .Net 4.0 I run two instance of  C# IDEs. The Pro End and the Express Edn. Both Express/Prof C# versions display controls in toolbox for Windows Forms correctly. I only have problems with controls in toolbox for WPF in VS 2008 Prof Edn. My Scenario : When I use Express Edition the design view of the WPF Designer, it displays the toolbox with controls populated for WPF that I can use. When I use Pro Edition the design view of the WPF Designer, it displays the toolbox with  NO controls visible for WPF  that I can use.  The toolbox has only  "general" tab with the words "not usable controls....". If I do a show all it does show controls but they are disabled/read only. When I look at the Tools -> Choose Toolbox Item , I get the tools dialog box. Inside the box within the WPF Components TAB all controls are not ticked/selected. If I tick the Button Control and select OK, the control does not appear on the toolbox. I have done reset Toolbox no change. I

Windows forms important question

Hi, I have a windows forms application with a number of forms. I have added a new form to it and now i want this form to appear first at runtime. Actually the new form that i added is a mainn menu form so that is why i wanted it to appear first at runtime. Please tell me how can i make this main menu form to appear first at runtime. Thank you, Syed

WPF Designer failing to load in Windows 7 (x64)

I have a new, "Clean" install of Windows 7 x64 edition (hard drive re-format and all).  Installed VS 2008 + SP1 from teh MSDN DVD's.  I do have a couple of third party component sets installed.  I've searched for the errors I'm getting, and based on the common responses, I have :

1) Removed and re-installed Visual Studio.  THis changed the message, but still fails.  I did not note the first message, sorry.
2) Do not have silverlight installed (unless it comes automagically with Windows 7)
3) Have never installed any beta versions of SP1
4) Tried removing third party components.  No effect.

If I now create a brand new, empty WPF project, and try to open the designer on the main dialog, I receive the following exception :

Could not load file or assembly 'WindowsBase, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=31bf3856ad364e35' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.
   at MS.Internal.Package.VSIsolationProviderService.RemoteReferenceProxy.Initialize(DefaultDomainProxy proxy)
   at MS.Internal.Package.VSIsolationProviderService.RemoteReferenceProxy.Initialize(DefaultDomainProxy proxy)
   at MS.Internal.Package.VSIsolationProviderService.CreateIsolationProvider(String identity, Assemb

General question: Using the VS Designer vs. the Source Code

I just finished Sams Teach Yourself ASP.Net in 24 Hours. I am now going through the Data tutorials here. I am a beginner at ASP.Net. One thing that I am having a little bit of trouble with is the idea that I am using the Designer in Visual Studio for just about everything except for a few code tweaks. I used to do a lot of HTML, JavaScript and CSS. I even did some programming (PowerBuilder). So, I am used to writing/typing code instead of using a Designer. (I always liked writing web pages in a text editor.) When I look at the code generated by the Designer in Visual Studio, I can understand what is going on there. But, to sit down and write that code instead of using the Designer to me seems impossible. There is just so much there. From what I understand, ASP.Net and Visual Studio were created to help streamline the code writing process. I suppose if I was used to writing VB code to create applications I might look at this from a different angle. But, I am learning ASP.Net using the VS Designer. Any comments or suggestions from experienced coders? I really don't want to have a battle between people who use the Designer and the Source Code editor. I am just hoping for some comments that will help newbies. Thanks.

Sharepoint Designer 2007 Not showing files in windows 7.

We have some machines running Win7 Pro and SP2007 for general web editing. We are having a problem when we go to insert pictures or browse for a dynamic template, or anything using an insert command. What happens is it brings up the insert window and shows the folder structure but we are unable to see the files in the folders. We have tried compatibility mode and run as administrator options and have had no luck.... If anyone has any ideas id be glad to hear them.

sql 2008 installation question, windows installer version check?


sql 2008 installed, but didn't get pop up for windows installer 4.5, though intallation complete, but still wants to confirm the windows installer version, however, the windows 2008 seems not like w2k3 to show all windows components you installed, I only see .net 3.5sp1 on the appwiz.cpl

Question about SharePoint Designer and master pages on a Win2008 Server running IIS but not SharePoi


We have a website that is in ASP form and wish to convert it to ASP.NET on a new server that is running Windows Server 2008.  Maintenance on the existing site is done via Frontpage.  Since Windows Server 2008 does not use Frontpage extensions we want to shift to SharePoint Designer.  We do have SharePoint MOSS2007 but can't afford additional licenses right now so we have to stick with ASP.NET  I would like to take advantage of master pages to consolidate a large number of include files but I haven't found anything on working with master pages via SharePoint Designer unless it is on a SharePoint server.

Is it possible to have the core of the site in the form of an ASP.NET master page developed in Visual Studio 2007 but with content pages created in SharePoint Designer?  If it is possible can you help me get started?

Thanks in advance!

Question about SharePoint Designer 2010 and Basic Authentication


I am trying to connect to an Office SharePoint Server 2010 on an external domain that is using Basic Authentication ... it won't prompt me for a username/password and doesn't do anything when I try to connect (even if I have a browser already logged in). If I switch it back to NTLM is opens fine and I can access the site.

Locally on our domain, if I try to access a server using Basic Authentication I get an error on the URL telling me 'The folder name is not valid'.

Any ideas on how to get around this would be greatly appreciated.



a class made from SPmetal breaks windows form designer


I created a reportviewer windows form and it builds fine.

When I add a class file made by SPMetal to the project, VS complains that "Error 1 'VacationReport.Form1.Dispose(bool)': no suitable method found to override D:\VacationReport\Form1.Designer.cs 14 33 VacationReport"

Any one knows why?

Ofer Gal

Sharepoint designer in Windows 7


Can we invoke Sharepoint Designer from visual studio in Windows 7 environment rather than setting up MOSS 2007.

Is there any way to call sharepoint designer 2007 from visual studio and implement a 3 state workflow.

Teja Polapragada.

Hiding an activity in the windows workflow designer

Is there a way to hide an activity in the worflow designer even though that activity is part of a larger composite activity?


I have three activities: a, b, and c
Activity a performs function a
Activity b performs function b
Activity c performs function c

I have created a composite activity called activity abNc.  This activity performs the following steps:
function a
function b N times (specified in a loop activity)
function c

These three small activities can be reused in many other composite activities but really have no use to the end user by themselves.  The larger activity has a custom designer associated so the smaller activities do not appear when activity abNc is on the canvas. 

So I'm looking for a way to hide the activities in the available activities tree.  I've tried using the DesignTimeVisibileAttribute without success.  Does this not work because of the answer to this post: http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/windowsworkflowfoundation/thread/2ac10f8f-3582-4935-b72a-04bc6439a4aa
Or is there some other way to accomplish this that I'm overlooking?  Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Windows Forms Databinding question


  I have a custom control (extended TextBox) that I added Ghost text functionality to.

Essentially if the text value is empty, the textbox displays the ghost message in a light gray color in the textbox.
If the 
ghost message is displayed and the user sets focus to the TextBox, the Text value is then reset to empty string.

My problem comes into play when databinding the textbox Text field. If the user clears the text form the TextBox then the value that is updated to the binding source is the ghost message. I don't want that, I am wondering if there is a way to interrupt the binding source update value, and inject an empty string instead of the ghost message.

I hope I explained it effectively, any help would be appreciated.

How to host Workflow Designer in Windows Forms


I want to host windows workflow foundation designer into windows forms so that our client can use this designer to change his design according to his needs in the future once project is completed.

But I am not getting the idea of designer hosting and which functionalities to provide while re-hosting workflow which is designed in Visual Studio.

I want to re-host the same workflow designed in visual studio in Windows Forms.


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