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subtotals in MDX

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server



I have very simple situation but don't know how to define subtotatls creating MDX calculation.

There is such situation displayed bellow:

Document No

Product dim

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SSRS2008 Sort columns by row Subtotals

Hi! Have problem with sort some data report. Use Tablix in report, where have Total, Month, Subtotal, Week, Day as ROWS and City as COLUMN. In data cell there is SaleAmount. So in Subtotal and Total there is SUM(SaleAmount) for every City - properly view because of grouping. I'm wondering how to make parameter for sorting data in this report, where have to choose 1.Sort WeekSale 2.Sort MonthSale greets Tomek

Datagrid for subtotals

        protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)    {         // TODO: Update the ConnectionString to connect to you Own SQL server.        SqlConnection MyConnectionString = new SqlConnection("Data Source=W2003-VM1-MK;Initial Catalog=EC Transfer Station Inventory;Integrated Security=True");         SqlDataAdapter MyCommandText = new SqlDataAdapter("Select division_code,INV_date,isnull(cd_ic,0) cd_ic,isnull(ici_ic,0) ici_ic,isnull(resi_ic,0) resi_ic,isnull(other_ic,0) other_ic,isnull(gross_rev_tot_ic,0) gross_rev_tot_ic,isnull(cd_tp,0) cd_tp,isnull(ici_tp,0) ici_tp,isnull(resi_tp,0) resi_tp,isnull(other_tp,0) other_tp,isnull(gross_rev_tot_tp,0) gross_rev_tot_tp,convert(numeric,str(isnull(cd_ic,0),7,2))+convert(numeric,str(isnull(ici_ic,0),7,2))+convert(numeric,str(isnull(resi_ic,0),7,2))+convert(numeric,str(isnull(other_ic,0),7,2)) TOT_ic,convert(numeric,str(isnull(cd_tp,0),7,2))+convert(numeric,str(isnull(ici_tp,0),7,2))+convert(numeric,str(isnull(resi_tp,0),7,2))+convert(numeric,str(isnull(other_tp,0),7,2)) TOT_tp from INCOMING_INVENTORY where division_code='609'", MyConnectionString);           DataSet ds = new DataSet();   

Gridview Subtotals and totals


my table has div code, inventory date, landfill name , no of tonnes and total tonnes for a particular division and month tht the user selects

i need to display data such as show below as a sample:-

Division Month   day Landfill Name No Of Loads Total tonnes
000        August  1     Niagara            10                   5
000        August  2     Niagara            10                   5
000        August  3     Niagara            10                   5
000        August  4     Niagara            10       &nb

SSRS2005 Matrix - showing Subtotals but not details


Please help. I have an SSRS report showing weekly sales per store from 2007 to current. It should show only last 3 weeks of sales, YTD and Total Since 2007

            Week -8/28/10   Week - 9/4/10 Week - 9/11/10     Total

                                                                                     YTD    Total Since 2007


102             89                         157                    86           3,9

SPD: Getting subtotals for items in a sub view.


SPD: I have two lists: Customers and Services. Customers is the "Parent List", and may have multiple values in the "Services" list, but should only have one per year. The entire report is restricted to one year, so that should not be an issue. I have my dvwp all set up, and am able to display one line per customer, and group as needed. My only sticking point is that I cannot get the subtotals or totals for a field in the subview. The field I need to subtotal on is "TotalMoney".

I am thinking that an XPath Formula field is the way to go, but I am not getting anywhere. I feel I'm on the right track, but am stuck. Something like this:

sum(/dsQueryResponse/ChildList/Rows/Row[@ParentIDSavedinChildList= /dsQueryResponse/ParentList/Rows/Row/@ID]  AND [/dsQueryResponse/ChildList/Rows/Row[@GroupedField= /dsQueryResponse/ParentList/Rows/Row/@GroupedField)/@TotalMoney

I know that is not in the correct format. I'm not sure how to throw an "and" clause in there, or even if it's possible. Thoughts? The only ideas that I have kind of stink. May a separate report for each grouping. Create a calculated field for each potential grouping (a total nightmare).

Thoughts? Please? I'll give you chocolate or beer - your choice :)


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