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SharePoint Tasks and Lotus

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
Can Lotus manage SharePoint tasks?  We have Outlook and Lotus users; if I assign tasks, will they all receive them and will they work properly (as tasks)?

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Email this Post in SharePoint Blog is not working for Lotus Notes 6.5


I have tried "Email this Post" in a SharePoint blog. I got the email as desired, but the doesnot resolve the post.

Here are the link examples:

I got the link in email as mentioned below:


But i should get as below to resolve the link:


Any ideas?


Interoperability for SharePoint Server 2007 and Lotus Notes or Lotus Domino

Learn the standards, technologies, and techniques to use the capabilities of SharePoint Server 2007 in conjunction with those of IBM Lotus Notes and IBM Lotus Domino.

Sharepoint Calender and Tasks

Hi friends, Thanks for your previous responses, now i ahve a problem with sharepoint 2010 calender and tasks. My site designed on formbase authentication.Is there any option  to configure calender and tasks to Outlook 2003. I added Calender As well Tasks webparts to my page and i gave Exchange server url and mailbox in the webpart properties  First time it was connected, when i connected second time it was giving error is Access denied. And is there any other way to configure to outlook. Could you please any one help me ,to find the solution. Solution must be appriciated........ Thanks Prasad

SharePoint Tasks - cannot see tasks

Hello, I am very very new to share point and I am having a problem with share point tasks. Because I am not sure if what I did is right I will first write the problem and after it will write the other things I did (that are working fine). We are a chain of stores and we would like to assign 1 tasks to multiple stores in the same time. Each store has more than one user so I created a group. When I am assiging a task to this group I cannot see the task at their tasks. This is very logical because there is no connection between the task I created for the store to the group of the store. So basically my problem is that I want to be able to assign a task to the group that I created but I cannot see this task in the group.   This is how I solved it for my calendar: For the calendar option I created a calendar list and gave permission to the group of the store, now that store can see that calendar and everyone can email new calendar events to this calendar. So basically if I will have a email address for the tasks it will solve it but I do not have. So what I need is somehow to have a task for the group which I didn't find the option.   Am I doing something wrong? Thank you very much.  

Quest lotus notes to sharepoint 2010 migration

Hi, I am using Quest tool for migrating from notes to SharePoint 2010. However, i cannot find any method using which I could validate the integrity of the migrated data which could be a problem when a large number of databases are in the picture. Also, is it possible to migrate the various views in a notes database to sharepoint, instead of selecting just a single view (using Quest) ? Waiting for replies!!      

SharePoint Server 2010 - E-Mail Alerts on Tasks

I want an e-mail alert to be sent to the user I assign to a task in a Task List web part. I'm going to be assigning tasks to everyone in my organization (200+) so I don't want to setup alerting for all of them or for an AD group. How can I do this?  Should I use SharePoint designer or will I need managed code? TIA  

synchronize sharepoint tasks to outlook tasks

Several of our power users are using the sharepoint tasks list with outlook synchronization for offline capabilities. This setup is working just fine for the default columns.
The problem is they need more information to be available offline.
We're running MOSS2007 SP2 and the users have a mix of office 2007 and 2010.
The best solution would be to add custom columns to both the sharepoint and outlook tasks list. I looked in to this and figured out this approuch isn't going to work. Adding a custom column makes it a custom list with can't be synchronized.
The kb article also tells me there is li

SharePoint Logs for Site creation and Deletion - Common Administration tasks


Is it possible to get logs of SharePoint 2010 Site creation and deletion like Admin job logs in the Web Analytics ? Else where can I get a report of that ?


Kindly help.

SharePoint 2010 Workflow - Creating multiple tasks

I'm working on a SharePoint 2010 workflow which will assign multiple tasks to a list of users.

I'm using the Multiple Tasks webcast from Scot Hillier as a guideline
http://www.shillier.com/archive/2010/08/04/Creating_Multiple_and_Parallel_Tasks%20_in_SharePoint_2010_Workflow.aspx, but I cant' get the workflow to work. 

I've created the custom activity to create a single task, and used a replicator to start the this custom activity for every user.
However, the sub-activities in my custom activity are not shown(as opposed to webcast).

 public class CreateSingleTaskActivity : SequenceActivity
        public Guid SPTaskId = default(Guid); 
        public string SPTaskOutcome = default(String);
        public SPWorkflowTaskProperties SPTaskProperties = new SPWorkflowTaskProperties();
        public SPWorkflowTaskProperties SPAfterProperties = new SPWorkflowTaskProperties();
        public SPWorkflowTaskProperties SPBeforeProperties = new SPWorkflowTaskProperties();
        public Guid TaskStatusFieldId = new Guid("FCA4FCB5-503C-4e9f-AC62-CD79EB

I am new to sharepoint.. Migrating Lotus notes to sharepoint


I am trying to connect Lotus notes data to sharepoint using web services.   After connecting to the database, I am not able to creaate "New Read List Operation"

1) At least one field should be spefied ( Not able to check fields)

2) Cannot find collection element of specified type.........

Something wrong in the connection ?

Pl find WSDL file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

- <definitions targetNamespace="urn:DefaultNamespace" xmlns="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/wsdl/" xmlns:apachesoap="ht

[Sharepoint 2007] How to loop few tasks/activities in Visual studio workflow designer ?


Hi all,

I would like to create a workflow which have 3 tasks.

First the workflow create a task and assigned this task to a user. The user has to choose 4 dates in the year.

For each date chosen of the year two tasks will be created. The first task will ask the user to arrange a meeting.

When the first task has been completed a second task is assigned to the user asking for some feedback of the meeting.


How can i loop these 4 dates easily ?




SharePoint tasks can be completed by any user.

Hi all,
I have a workflow made in SPD that assigns tasks to users just fine, but the problem is any user can go into the task and edit and complete it.  I tried all sorts of different permissions but the only one that seems to work is changing permissions on a per task level.  Is there any persmission level on the root that allows only the assigned user to complete and edit the task or is there a way to automatically have the task switch it's permissions to only let the assigned user edit it?

Thank you for your help on this clearly noobish question.

Sharepoint lists, tasks and notifications


Hello, I have moss list, that have field "person".

What I want: to assign tasks and send notifications to users, that were shown in the "person" field, when new list item was created.

SharePoint tasks list in Outlook, displaying all assignments

Has anyone else seen this!? 

We are regularly seeing hundreds of Task updates occurring within SharePoint, where people are apparently updating tasks that have nothing to do with them. 

The cause appears to be people apparently randomly, but I have my doubts on this, having SharePoint tasks lists appear synchronised in Outlook. 

This is not really a bad thing until you realise that the tasks it shows are for everyone not just yourself, so peoples natural instinct is to delete the tacks that aren’t assigned to them. This triggers the update emails and a lot of confusion. 

Is there setting somewhere in Outlook/Exchange/Sharepoint that controls the filter of the synchronised tasks lists? 

Any pointers/clues gratefully received. 


How to associate Pages and Workflow Tasks in SharePoint 2007?


Hi All,

I had a workflow attached in SharePoint Pages, it triggered on page submit for approval,

the workflow tasks and history is stored in Workflow Tasks List.

Now I want associate items in Pages and Workflow Tasks,

then show in a table consists of columns like Title, Approval Status, Priority, Version and etc.

e.g: able to get Approval Status and Page version from item in Workflow Task

I noticed title and ID not able to link the relationship between Pages and Workflow Tasks.

Any idea how to "link" both together? either by programmatically or DataView WebPart

Please help, thank you.

Can SharePoint tasks lists be used with Outlook 2010


I have been using a SharePoint site task list (believe it is WSS 3.0) and connecting it with Outlook 2007 with no issues.  We have recently upgraded to Windows 7 and Outlook 2010 and when I connect any of my task lists (have tried several sites) they are now in read-only mode.  Are there any issues with Outlook 2010 and using task lists from WSS 3.0?

Regards - Carolyn

Show Sharepoint list tasks within the overarching To-do list in Outlook 2007



Is it possible to show Sharepoint list items in the overarching To-do list in Outlook 2007? (the one showing all tasks independent on which list it is in) I have no filters applied and can yet not see them.

Is this pending on some setting in Outlook? 

Any help on this topic would be greatly appreciated!



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