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Watermark in mvc

Posted By:      Posted Date: October 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Hi All,

I am new to Asp.net MVC. I want to show watermark in textboxfor where there is no data.

But I am not getting.

Please anybody help me

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watermark textbox using Ajax control

This is pretty simple compared to jquery. Since we need refer a dll only. we dont want any script for this. we just include that reference into our website.

probel in using ajax textbox watermark effect

Hi I have been trying to use ajax in my asp .net website developed in 3.5 sp1 2008! The problem is I can see tool kit controls in my tool box but i can not use the controls. like i was using the text box watermark effect but when i run the website the text-box does not show effect and there is no option in text box to add extender. there is only remove extender option. I have code:   <asp:ScriptManager ID="ScriptManager2" runat="server">                </asp:ScriptManager>        <asp:UpdatePanel ID="UpdatePanel1" runat="server">             <ContentTemplate>                                 First name:                 <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox1" CssClass="unwatermarked" Width="150" runat="server" />                 <ajaxToolkit:TextBoxWatermarkExtender ID="TextBoxWatermarkExtender1" runat="server&

Watermark in MVC

I wants watermark text in the textbox field. But the datas are coming from viewmodel. I passed my data using value field, but its not work well. How can i set watermark text in MVC? give ur comments Please see my code as below ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- <div id="hformmn">                        <%= Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.FirstName, new {value="firsname", @class = "hcontifield",@title="firstname" })%>                        <%= Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.FirstName)%>                        <%= Html.TextBoxFor(model => model.LastName, new { value = "lastname", @class = "hcontifield", @title = "lastname" })%>                        <%= Html.ValidationMessageFor(model => model.LastName)%>         &nb

watermark disappears after lost focus - using asp.net ajaxcontroltookit

i am having trouble keeping the watermark on the textbox. its very first time when the page loads i see the watermark and if i focus the textbox and move away from textbox than the watermark disappears. how do i make sure that watermark is there after i lost focus from the textbox?<asp:TextBox ID="txtSubject" runat="server" Width="280px"  CausesValidation="false"></asp:TextBox>  <ajaxToolkit:TextBoxWatermarkExtender ID="TBWE1" runat="server" Enabled="true" TargetControlID="txtSubject"   WatermarkCssClass="watermark" WatermarkText="Find by Subject">  </ajaxToolkit:TextBoxWatermarkExtender>  

Date maskedEdit with watermark doesn't update on invalid date


I'm trying to use the TextBoxWatermarkExtender with MaskedEditExtender/Validator and have found a bug (I think).

In the textbox I enter an invalid date such as 55-55-5555 and exits the textbox. I would then expect the watermark to be shown, but it doesn't. Instead the prompchar is shown (like __-__-____).

If I simply give focus to the textbox and then another control, the watermark is shown.

Is there a workaround such as manually force the TextBoxWatermarkExtender to update.

I'm not the best with javascript, I tried to call focus() and blur() on the textbox in the textbox's onBlur event using window.setTimeout. This works in Firefox, but not IE8, also there has to be a better way I think :-)

            <asp:TextBox ID="TextBox5" runat="server" MaxLength="1" onBlur=""/>
            <asp:ImageButton ID="ImgBntCalc" runat="server" ImageUrl="~/images/Calendar_scheduleHS.png" CausesValidation="False" />

        <ajaxToolkit:TextBoxWatermarkExtender ID="TBWE2" run

watermark in InkCanvas



is there a way to get watermark text/image on inkCanvas?


Adding dynamic watermark to SharePoint 2010 document when open? (on browser view)


hi all,

In Sharepoint 2010, how to adding dynamic watermark to word 2010 when opening?

I thinking,

may be just need configure in sharepoint 2010?

or need sharepoint develop?


What you guys think? Any thoughts are welcome!

Thank you!


Adding watermark or text to images on uploading or displaying


Is there a way to process images once uploaded to my asp.net site, to put a watermark or some text across the image to copyright the images? I would like to do this server-side if possible.

The other option I have discovered here (http://wpglamour.com/how-to-watermark-all-your-uploaded-images/) would be to store the images as they are on the server, but to manipulate the display so it appears the image is watermarked . However, this solution is in PHP. Does anyone know a good PHP to VB.NET translator?! Or does anyone have a good suggested link, idea or code? Or can I add PHP to my ASP.NET site?

watermark textbox



how can i create a watermark textbox?

i saw here a link that suppose to answer this question, but the link is not good...




DB Image (Save/Retrieve/Watermark)






Wondering if anyone could help me here

I need to create a database in SQL2005 on a webserver (manually (not in code)), have registered users upload an image to a webserver not overwriting if the filename already exists but to append if required

Weekly, I wish to review the uploaded images in the uploaded folder, create a user & add the image(s) into the database programmatically for all users to be able to search

When the image(s) are in the database & are searched or shown (ex: profile shown with all those details/pics displayed but before displaying the pics on the form to watermark them. However, a profile could have 1 pick or it could have 20. I would like to have for example 4 pics being shown then the user to click next till the end of the recordset. Then do the same for another profile...

Uploading the file is fine but not to append if exists then maybe I should have an upload date as the filename (haven't decided)


Any help in VB.NET would be hugely appreciated


Thanks to all in advance

Batch Auto Watermark With Images


Hello all, I do not know if this is common knowledge or not but when I was trying to resolve this issue for myself I found a lack of decent documentation on what I was trying to achieve. I have since figured this issue out and would like to share the solution with the net so that it may possibly be of use to someone somewhere at some point.

My problem was that we have about 100gb of jpegs and some customers want physical copies of all our images, and before we can give them to the customer they must all be manually watermarked. This takes, as you'd imagine, a really long time for one, or many unlucky people in production. The main folder contains hundreds of sub folders, some with sub folders in sub folders to an unknown depth. All of the jpegs in these folders must be watermarked, and the folder structure must remain intact and copied to a destination folder specified by an employee.

This code will give you the ability to select a parent folder. All of the jpg images, and all of the images in the sub directories, will be copied to the specified destination directory. The source folder structure will be retained and copied to the destination directory. Only images will be copied from the source directory to the destination directory. The code essentially copies the source directory and all of the image contents to the folder you want, and in the process

how to watermark image


hi everyone,

i am trying to watermark my image with logo....for that i am using this function...but i get no watermarked image...

can you tell me what is wrong with this piece of code...

     public Bitmap AddWatermark(Bitmap bImg, Bitmap logo)

        Bitmap imgPhoto = bImg;
        int phWidth = imgPhoto.Width;
        int phHeight = imgPhoto.Height;

        //create a Bitmap the Size of the original photograph
        Bitmap bmPhoto = new Bitmap(phWidth, phHeight, PixelFormat.Format24bppRgb);

        bmPhoto.SetResolution(imgPhoto.HorizontalResolution, imgPhoto.VerticalResolution);

        //load the Bitmap into a Graphics object
        Graphics grPhoto = Graphics.FromImage(bmPhoto);

        //create a image object containing the watermark
        System.Drawing.Image imgWatermark = logo;

how to watermark image with logo


hi everyone,

i just need a sample example for watermarking image only with logo...

plz help

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