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Posted By:      Posted Date: October 01, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

SealedHi Tutor's ..............

I want to  dotnet c# and vb.net  webapplication  materials and sample source code where can can i get it...................... please tell me any one

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Beginner's book for ado.net 2.0



Can anyone suggest me a book for beginners in ADO.NET 2.0 ? 

Beginner: this doesn't make sense to me


Do you need and "empty" script tag in the head to run scripts that are in the body?  Also, can you run JQuery scripts if they're in the <head> tag?  The first sample only works if the JQuery script is in the form (and body) tag, not in the head - even if I add $(document).ready(function() { });

This works

<head runat="server">
<script type="text/javascript" src="http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/1.4.2/jquery.min.js" />
<script type="text/javascript">
<form id="form1" runat="server">
<a href="">Here is a link</a>
<script type="text/javascript">
$('a').click(function () {
alert("you clicked me!");


This doesn't work.  Notice I removed the second <script> tag from the head

<html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml">
<head runat="serve

Mobile beginner's inquiry


I've developed web applictions in VB in VS2005 pro and want to get started on developing mobile applications in VB now that I've upgraded to VS2010 pro.  It's proving to be more difficult to get off the ground than I expected.  It would seem that there have been several toolkits for developing mobile applications since NET 2.0 -- some obsolete -- and the web refences I've been going through seem to be a mishmash of broken links, circular references and dead ends.

When I click on toolbox -> choose toolbox items, all of the system.web.ui.mobilecontrols are there.  But they never turn up in my toolbox.  And I can't find a way of beginning a  mobile website project, either.  Nor can I find any examples of mobile ASP.NET development in either the samples included with VS2010 or online at http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/vstudio/dd238515.aspx

My needs are simple: can somebody tell me what additions or configuration changes I need to make to prepare my VS2010 setup for working with ASP.NET 4.0 mobile controls?  And once this is there any good tutorial for learning mobile website develpment that doesn't involve contracting with a third party?  How about a good book for learning the CURRENT tec

SharePoint Beginner

Hi What do I need to do to start developing in sharepoint locally? does it work like Visual Studio where I can develop a site locally and then deploy it to a server? what do I need to have installed on my PC?   Thanks in advance

I need a workflow triggered by a workflow...how do I design this? Beginner question

I've added the Approval workflow to a forms library and it generates the necessary tasks and emails for 2 levels (serial) of Approval on the form. When the form has been approved the 2nd time, I want it to trigger another workflow that notifies a 3rd person of the existence of the form and assigns her a separate non-approval task. I'm creating it in SharePoint Designer, and I can do most of it, but I'm not sure what field I'm looking for, at the beginning in order to start the workflow. Currently, there is no column for Approval Status in the form library, only a column that shows the status of the workflow (In Progress or Approved).  I tried If Workflow Status equals Approved then email.... but that didn't work. Any help is greatly appreciated.  I'm looking for the data source field and the list item field and value, I guess.  

Beginner question about eliminating Dups

I looked at a couple of links about eliminating dups. One  link suggested RowNUmber() function which is fine for 2005 (but I wanted something that would also work on 2000).  Another link was a MS article advising to select the dups into a temporary table. http://support.microsoft.com/kb/139444/en-us I found this article confusing, and I don't see why it suggests we need a holding table. So I propose this approach - is there any reason NOT to do it my way? (Is there a bug here I'm overlooking?) IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM sys.tables WHERE NAME = 'Facilities' ) DROP Table dbo.Facilities; CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Facilities] ( [ID] int IDENTITY, [FacNo] varChar(3) , [theState] varchar(2) ) INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('1', 'FL') INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('7', 'FL') INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('25', 'FL') --- DUPLICATE THE FIRST THREE ROWS INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('1', 'FL') INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('7', 'FL') INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('25', 'FL') -- ADD some new rows. INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('4', 'VA' ) INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('5', 'VA' ) INSERT INTO Facilities ([FacNo], theState)VALUES ('10','Va') INSERT INTO

Trying to build query using DISTINCT or GROUP BY...beginner here

Hi all, I have a table with the following format: instanceID    timeStamp  stepID 28B2D4FB-67F6-40CA-84A2-839BF3CC4B91 2010-09-07 20:36:32.807 1 28B2D4FB-67F6-40CA-84A2-839BF3CC4B91 2010-09-07 20:36:33.807 2 28B2D4FB-67F6-40CA-84A2-839BF3CC4B91 2010-09-07 20:36:34.807 3 ... EADD3AAA-5E93-4311-A844-9A7BE53A9606 2010-09-09 22:18:25.757 1 EADD3AAA-5E93-4311-A844-9A7BE53A9606 2010-09-09 22:18:26.773 2 so I need to build a query which will return 1 instanceID and all its stepIDs in one row. So the results would have to be something like this: instanceID    timeStamp  StepIDs 28B2D4FB-67F6-40CA-84A2-839BF3CC4B91 2010-09-07 20:36:32.807 1,2,3 EADD3AAA-5E93-4311-A844-9A7BE53A9606 2010-09-09 22:18:25.757 1,2 and if possible I would like to specify something like...bring me the data where 'timeStamp' > 2010-09-07 20:35 ps: I tried using DISCTINCT and GROUP BY but could not reach the desired results. Thank you!JCD

Permissions Beginner


Hi All,

I've been using basic SQL Server tools for a couple of years now and i'm having to administer my first database now.

I have a completely stand-alone machine with 2 user accounts - Admin and User.

I've developed 7 executable applications, 6 of which are available to the User and all 7 of which are available to the Admin.

I'm assuming that when the User runs one of the executables, the executable assumes the same access rights (i.e. at the moment, the application does not find the database). I Think I have set the User account up as a valid SQL Server Logon via the Security / Logins / New Login... option from the object explorer, however I'm not sure how to restrict them to only Insert, Select and Connect securables - it seems that all I can update is the securables for the server, not the database its self.

I would search the internet for the answer but I'm not sure of the specific terminology to search for.

Thanks in advance



Beginner in using Rest web services


Hi All,

I have a site that contains all the information about the employees of my company. They gae me documentatation to access. Please see below.

I am really confused.

1. Ask your  administrator to request a Service Account with appropriate privileges. - Done

2. Use your web browser to explore the read-only web services. Start by downloading the most
recent version of this document from the Documentation Resource. Next, view the Schema List
Resource to find your Schema Key(s), which is used by many other service resources.

(How can I do that???)

3. Consider installing the RESTTest Firefox Extension (a simple interface for testing readable and
writeable REST web services), available at http://www.xucia.com/#RestTest.
( I did installed the rest test but I dont know how to use it properly)

4. Find appropriate HTTP Connection sample code for your development platform.

I am able to connect to the site using the service account through the code.

but GET/POST request I dont know how can I make it if I dont know which webservice to retrieve

 Please help me.


Beginner question: Passing the output of one Activity to the Input of another


Hi, I am brand new to WF so forgive what might be a simple question.

I am creating multiple activities which will execute in a sequence and pass data down the chain.  I know that one way to do this is to set a context variable in the parent Sequence from Activity A, and then read this value in Activity B (thus the output of A is effectively the input of B).

I'm fine using this technique, but if there is a way to directly declare that the input of Activity B should be the output of Activity A, I'd prefer this.  I'm intrigued by this comment in the new Activity template:

        // If your activity returns a value, derive from CodeActivity<TResult>
        // and return the value from the Execute method.

What is the point of returning a value from an Activity?  Can this return value be read somehow by the next Activity in the sequence?  I'd like to set the input of Activity B to the return value (output) of Activity A.  How would I do this?


Mike Vargas

beginner validation: jquery vs javascript vs codebehind




I've a webform that has around 10 textboxes that are filled with information from an event trigered by combobox.  so far so good.  The thing is that I need  that some textboxes should be validated against the sum of values of others,  and according to that assign given values.  Other textboxes should have a value according to those sum and datefield values.  I haven't found validation controls for asp.net so I assume that I should to it with javascript or jquery.  My concern as asp.net beginner is what happens if the user disables javascript?  If I make it with codebehind I'll have to refresh the page many times as I have many controls to validate.  What can I do ?


thanks in advance.



Beginner question: get selected value of Html.DropDownList


Hi everyone, how are you doing!

I'm just started learning MVC 2. I went through the music store example (though I don't 100% get everything). Now I want to add some functions to the page to learn more. I added paging, and now I want to add search combo boxes (drop down lists). Basically, in the album list screen, I want to add 1 drop down list of genre. If user select 1 genre then click Search, the page should show all album of that genre only.

My problem is I don't know how to get the selected value of this drop down list. The approach I am using now is to get the selected value, then put it as parameter and redirect to Index (/StoreManager/Index?searchGerneId=x). I searched through many posts but couldn't find a solution that works for me. It is probably because I don't really get MVC yet and still try to do things the code-behind way. So please help me :) My code  for Index in Controller is below

public ActionResult Index(int pageNumber = 1, int searchGenreId = -1)
            var albums = from album in storeDB.Albums
                         join genre in storeDB.Genres on album.GenreId equals genre.GenreId
                         join artist in storeDB.Artists on album.ArtistId equals artist.ArtistId
                         orderby album.Title
                         select al

PrimaryKey Increment and Numbering problem (beginner)


I am new to Web Developer and SQL Express. My Question is about the numbering problem of Primary Key Index


<<Table Definition>>

                         [ColumnName]      [DataType]

(Primary Key)    ID                            int

                         Name                      nvarchar(150)


:set ID as the Primary Key,  set ID's property 

   Identity Specification = Yes

   (Is Identity)               = Yes

   Identity Increment     = 1

   Identity Seed             = 1


:I typed the data into the table through Web Developer

<<Show Table Data>>


Help for a beginner


Hi all,

I am a student with non IT back ground. I got a request from my client to develop a simple form with 10 data elements and store it in oracle table.

I have to use ASP.net to develop this application. I will appreciate if you can guide me to develop this simple application.

Sample code is very helpful.




SSAS Beginner Question

As the title states, I am new to SSAS. My question is related to my cube design which I think is incorrect. I have 3 tables, Invoices, invoice details and journal postings. Invoices holds the invoice number, invoice details is related to invoices by invoice number and holds the amount billed. Journal is also related to invoices by invoice number and holds the post date. when I browse my cube I select invoices.invoice number as rows and amt billed as columns. unfortunately, it is showing my the full sum for every row regardless of invoice number. Any ideas?

Total beginner question...sorry


Just started programming with ASP.net about a week ago.....  I'm trying to figure out why this isn't working....

I'm trying to retireve an image URL from a database.  They are saved as strings in the table (i.e. 20.jpg, 21.jpg, etc.).  When I have the images saved in the root folder, I can access them just fine with the following ItemTemplate repeater line....

<img src="<%#Eval("piclink")%>" />

Obviously, I don't want to have a whole mash of JPEG files sitting in my root directory.  I suppose I could just use an absolute path, but how would I go about using a relative one?  I tried this...

<img src="</pictures/%#Eval("piclink")%>" />   

And this....   

<img src="<../pictures/%#Eval("piclink")%>" />

And still get nothing.


Beginner MDX Question how do i get Last member with data

I'm pretty new to Mdx, and have only used it a few times before. So this is probably a really simple question.

First and foremost, I trying to get the Last Week with Data(or last completed week) from the system (it should be Week 9, which is 201009). 
Secondly, I need sums for the last 4 , 13, and 52 weeks. I tried using the LastPeriod function which seems to work perfectly, if only i could get the SUMS of these, instead of each period individually. How do i sum a last period? 
So it should look like this
LWK         L4WK         L13WK         L52WK
598          3000          12000          87000

Thanks for the help!

([Measures].[PL Gross Sales Amt], [Time].[Fiscal Week].&[201009]) ,
([Measures].[PL Gross Sales Amt] , LASTPERIODS (4,[Time].[Fiscal Week].&[201009])),
([Measures].[PL Gross Sales Amt], LASTPERIODS (13,[Time].[Fiscal Week].&[201009])),
([Measures].[PL Gross Sales Amt], LASTPERIODS (52,[Time].[Fiscal Week].&[201009]))
[Time].[Fiscal Year]
WHERE ([Source].[Sources].[Description].&[Posted Navision Sales], 
[Bill To Cust
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