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C++ Q&A: Do You Have a License for that GIF? PreSubclassWindow, EOF in MFC, and More

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

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MOSS 2007 License and Pricing

I just need a small help related to MOSS 2007 License and Pricing.

The scenario is that we have the following number of servers and users are 750.

# moss-SQl1 - (DB server 1)
# moss-SQl2 - (Mirrored DB server 2)
# moss-app -    (Application server)
# WFE1 -  (Web front end server 1)
# WFE2 -           (Web front end server 2)
# MOSS-SQLWITNESS –   (witness server for database mirroring)

To my understanding we need to purchase:
MOSS 2007 Server Licenses -- 2 @ 4424$
Enterprise CALs           -- 750 @ 75$ + 94$ for standard CAL

and it amounts to: 2 * 4424 + (75+94) * 750 =   8848 + 126750 = 135598$.

I think this calculation has gone wrong somewhere. Could you please correct me if I assumed anything wrong here.

One more question is: If we purchage one CAL, can this be used by only one user?

Thanks, Chandralekha

Whom to contact if OEM license cannot be activated?

Hi everoyne, This past weekend our only server had to be reinstalled due to a disk crash. Since I inherited this network without any documentation whatsoever, nor any software CDs. I had no other choice but make use of what I had at hand:  A set of Win  2003 Std edition from those packs that Microsoft provides to MOLP customers, I lent it from a friend. I did the install and did a restore, thank God it worked. My question is the about the Windows Server 2003 Std Edition License key code on the server side. This server was bought as OEM, to my understanding, since there is a 25-digit license product key sticker on this Dell PowerEdge 1800.During the installation I used this product key. After installation finished I received the message that I needed to type in another activation key because the key I used had been activated already. I chose to activate the key through the Internet. never chose to call Microsoft. What can I do to fix this? I'm running on a 30 days trial right now. Thanks in advanced!!!    

Cannot install Sharepoint Server 2010 "A previous installation has been detected with a license type

I'm trying to upgrade to Team Foundation Server 2010 and Project Server 2010. After getting TFS 2010 and Project Server 2007 to work with WSS 3.0, I started upgrade to Project Server 2010 which requires update to Sharepoint Server 2010 Enterprise. I installed pre-requisites and run "stsadm -o preupgradecheck" which passed everything. When I tried to run the installation I get Setup Warning "A previous installation has been detected with a license type that does not match the install in progress". I thought that my trial licence for Project Server 2007 stopped this so I completely uninstalled WSS 3.0 and restarted the server but the installation still stops with Upgrade window. Any ideas? Regards    mjsk

License Issue

I currently have 3 machines on my network loaded with Windows 7 Ultimate. I unfortunately only have a single license for this version. My tech got a little trigger happy when they saw Windows 7 Ultimate. Long story short, I have multiple licenses for Windows 7 Professional. The issue is that these people have been using Windows 7 Ultimate for a while but it's not a valid copy. I would like to get them over to Windows 7 Professional so that they have a legitmate licensed copy but I'm not sure how to do that without reloading their machine. Is there some type of tool to downgrade the OS version so I can get them licensed on Professional?

An error has occurred while trying to access the license validation key file. Please reinstall SQL S

I'm getting this error following installing SQL 2008 on a Windows 2008 R2 OS when trying to open SQL studio, can anyone offer explanation why this is occurring ?  I have installed SQL 2008 SP1. I see many others have also had this issue but cannot find a documented solution and/or confirm reason as to why it occurs.

About license

Hi all,    Discription situation: One young company wants to develop internal system and web site about company using ASP.NET    Question: Which should the license buy this company?please help!!

Unable to enter the product key in the Convert License Type page (textbox is read-only)

We installed both WSS and MOSS SP2 and had planned to follow the manual fix for the known issue that the patch unexpectedly activates a trial expiration.  However, the textbox to enter the product key is read-only.  We have tried accessing this page using the normal administrator credentials as well as the farm account; no success.The SP2 issue and manual fix is detailed here, http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx/kb/971620We were able to experience this problem on a farm running the Feb 2007 cummulative patch (version so it's not related to the SP.  But running the SP increasing the need to find the fix.Any help is appreciated,J. Aqui

SQL Server 2005 Express - Does it require a Client Access License (CAL)

Do you need a Client Access License (CAL) for each device that will connect to a SQL Server 2005 Express edition database?

License query for clients

We have SharePoint internally with relevant licensing. I want to open this up to a limited number of clients, under 10, who would connect to our network via vpn or through forefront. Do i need to purchase a mossfis license or just ensure that we have enough client access licenses to cover our clients? Any ideas?

SQL 2008 Standard CAL License

Hello SQL Guru?We are about to migrate our SQL 2000 Enterprise to SQL 2008 Standard Edition. We got 4 PC (Servers I mean) , Each Server installed SQL server 2000 at the moment. 2 Servers is for Web Site and Other 2 Server for our in house software. We are going to migrate all the Servers to SQL 2008 Standard. I will going to buy 20 CAL License with 4 sql 2008 standard edition becasue we got 18 users in our office. My questions is - 1. Where do I need to License those CAL to access 4 Servers which are sql server 2008 installed? From Each Client PC or I can do it on Server where SQL installed.2. Which Server I need to install CAL License if I need to setup on Server (coz..I got 4 servers)?3. Does it work 1 CAL License can use across 4 servers which are SQL installed?Thanks.

SharePoint 2010 - The license state for the current server doesn't match the farm's license state.

I already have a SharePoint 2010 server built, up and running. Yesterday I built a brand new server Windows 2008 and installed all necessary windows updates. Then I joined the server to the domain where the other SharePoint 2010 box is. Today, I installed all necessary pre-requisites for SharePoint 2010 including the KB971831. After that I installed SharePoint 2010 binaries on the new server. When I run the configuration wizard now, it sees the database server with the configuration database, but will not allow me to join the new server to the farm. I get the following error in the diagnostic logs. Resource retrieved id ConfigurationDatabaseTaskConnectFailConfigDisplayLabel is Failed to connect to the configuration database. 02/18/2010 17:54:12 8 INF Leaving function StringResourceManager.GetResourceString 02/18/2010 17:54:12 8 ERR Failed to connect to the configuration database.   An exception of type System.InvalidOperationException was thrown. Additional exception information: The current server cannot be joined to this farm because the set of installed products does not match the products installed in the farm.   The license state for the current server doesn't match the farm's license state. System.InvalidOperationException: The current server cannot be joined to this farm because the set of installed products does not match the products installed in the farm.

MOSS Environment VM license issue

Hi, We have one VM where all softwares are installed which are required for MOSS development environment. This includes Windows Server 2003 with SP2, MOSS 2007, Visual Studio 2008, SQL Server 2005 etc.   I would like to know is there any license required to install this VM on number of machines. I want to install it on 15 mahcines.

Do you need to license Office Web Apps seperate from sharepoint server 2010 enterprise license?

Hi All, I been reading this article http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ff431687.aspx#bkmk_ins_exis_farm  and have come to the conculsion that if you want word viewing services and power point services you need to license and download office web apps separate from the SharePoint Licensing/download. Can anyone confirm this that may know more about the subject? I thought those services would come along with enterprise but from what I’m reading I guess not.   Regards, Jeff

The license state for the current server doesn't match the farm's license state.

Help!!!! I removed project server 2010 from my server hosting SP 2010 and when I run the config wizard I get the error The license state for the current server doesn't match the farm's license state.  I need to bring it back online asap... :(  Any ideas please.

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express License For Deployment

I know that Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express is free for download, but can i deploy it to client side for business purpose? Is there any license purchase required?

Error Upgrading Sharepoint License Type to Enterprise



I've tried upgrading the licence type from "SharePoint Server with Standard Client Access License " to Enterprise  using Central Administration > Convert License Type but the field where i am supposed to write the cd-key for Enterprise cannot be used. I click on it but i cannot write anything.

So i went to  "Upgrade and Migration > Enable Enterprise Features". I select the eterprise radio button and enter the new product key. I wait for some time and then i get this error :

"An error occurred while enabling Enterprise features. Refer to the event logs on your server machines for more details. For more information on how to fix this error, refer to help.

Click OK to return to the SharePoint Central Administration Operations page

The event log reports this critical error  :


The Execute method of job definition Microsoft.SharePoint.Portal.Administration.SkuUpgradeJob (ID 23b1fa97-bbed-42af-b882-b4a1700fd9db) threw an exception. More information is included below.

Post setup configuration failed when attempting post setup configuration task -cmd services -ins

ASP.NET license!



I would like to know, if I develop an application using Visual Studio and then run it online, do I need any type of licenses? I will pay for the hosting, is there anything else should I pay for? (Actually, I feel that to pay for hosting is fair enough and do not hope to pay for anything else!). However, I have seen some topics about licenses and I do not understand the meaning!


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