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SQL 2008 eval expired, ran maintenance Edition upgrade but still can't start services

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

We unknowingly installed a MSDN evaluation copy of SQL 2008 on a production server.  The evaluation period expired and we're no longer able to access the database.  We have purchased SQL 2008 and have run the Maintenence Edition Upgrade, it completed successfully but the SQL services will not start, event logs for the various SQL services reference 'evaluation period has expired'.  We have modified the CommonFiles DWORD value to 3 in the HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\100\ConfiguratioState key as noted in other posts and tried rerunning the the upgrade. We've also tried running the install on just the shared tools as referenced on another post, the install ran successfully but still not allowing the SQL services to start.

We don't want to lose our database if at all possible.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Upgraded SQLServer 2008 Enterprise Evaluation after 180 day period expired...Services start but stil



I have a SQLServer 2008 Enterprise (180 day eval) installation that had expired.

I downloaded and intalled SQLServer 2008 Enterprise (Full version) from Technet

and ran the "Version Upgrade" tool.

The Upgrade tool correctly identified the expired instance and reported that it

had successfully upgraded the expired instance.

The OS processes will start but when I attempt a connect, I get a "Evaluation Period Expired"

error message.

Is it possible to do an "upgrade in place" after the 180 day evaluation has expired or do

you have to uninstall then re-install ?

Many Thanks in Advance,

Hobson Black

Upgrade expired SQL 2008 eval to SQL 2008 R2 retail


I'm new to SQL so the question may be dumb.

I have a test lab that consist of 1 SQL Server 2008 SP2 CU7 downloaded from MSDN subscription. As this SQL server wasn't used quite frequently and it become expired about few days ago. Now I have reatil (again from MSDN subscription) SQL Server 2008 R2 Std. As the current SQL server is expired I cannot perform update from 2008 to 2008 R2.

By using this regtrick: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971268 I can upgrade shared tools only, but not SQL Server engine.

Is there a way to upgrade expired SQL 2008 to a 2008R2? Thanks in advance!


Upgrade SQL server 2008 R2 from Evaluation Edition to Enterprise Edition

Hello SQL Support group, I have SQl server 2008 R2 installed on a Win 2003 R2 and it is for our SharePoint and Project server 2007 environment. Today I noticed that we have only 75 days left! Seems like we installed it on evaluation mode. Here what we have on Helpàabout : Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Complete (expires in 75 days)    10.50.1352.12 We do have MSDN account, and we have the KEY that comes with the SQL server 2008 R2 enterprise. We would like to assign the key to our SQl server ( we want to have enterprise edition). It is in a production environment now. I would like to know how we can do it  with minimum of down time. I found this link: http://blogs.technet.com/b/sqlman/archive/2010/03/16/sql-server-2008-upgrading-to-standard-enterprise-edition-from-evaluation-edition.aspx On the internet, but doesn’t say anything that we are losing any data after upgrade or not. Please let us know the best way to assign the key, and if it has any impact in our data. Thanks Bahram  

sql server 2008 - sqlserver(mssqlserver) services can't start

Sorry i need help, i have instal and reinstal sql 2008 over and over but always failed the problem is the services can't start and when i cek error log this written: http%3a%2f%2fgo.microsoft.com%2ffwlink%3fLinkId%3d20476%26ProdName%3dMicrosoft%2bSQL%2bServer%26EvtSrc%3dsetup.rll%26EvtID%3d50000%26ProdVer%3d10.0.1600.22%26EvtType%3d0xE53883A0%400xBE03358B%401306%4024

SQL Server 2008 performance: Decision to spend budget to upgrade to enterprise edition

Hi, Currently, we use SQL Server 2008 standard edition. We are planning to improve the performance of our application. The application is built by 3<sup>rd</sup> party and we can’t change/modify database objects and they seem to be designed fine. The options are spending our budget to upgrade to sql server hardware, or upgrade to SQL Server Enterprise edition. I am a bit confused over the benefits of SQL Server Enterprise edition. The following chart suggests that SQL EE includes “Parallel Index Operations” and “Enhanced Read-ahead and Scan”: http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2008/en/us/editions-compare.aspx  How significant are “Parallel Index Operations” and “Enhanced Read-ahead and Scan”? Considering the fact that new hardware is cheaper than sql enterprise license, Should I spend budget to upgrade enterprise edition instead of buying as server with faster CPU and RAM? Thank you, Max

SQL 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services - Upgrade SP3

Hi On my Windows 2003 server, I have SQL 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services -  2005.90.3042.0 I need to upgrade to SP3. I downloaded the  SQL 2005 Express Edition with Advanced Services with SP3 and ran it. It has an error: UpgradeAdvisor returned -1 Please help

Cannot start Analysis Services 2008 service

Hi! I have Sql Server 2008 R2 and Analysis Services 2008. I could use it without problems for few days, but today, when I stop analysis service with Sql Server Configuration Manager and tried to start it again, it gives me error message: "The request failed or the service did not respond in a timely fashion. Consult the event log or other applicable error logs for details". The msmdsrv.log file doesnt have any entries related to this error. Both Sql Server and AS are installed on my local machine and log on as LocalSystem. My system is XP sp3 professional.

SQL Browser Services does not start - 64bit, Entp edition Clustered Envt


We have a 4 node active-active cluster catering to 8 instances of SQL. Recenly we had a issue when we tried to connect to the Management Studio, we were pointed with error stating that the instnace does not exist error -26 etc. The same was the scenario on all the 4 nodes and we observed that the browser serves was not starting and his was causing the connection to the server to fail.

On refering to the blogs we found that his was being caused by some 32bit registry entries in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.9. We renamed this to .9x on all the nodes and are now able to start the borwser service.

The issue here is the above is only a temporary workaround. Each time the node restarts, these entries are created again.

Could anyone guide us on how to get this fixed andwhat programs is responsible for this as though browser srevice has started, i see many errors in the eventlogs which look as below. These entries are because of the change in the registry value but we need to fix them too..

Cluster service could not write to a file (C:\DOCUME~1\SRV-EA~1\LOCALS~1\Temp\CLS887.tmp). The disk may be low on disk space, or some other serious condition exists.


ReportingServices will not start after 2008 to 2008R2 upgrade


Hello, A server was recently upgraded to 2008R2 from 2008. Before upgrade reportingservices was running. After upgrade, I cannot start ReportingServices from rsconfig, I receive this error.

System.ServiceProcess.TimeoutException: Time out has expired and the operation has not been completed.
   at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceController.WaitForStatus(ServiceControllerStatus desiredStatus, TimeSpan timeout)
   at ReportServicesConfigUI.Panels.ServerInformationPanel.StartStopServiceTask(Boolean start)

 If I look into the Windows Application log I see this error.

Service cannot be started. System.Exception: Default appdomain failed to initialize.
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ServiceAppDomainController.Start()
   at Microsoft.ReportingServices.Library.ReportService.OnStart(String[] args)
   at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(Object state)

Any idea where to look at? Thanks

Thanks/Regards, Philippe Cand

SQL Server 2008 trial edition upgrade process



What is the upgrade path from the trial edition to the registered Enterprise edition?


can I just type in a number somewhere, or do I need to do a complete reinstall?


how can I find out exactly how many days left in the trial?

SQL 2008 Reporting Services Report Parameter and Analysis Services issue after upgrade

I have upgraded my SQL 2000 database and analysis server and SQL 2005 reporting services server to a new instance of SQL 2008 running database engine, analysis services and reporting services.

The analysis services database migrated successfully and I have got the database into a state where it processes fine but I am having the following problems.

- My Reports show in reporting services but the drop down list parameters are all empty.
If I change the parameter in report builder to use the display name instead of the uniquename then the drop down list populates and works until I select a value that contains a space character and then it reports a problem with the dataset used by the report.

Query for the dataset used to populate my parameter.
with member [Measures].[GroupUniqueName] as '[Site].CurrentMember.UniqueName' member [Measures].[GroupDisplayName] as'[Site].CurrentMember.Name' select { [Measures].[GroupUniqueName], [Measures].[GroupDisplayName] } on columns, { [Site].[Group].members } on rows FROM [Invoice Reporting]

Query used by the report, filtering on the selected parameter value from the drop

upgrade Reporting Services from 2008 to 2008 R2


Hello to all, 

I am a new to Reporting services so if anyone can help, I would be very grateful.

I have a task of updating SSRS 2008 to SSRS 2008 R2 and am currently researching what needs to be done.


The reporting server instance/database resides on a node of a 2 node active/active cluster. 

Do I need to run the setup.exe for R2 on each node ? Or only the node that contains the Reporting server instance/database ?


Is there anything else I need to install or is there any conversion to take place on the reports? 


thank you in advance 


Upgrade SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition to 2008 R2

I'm trying to find the right down load to use to upgrade SQL Server 2008 Standard Edition to Standard Edition R2.  This is the first upgrade I've done for SQL Server and I can't find any download for R2 that is specifically for Standard Edition.  Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

SQL 2008 SP2 succefull but instance start fails - Script level upgrade for database 'master' faile


after installing SP2 instance starts and stops with error:

Script level upgrade for database 'master' failed because upgrade step 'sqlagent100_msdb_upgrade.sql' encountered error 5831, state 1, severity 16. This is a serious error condition which might interfere with regular operation and the database will be taken offline. If the error happened during upgrade of the 'master' database, it will prevent the entire SQL Server instance from starting. Examine the previous errorlog entries for errors, take the appropriate corrective actions and re-start the database so that the script upgrade steps run to completion.

Already tried without success:
- enabled SA account (was disabled) http://support.microsoft.com/kb/960781/en-us
- uninstalled SP2 -> other error, but same problems with running the script



Unable to "upgrade" SQL 2008 Enterprise to Standard Edition - Error: the credentials you provided fo


I already tried changing the logon account for SQL services and still receive the error.

Please help.

is it possible to upgrade a license of sqlserver 2008 express that has expired that was a temporary

I installed a copy of sqlserver express 2008 sp2 that was an evaluation copy that its lic has expired...is there a way to put in a new lic key from a new msdn license without having to re-install a fresh copy of 2008 from my new MSDN downloads? or am I stuck in installing a new copy?

SQL 2008 Maintenance Job Issues Since upgrade



We recently upgraded our SQL server 2000 instance to SQL Server 2008 x86...

I've been able to fix all the other issues that arouse from the upgrade, however I'm still having issues with getting our maintenance jobs to work.

When they're run I get the following error

Executed as user: Domain\Riley. sqlmaint.exe failed. [SQLSTATE 42000] (Error 22029). The step failed.

Now I can only presume that this is an issue with account security, however as this was an upgrade, I would of thought that the job would of thrown the same error whilst we were using SQL 2000 instance, but its only occurred since we upgraded to SQL 2008.


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