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is there a future for T-SQL?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

hi friends,

recently i have sent off an email to one my college tutors for .NET applications regarding the implcication of SQL in business application, i have asked him about few good books to learn sql fast track... and he told me one thing, dont worry about TSQL just do LINQ.....

So im assuming that there will be battle between TSQL and LINQ, my tutor is a C# application developer and does not like SQL that much so i did not go further analysis and queries on the topic.

Basically at the memoment, i need to refresh certain things on queries and pretty have to a fast track on sql ...... becuase all the projcts that i have done i have only got to access the sp and documentatin says input and outputs and never go the chance to see the coding into so sql fading out

Do you think the is it waste time to invest on TSQL or go straight to LINQ or know both?




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HiI would like to achieve the following. 1- if a user goes to a web page in a web application hosted on the Internet and selects a FUTURE date from a "Calendar control" the date selected and the URL for the page are stored in the database (I know how to do this step) 2- when the date selected arrives the URL will be embedded in an email that is sent out AUTOMATICALLY to the user. How can I trigger the email to go out AUTOMATICALLY on the selected date?????? Does the link below help me answer this question??  I just need a high level steps on how to do this. Your help is greatly appreciated. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/cc163821.aspx

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I hope someone can help me. I am new to SharePoint and I was given the task to determine all the people who will be age 65 in 90 days from today (meaning current date), and display them in a list. I haven't a clue how to do that. By the way, we are still using version 2003. I would very much appreciate the help. Thanks! Kelly  

Adding a number to a date to give a future date

Gooday     , how can i write this ,inorder to add an int' to a 'date' type and receice a 'date' type as an answer . I tried the below code but without succsess.  thanks   rob                                                                                                                                                                                                 UPDATE  

How To Do Future Data Projections


We are looking at the best way to do data projections. Recalling my math classes, linear regression (least squares) lines come to mind. Though, is there a way to automatically choose the best model; ie; linear, logarithmic, exponential? What is the best way to do this in SQL 2008? Assume we have the following data:

Month            Profit
Jan                12.4
Feb                10.7
March             14.7
April               15.8
May                19.5
June               17.3

Then we want to project the next SIX months going forward. Thanks.

SSRS Chart calculation displaying future values


I'm new to SSRS and especially to the chart features.  I currently have a line graph chart where the data points are based on a % calculation for each month of a year.  The prior years are all displaying correctly. 

The current year however shows the correct values to the present date, but rather than stopping it continues the line to the end of the chart showing the most recent value.

What can I change so that it will stop the line at the most recent data point?

The calcuation being used is "=1-(Fields!ID2009_Backordered_Lines.Value)/Sum(Fields!ID2009_Fillable_Lines.Value)"

Any insight would be appreciated!







future of wcf duplex


hi experts,

 i want to know the future of wcf duplex.

Future Release of SQL Server


Esteemed users, 


The latest release of SQL Server is SQL Server 2008. 

I was wondering what will be next version name and when will be generally available? 

Maybe people who work in MS can answer this question. I searched the web but couldn't find the information. 

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Realy simple aspx page:

<asp:TextBox ID="txtExpireDate" runat="server" Width="78px" MaxLength="10" ></asp:TextBox>


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PDC 2010 WPF future.. I watched the PDC 2010 video this morning and would call it uninspiring. The talk showed many applications that use WPF and I think the only thing futuristic shown was a very nice ribbon bar. Incorporating Silverlight into WPF in the demo was embarrassing as it showed the same limitation as always. WPF cant draw with opacity on these containers.
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