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How to begin storyboard based on ListBoxItem selection???

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 30, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF
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I encounter a problem that I cannot solve. I hope to find an answer here. I need a listbox to hide half way when a certain listboxitem is selected. I setup a storyboard with opacity mask animation which work fine in blend. My problem I cannot initiate BeginStoryboard. I tried numerous ways and no success. I need to hide the listbox to reveal the content behind it. I generate listboxitems from XML data file and based on the name node I planned to initiate storyboard playing.

Here what I have. I created DataTemplate which I set via Setter in ListBoxItem Style:

<DataTemplate x:Key="SelectedListBoxItemDataTemplate">
			<StackPanel x:Name 

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Checkbox will show panel based on selection without postback.. how to do



I have Two Checkbox in my asp.net textbox..

First what i want is

based on two checkbox user has to be select any one only..

if checkbox1 is selected then Panel1 visible true without postback

if checkbox2 is selected then Panel2 visible true without postback

set the Report URL property to a specific report dynamically based on the selection in the list.

Hi I want to use  embedding the Report Viewer Web Part in a Web page, and I know we  should set the Report URL property to a specific report. but  is there a way by which we can set the url  dynamically based on the selection of the report  from  the list How can I customize this  feature Any Help on this is appreciated. Thanks

Inserting Records Based on Checkbox Selection in a Gridview

Using checkboxes, can the row of record(s) be inserted into a database? I am populating a Gridview. Done. A checkbox field has been added, when the user selects one or more rows, a submit button (which is not working) needs to inserting those records into a table. The insert statment will work outside of the page but is not working using the scenario I jut described. Is this task as I have outlined doable? txs Ayomide

Populating a dropdown box with contents based on the selection of another dropdown box

Hi All   I am a complete newcomer to ASP.NET.  However in the few weeks I have been playing with it I have got pretty far and  have mastered things like stored procedures, gridviews, formviews and templates.  I have come across a problem which I am struggling with and could do with some help!  The scenario is this:   I have a dropdown box which is populated from SQLDataSource1   I have a second dropdown box which is populated from SQLDataSource2, but i need the query feeding this to be dependent on what was selected in the first dropdown box.    I assumed it would simply be a case of modifying the select statement on SQLDataSource2 using the SelectedIndexChanged event on the first DropDownList to update the second SQL source, but I cannot work out for the life of me how to do it.  Pretty much all of the code I have is ASP.   Is there a way I can do this purely in ASP rather than using VB behind the scenes or do I need to use VB?  I am pretty comfortable with vb.net but one of the other issues I have is referencing an ASP object from VB... so for instance if I had a text box in ASP, how can I read or change the properties of this object from VB?   FYI I am using Visual Studio 2010 and SQL/Server   Any help much appreciated!!!   Sean   

Is it possible to disable context menu items based on the selection on Treeview

I will have some sort of nodes for a treeview as follows Root |-> some.txt(A text file which was added at runtime) |->Child(child for some.txt) |-> child1(child for child) I designed my context menu with some options as New and Remove What i need is when i righclick on Root, child or child i would like to disable the Remove option

Filter dropdownlist based on previous selection



In my newform.aspx page in Helpdesk template (when I create a new service request), I have added a dropdownlist (lookup type) that list series of issues that user can select.

I would like to add another dropdownlist that further give more options based on the selection made on the first dropdownlist.

How can I drive this second list from the first one? Thanks.


Infopath generate URL based off of a selection of a dropdown.




Wondering if anyone had managed this or got any suggestions?

I have a list called terms and conditions, basically has title, and terms meta data.

I want to allow the user in the form to select which t&c are required for the specific request and then on save change it so that the t&c link to the dispform is shown.


Now is this something I will have to do purerly in code behind or can this be done with some fancy rules on the form?

Updating field based on user selection


I have a requirement to update a FormField based on a selected value of a look up FormField. Basically, the look up fleld displays some default values. When users select a deault value, based upon the selection, I want to update another text field with a value stored in a List.

How can I do it using SharePpoint Designer?

How do I make it possible for a popup to come up, based upon the selection a user makes in a grid vi


I've got a ListView object, with a GridView within it, where I'll be putting data.  The list view is in SingleMode.  I want it so that the user can select a row, and based upon criteria in that row, it would then bring up a popup display relevant data to the selected row.

There are 2 possible ways I envision this could happen.  I could put a button somewhere in the row (at this point I don't know how, but I'm sure it can be done), so that if the user clicks on the button, then my code would determine what it needs to from that client, to bring up the popup and display the additional data.

The second way I can envision this happening is I could make one of the columns a hyperlink field, still showing the data that column has to show for that row.  When the user clicks on the hyperlink, then it would bring up the same popup that I discribed for the first scenario.  However, again, I don't know how to do this.

So the question is, which is the "correct" or "more common" way of doing it, and how is it done?  (I'm working with VS 2010, so this is WPF 4).


InfoPath 2010 Set field values of multi checkbox based on drop down selection



I have a drop down with e.g values "Fruit", "Veg".I also have checkboxes - "Apple", "Pear", "Orange" ,"Tomato", "Potato". On selection of Fruit i want the checboxes applicable to fruit to be checked. I have a rule at the moment but can only get one checkbox to be ticked. How do i do multiple.

Thanks in advance.




Parameter enabling based on selection in another parameter.



I have a parameter Owner with 1,2,3 options in dropdown.

On selection of option 1 , a country parameter should be enabled with all countries' values defaulted.

Option 2 should enable Region parameter with all the Regions values selected and country parameter should be displayed.

Option 3 should disable both Region & Country Parameter.

Please help me in achieving this.

I am using SSRS 2005 with Enesys tool as add on.

Thanks in advance.



Calculated column based on other columns in Lookup list selection


.. if that makes any sense.

I have a list with with lookup column to another list. that list has other columns.

I want to add a calculated column on the parent list, that set it's value to column from another list, but based on my selection in the lookup column of the parent.

Possible? presuming the calculated column  gets set when I submit and not interactively? what if edit the data and change my selection?


Populating a combo box with sql data dynamically based on selection in another combo box?



Im currently attending school to hopefully become an accomplished .net developer one day, so im not that experienced yet.

Anyway, im creating a wpf app to create dishes from ingredients and caculate fat, protein content etc. 

I have a basic gridview just to display content in my sql tables with a search form where you can select wich table and column you want t perform the search using two combo boxes and one textbox.

I would like to populate the columns combobox with the right column names only after ive selected wich table to search , but cant figure out how to do this. First i tried using the selection changed event to do this, but the text property of the table combobox is not set when this event fires. couldnt find anything else.


Also, how do i get a displayed value in a combobox thats preferrably not selectable, just visible when the control is first displayed.

Some help would be greatly appreciated

EDIT: Scratch that. i found it :P Text property was unset but the selection was contained further in :P *EDIT

Maintain HTML Radio Button Selection Inside GridView After Postback

Long time ago I wrote an article about getting the value of the selected RadioButtons inside the GridView control. The code did not addresssed the postback issue which means that the selected radio button was cleared after the postback occurs.

5 GridView Themes Based on Google's Personalized Homepage (igoogle)

One of the silly features I have found that I like about igoogle is how the pages color palette changes depending upon the time of day. So as the day progresses from morning to afternoon to evening the colors on the page change as well. Like I said, I know this is a silly feature, but I like it. And I have asked around a little bit and seems like other people like it to. To get a better idea of how the colors change, here are the background images from a few of the HTML elements.

ASP.NET Multiple Selection DropDownList with AJAX HoverMenuExtender

Recently, I was looking for a multiple selection dropdownlist control for my new project. After spending some time researching for it, I decided to put together all my finding in one web user control. This web user control consists of an ASP.NET AJAX HoverMenuExtender, JavaScript, StyleSheet and CheckBoxListExCtrl . The final product will work with or without a MasterPage and you can drag and drop more than one instances of the control on to the page.

dynamically adding sql server columns based on number of files in fileuploader


I want to create a new table to sql database at runtime.  The column names would be "Name", "Date", "Event".  I would also like to have one more column name "Image" but the problem is that since the amount of images will vary, I want the application to count the amount of files in the Multiple fileuploader and then add a image column to the table for the respected amount of files. 

For example if i am uploading 3 files in the multiple fileuploader, the names should be "Name", "Date", "Event", "Image1", "image2", Image3"

I also would like that table name to be name dynamically from the textbox Name when the user enters the information.


I have the following code to make a new table, but I dont know how to name the fields at runtime like previously asked please help!!!


Dim objConn As New SqlConnection("Server=<servername>;uid=<userid>;pwd=<password>;database=master")


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