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Connecting to SQL 2005 through a workgroup network

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server



I'm trying to connecting to SQL 2005 through a workgroup network,

I've set the following settings for SQL Server instance:

Remote Connections:

Local and Remote Connection

Using both TCP/IP and Named pipes

SQL Server Browser:

Startup: Automatic

In this case I have a irrelevant question:

Why I can not connect to database even locally through management studio by these settings:

 Server Name: thisComputerName\instanceName

Authentication: SQL

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Help with connecting to SqlExpress 2005 remotely


So I've intalled SQL 2005 Express and Sql Server Management Studio Express (SSMSE). I don't have any problems connecting to it using Windows authentication. But I would like to set it up so that I can log in using Sql Server Authentication with a username and password.

My Problem

But I'm getting an error message of "A connection was successfully established with the server, but then an error occured during the login process. (provider: Shared Memory Provider, error: 0- No process is on the other end of the pipe) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 233).

What I've done

I've created a new "Login" in the Security node. Provided all necessary role access level. Granted permission to connect to database and enabled login.

I've used the Sql Server Surface Area Configuration to set the Remote Connection type to "Using TCP/IP only" or "Using Both TCP/IP and named pipes" (tried both, but in either situation I get the same error message when attempting to login to SSMSE with the user name and password). I also made sure to restart the service.

What do I need to do to fix this problem? 

Checkout/Chevk in issue in MOSS 2007 while connecting through VPN(virtual private network)


HI, I am using VPN connection . When I try modify a file and try to checkin the file in sharepoint document library it does not gets checked in. I get a message saying

"Unable to checkin the file, since File is being edited in Local Draft, please close the application or discard the checkout ".

Please do the needful....



Connecting to Sql Server from network

i have two computer connected together via their nics, in pc1 sql server 2008 installed with sqlexpress instance. i created i user in pc1 for connecting sql server from pc2. i have done tcp/ip and firewall settings. but when i attempt to connect from pc2 the following message were shown: cannot connect to tcp:pc1,49172. login failed. the login is from an untrusted domain and can not used with windows authentication. why? thanks in advance

Unable to start SQL Express 2005 service as a network user

I am trying to start ms sql server 2005 express as a network user from originally starting as local system. I cannot start the service.I have given this network user administrator access to sql express from the sql server surface area configuration "Add New Administrator". I have went into the local users/groups and added this network user to the 3 security groups SQLServer2005MSSQLServerADHelperUser$SQL1SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$SQL1$SQLEXPRESSSQLServer2005MSSQLBrowserUser$SQL1I receive one alert int he event logs/applicationEventID: 26010The server could not load the certificate it needs to initiate an SSL connection. It returned the following error: 0x8009030d. Check certificates to make sure they are valid.I receive five errors in the event logs/applicationEventID: 26014Unable to load user specified certificate. The server will not accept a connection. You should verify that the certificate is correctly installed. See "Configuring Certificate for Use by SSL" in Books Online.EventID: 17182TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x80092004, status code 0x80EventID: 17182TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0x80092004, status code 0x1EventID: 17826Could not start the network library because of an internal error in the network library. To determine the cause, review the errors immediately prceding this one in the error log.EventID: 17120SQL Serve

AD Network Service vs. workgroup NetworkService

I am developer using, and therefore in need of understanding and configuring, SQL Server 2008 R2 + ASP.NET/IIS in workgroup.  SQL Server 2008 R2 BOL in Setting Up Windows Service Accounts section states: "Network Service Account The Network Service account is a built-in account that has more access to resources and objects than members of the Users group. Services that run as the Network Service account access network resources by using the credentials of the computer account. The actual name of the account is "NT AUTHORITY\NETWORK SERVICE" While the answer to my question [1] insists: "Configuring a service as "Network Service" or "NT Authority\NetworkService" tells the service to log on to the domain as that machine's domain account, and will have access to Domain resources. The Windows XP Service Configurator does not have the ability to select "Network Service" as a login type. The SQL Setup program might. "Network Service" can do everything "Local System" can, as well as access Domain resources. "Network Service" has no meaning in a Workgroup context" Is this answer correct thatNetworkService has meaning/use only in AD (Active Directory) domain?? And why do I have "NT Authority\Network Service" available for services LogOn on my workgroup Windows XP P

SQL 2005 Error - Connecting Excel workbook to SQL 2005 server

Question: I am trying to connect an Excel workbook to a remote SQL server database and getting the following error below (see code snippet). Any insight would be appreciated. Wondering if there is an easier method to connecting then what I have. I have VBA coding in the Excel workbook (if needed, I can provide it). Connection failed: SQLState: '01000' SQL Server Error: 10054 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]ConnectionRead(recv()). Connection failed: SQLState: '08501' SQL Server Error: 11 [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver][DBNETLIB]General network error. Check your network documentation.

Cannot connect to SQL Server 2005 locally by Windows Authentication, but network connection is succe

Cannot connect to SQL Server 2005 locally by Windows Authentication DOMAIN \ myname. But network connection is successful.   But SQL Server Logins contain   BUILTIN \ Administrators, and                                                    BUILTIN \  Administrators contain DOMAIN \ Domain Admins, and                                                    DOMAIN \ Domain Admins contain DOMAIN \ myname.   Creating SQL Server Login with DOMAIN \ myname entail successful local connection.   Removing SQL Server Login with DOMAIN \ myname and creating SQL Server Login with DOMAIN \ Domain Admins do NOT entail successful connection. Cannot connect!                                     &

Issue with Reporting Services connecting on a 2005 cluster


Hi all,

I'm new to RS, and we've currently got a setup that functions fine under two criteria:

1) It is called via localhost; and
2) A datasource used Windows Integrated Security

Any other combination, and we are returned a login error.

This is problematical as we're looking to deploy RS across the intranet, with a specific URL, and control access to it via network logins, so this a pretty major first hurdle for us!

The database is sat on a SQL2005 cluster, the web server is windows 2003.

Any pointers much appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


Issue with connecting to sql server 2005



I upgraded my existing sql 7 database system to sql 2005 and it seems that everything is fine. But when i tried to connect using the existing program we used in sql 7 i experienced some log-in failure(i use sa user). The strange thing is that when i change the password to numeric i can successfully log-in to database, but setting the password to character that's the time i experienced log-in failure. It seems that there is a problem with the datatype configuration. By the way i already set the security to mixed mode. Some help much appreciated. Thank you.

connecting to Hyper-V virtual server from a separete computer on a network

Hello guys. I have 2 computers both running windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise. On my desktop I have installed sharepoint 2010 and Hyper-V for my virtual server and everything is working perfectly. Now I've got a laptop which is connected with my desktop over a network(office network). I have not installed Sharepoint 2010 on my laptop. How do I run sharepoint on my laptop from the my desktop??? please help, I'm desperate here. 

Connecting to network server



I use Sql connectivity in my Sql Servers. I've got a small network. Each machine has its own Sql Server which I found inconvenient. At least for one of the computers I want it to connect to the Sql Server on another machine thru network connection which always works fine. How can I do it?

An additional requirement, if I may, would be to connect to the other Sql Server for just one database only. So, I want the intranetwork connection to be selective. Is it possible?

Thank you.

AlexB - Win_7 Pro64, SqlSer64 WinSer64

Error in connecting to SQLServer 2005 from Management studio and neither able to start sql service


I had been using SQL server 2005 without any problem but a few days back I started having some problem with my Windows XP Professional sp2 that my pc used to go off after 5-7 mins everytime i started it. So I repaired the OS. Since then,when i opened SQL Server and tried to connect am getting this error---

TITLE: Connect to Server

Cannot connect to POONAM-C586A95C\SQLEXPRESS.


A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was not found or was not accessible. Verify that the instance name is correct and that SQL Server is configured to allow remote connections. (provider: SQL Network Interfaces, error: 26 - Error Locating Server/Instance Specified) (Microsoft SQL Server, Error: -1)

I checked the state of sql serverand it is stopped. What should I do to bring it to running state?

I even added sqlservr exe file to the exceptions in the firewall but i dont think that could hav been a problem b'coz it was working perfectly without any changes in the firewall setting.

Why am I getting this error and how can I remove it?

Please help.

How to Encrypt and Decrypt a Password using SQLSERVER 2005?(Video)

Encypt and Decrypt a Password using SQLSERVER 2005(Video)

SQL Server 2005 Try and Catch Exception Handling

I'm pretty excited to see that there is some real error handling for T-SQL code in SQL Server 2005. It's pretty painful to have your wonderfully architected .NET solution tainted by less-than-VBScript error handling for stored procedures in the database. The big difference being the addition of TRY..CATCH blocks. Let's take a look:

Connecting to MS SQL Server database using webmatrix.



I am novice  user to raizor syntax using webmatrix and i am trying to connect MS Sql server database (instead of using .sdf file i am using .mdf file) using the tool webmatrix for startersite.

The connection string that i setup as follows.

<?xml version="1.0"?>


        <compilation debug="false" targetFramework="4.0" />
    <add name="OESConnectionString" connectionString="Data Source=.\SQLServer2005;AttachDbFilename=|DataDirectory|\OES_Data.mdf;Integrated Security=True;User Instance=True" providerName="System.Data.SqlClient" />


And i am using websecurity helper as well and the setup is as follows.

WebSecurity.InitializeDatabaseConnection("Data Source=INLTE5556\\SQLServer2005;Initial Catalog=OES;Integrated Security=True", "System.Data.SqlClient", "UserProfile", "UserId", "Email", true);

When i am trying to insert the user details into database i am getting the below error.

Format of t

Using network login



Is anyone have sample code to set up log in page using network login?

For example: User Name(same as Network Login)

                     Password(Same as Network Login)

Your help is highly appreciated.

sql server 2000 vs 2005


i would like to ask what the difference between sql server 2000 and 2005 

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