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Timecard Management Appl Template - Time stamp is incorrect

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint
I have installed the TimecardManagement.stp on MOSS 2007 UK with Danish languagepack. Everything works fine except for the time stamp when I punch in which is 3 hours ahead of our local time. Regional settings on the Moss Server is ok. Time zone on the webapllikation hosting the web is ok. Further it starts with elapsed time for 9 hours and counting from there.

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Time card management template issue


We installed Time card management template in share point 2007. But punch in, punch out time log is not working

how to solve this issue

Time card management template workflow issue


If we installed Time card management template in share point 2007 By default it will be working (work flow) right?

Otherwise we have to configure anything?

If i try this workflow message is failed to start

Timecard Management Template


Does any one know how i can edit Timecard Managemenet Template?

Currently after PunchingIN , the user has the option to slect their desired project from a drop down list, but needs to create a manual entry for a Task.

How can i make the Task, similar to projects (DROP DOWN OPTION)

Time card management template is not track the time


we have installed Time card management template in share point 2007 . But Punch in, Punch out is not track the time.

we have to configure anything?

timecard management - punchin/punchout problem




I'm using the timecard management template. When I punch in a task and then punch it out, it doesn't fill the date and time values.

The regional settings are:

Locale: english

Sort order: general

Time zone: 5h, Bogotá

Calendar gregorian


Sharepoint is v3.0 in a Windows 2008 server.


I haven't seen anything relevant on the web, I tried changing the locale but the time is not filled on punch in/punch out.


Thanks a lot.


Edgar L.


Template for Date Time? Is this possible?

Hello,On my model I have a property, Birthday, of type DateTime.I need to have three Drop Down Lists: - Day- Month (Localized to Current Culture)- Year (Last 80 years including current year)How can I create a Template to for these 3 DropDownLists and then use it on my form for Birthday property?Thank You,Miguel

Should time date stamp on .Asmx file change when project is rebuilt?

I have a web service project. The web service is named Recalc.asmx and it has a code behind file namedRecalc.asmx.vb Now if I make a change to my web service .vb code and then recompile the project, should my Recalc.asmx filebe updated as well? In windows explorer I see that the time date stamp of my Racalc.asmx.vb file changes to the date of the last change.But the time date stamp of the Recalc.asmx file does not change? Why is that? My original thinking was that I would simply need to copy the Recalc.asmx file to the test server. But the date stillshows it's original creation date of 7/1/2010 and not the date of the last rebuild as I was hoping it would do?

Fab 40 Timecard Management application sort error

In the Fab 40 TImecard Management application the MyHours.aspx page is tied to a link on the quick launch navigation panel "My Hours by Project". The page shows the hours by project and task for the total project but not for the user, which would be the "My" part. I looked at the sort and grouping for the dataview, but I'm not sure what to add to get the sort by the user or if that is the problem. Looking at it in SharePoint Designer in code view I don't see where it is that differnent from "My Hours by Week", but that view does give you a sort by the user. Also, "My Hours by Week" and "My Hours Today" are views on the Time Log list, but "My Hours by Project" is not. I've searched the internet, but haven't found a fix for this, but would like to be able to present the users hours by project. Any help would be appreciated. IbisDev

Problem setting up approve/reject settings in Absence Request and Vacation Management Template

Hi I have recently installed and set up the absence request and vacation management template in SharePoint Services 3.0 and all seems to be going reasonably well apart from one hitch. I have edited the setup workflow so that manager is sent an email on request, employee is sent an email on approval/rejection and payroll are sent an email on approval for their records. However, even though the Personal Vacation option in the Absence Type list is set to Yes for Approval Required, the workflow is automatically sending out the email to say their annual leave has been approved as soon as they request it. Has anyone come across this before or know where I may be going wrong? Thanks for any help you can give. Jo

KERNELBASE.dll, version: 6.1.7600.16385, time stamp: 0x4a5bdbdf Exception code: 0xe0434f4d Fault off


Hi all just am getting this error with KernelBase.dll, what's happening at my application end is that I am using .NET Framework to determine if network connectivity is available, raise an event from underlying dll to inform application when network connectivity is established, or network connectivity is unavailable. Nothing really special here just using standard stuff out of .Net framework here.  Have seen similar incidents with KERNELBASE.dll reported, but no one is really giving out any info on what exception 0xe0434f4d is a code for.  Knowing what the execption would be, would allow me to find a quick workaround to the problem. BizTalk seems to have similar issue with KERNELBASE.dll. 


Additional info that may help is that I am running the .NET application on a Windows 7 machine with less than 100MB of storage space, well below the recommended minimum of 300mb, but am testing the .NET application through it's paces now. It should work if Windows 7 is working.

Below is the extract taken from the Windows application log:-


Time tracking management


I have added the time tracking feature to my sharepoint site so that team members can track their hours per project.

I use this info for billing clients and for paying staff.

I would like to find a way to zero out projects at the end of the month so that I can easily calculate what a client and employee is owed for that month.

I believe that each user can export his/her calendar to an excel spreadsheet.  Is there some way for an administrator to export this info for all users.  As well, is there some way to delete all entries en masse?


thanks for your help.



Droping a time stamp from a date stored in SQL 2008.


I am printing the data from a SQL 20008 column with a data type of "Date" but when I do it adds in 12:00:00AM to the date. If I look in mangament studio no time stamp is being stored in SQL but when I print it I get the date stored in the column but it adds a time. I have tried useing string.format() trying to remove it but it does not (tried using mm/dd/yyyy for the format). How can I prevent the time from being added to the date? I am  not sure if this is something wrong on the DB side or not. If this is not a SQL error and this post belongs somewhere else please move it there and sorry for posting in the wrong section. 

Sharepoint attachments with time/date stamp


I am not a sharepoint guru, so please feel free to talk to me like I'm a beginner.

We have a web part that allows attachments and the boss wants to time/date stamp the attachments so he knows which one is the most recent. I know this happens with ease in a regular doc library, but not sure how to implement in a simple web part.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

SQL Server 2008 query execution time is different if i execute it in management studio or from code

When I execute query from software which i wrote in c# it required lots of time to complete but if I execute exactly the same query from management studio it will be done in seconds. In both cases execution plan is the same. 

How to remember the selection checked/unchecked ToolStripMenuItem next time when user opens the appl


I have a menu item "Run at Windows Startup" on a form. It is checked by default. When its state is checked I create a shortcut file so it can start automatically when windows starts. And if its unchecked I delete the shortcut file so that it wont start. This function is written on the application's exit button.

But then, if user start the application manually from the start menu, as the "Run at Windows Startup" item is checked by default user has to uncheck it everytime s/he exits from the application.

So my questions, is there any easy way to remember this selection so user don't have to uncheck it each time s/he exits.

How can I use my existing datalist control as template to call it several time?


Hi. I have created a DataList like below. I want to use it as template or call it's ItemTemplate in new created DataList control. Does anyone has any idea? Please HELP CryCryCry. THANKS!!

<asp:DataList ID="MyDataList" runat="server" CellPadding="4" CssClass="dlist"  ForeColor="#333333">                                               
    <FooterStyle BackColor="#B5C7DE" ForeColor="#4A3C8C" />
    <AlternatingItemStyle BackColor="#9999FF" ForeColor="#0000CC" />
    <ItemStyle BackColor="Lavender" BorderColor="#00CCFF" BorderStyle="So

Membership LastLoginDate has incorrect time


Hi, for my web app I'm using ASP.NET's standard membership for authentication, but for some strange reason the LastLoginDate in the aspnet_Membership table has incorrect time for all my users, the date part is fine, but the time is way off (it's like 6-7 hours different from the correct time). The LastActivityDate in the aspnet_Users table is also wrong with the same kind of issue. I checked the server machine that's hosting the SQL Server and the time on there is correct, is there something else that's dictating the time? Thank you.

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