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ClientViaBehavior URI Alternatives

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WCF


I am looking for way to not require a client to use the ClientViaBehavior. I have built a routing service and do not want have to provide the client the address manually.

Any ideas would be appreciated.


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Data Points: LINQ Projection Queries and Alternatives in WCF Services


LINQ's ability to project randomly shaped data into anonymous types can be a blessing and a source of frustration, says Julie Lerman. It's great when you just need to grab a special view of your data, but it can be problematic in certain circumstances. She explains what the limitations are and how to get around them.

Julie Lerman

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Alternatives for SqlConnection()

Hello ...I am using databases in my project.I always use SqlConnection() To open a connection then use the connection to interact database.But I have heard somewhere that opening SQLconnection() take a time.  and if on different pages of projects I repeatedly Connect database then It will take long access time always....So I want to know that if there is any other methods which don't use the SQLConnection to interact database and increase the response time of database...

Alternatives to Sessions.


Hello All i have a situation where worker process recycling is causing session to expire and loose all the session data. Change to State Server and SQL server seems to be very complicated and impossible beacuse we use third party objects which are non-serializable.

We need to let users keep running our ship tracking website for weeks or months beacuse they use it in their lobby and they do not want to touch it again.

What alternatives i have if worker process recycles which causes to loose session data.

I will need to atleast retain their user id and password to autologin them incase session expires.

Any Suggestions?..






UPDATE alternatives - which method is most efficient?


I have a table with several columns that get populated via an UPDATE statement.  The columns all contain numeric values which are calculated from expressions which sometime use many column sources in the calculations to arrive at the answer.  The examples below use overly simplified calculations so please keep in mind when answering this question that the actual calculations are much more complex.

Here are the two possible methods I can see using for these column updates.

One method - use seperate update statements:


SET Column1 = a*b


SET Column2 = Column1*c

Alternate method - use one update statement with expression for Column2 containing Column1's calculation and additional terms needed to get Column2's answer:



Column1 = a*b,

Column2 = a*b*c

Is one method more efficient than the other?  If so, why?

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