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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF

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How to sell Dynamic Data to the bosses


I have a project which has gone from Excel report to a SharePoint Custom List and now they have tried to make it an application growing legs with additional list hinging off it and no real way to clean up data from one when it deleted from another etc..(unless we add handlers etc which we don't want to do).

It was envisiaged as a simple one page list to generate some reports off of but it more a data driven application they want now.

I am looking into a way after stating this to my boss and am intrested in the quickest most flexible way to achieve this and to sell it to him.

I am more a .net person but also know plsql and most of the team I work with are Oracle specialists.

We currently have at are disposile .net, php and oracle products (portal, plsql, forms and oracle application express.)

We are at a transition stage trying to move away from Oracle Forms and I believe that .net is a better fit that php for production and readability of code.

So I am considering placing Dynamic data on the table for this project as it all data driven with data being inputed and manipulated and then reports being generated (either via code or we could hitch in a reporting tool like mssql or discover.)  The main issue will be the data will be in Oracle so if Dynamic data can handle this then it be perfect as

Brand New to setting up SharePoint web pages need to know how to start

Hi Guys I have been assigned the task of creating a "scripts" web page for our SharePoint environment. Up to now I thought no issue create it in Front Page with all the necessary form fields and load it up into SharePoint.... boy was that a RUDE awakening!!    So, now that I am a little more SharePoint Aware and have attempted to use a Page Viewer Web Part  - I know I need more education.  My Problem like most is that I don't wish to start in some obscure corner of the SharePoint World as I do have to get this project rolled out at some point. My questions will revolve around my project so let me explain what it is supposed to do and perhaps someone would be kind enough to point me in the right direction: I have fields on a page that a client will fill in Once filled in from the web page the client clicks submit with the submit the form should be emailed to 2 separate locations A second page should pop up at this point to remind the client to also call it in to be sure.... So to do this should I go on a SharePoint Designer training rampage or would I be better to do Visual Studio training? Or are there other possibilities that I may not even be aware of as yet? (display through Page Viewer Web Part does not seem to be what I need!) Thanks,

how to create a query component using power sell

I am getting error with the Share Point Search Service since the Query component is stuck on the status 'Initialzing'.So when I googled to fix this error saw a suggestion to create a new query component using the powersell.So can anyone tell me how to create a query component using the powersell.I haven't used this powersell before and I am new to sharepoint.

Brand new newbie with some set up questions.


Hi All,

Please bear with with me as I'm coming into this pretty much blind. We are setting up to implement SharePoint 2010 in our organization. The setup we are going with is as follows:

Database server running Server 2008, SQL 2008

App server running Server 2008

Front end web server running Server 2008

Now for a few questions:

1. The central administration site is running on the database server. Is this OK or should it be on the app server or does it matter?

2. Since my workstation is only a 32 bit machine, I currently have Visual Studio 2010 on the app server. OK to leave it there or should I upgrade to a 64 bit system on my workstation to remove VS from the server farm?

3. Any recommendations for good online tutorials for site development?



Mark B

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