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Is there an alternative to DSO Framer

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application


Is there an alternative to DSO Framer. We are trying to highlight doc in Windows application.

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Is master page a best alternative for Frame Sets ??


My webpage has one banner with a logo, a vertical menu bar on the left side of the page and a footer . I have 5 other pages which should get loaded when the user select them from the menu bar. what my concern is actually the banner,  menu bar  and the footer should not change when the requested page loads. This definitely can be handled by sets. But I want to know whether there are any other alternatives for frame sets or could master page be helpful for this purpose ????? 

Any help would be appreciative .

How to find incoming url of the page. ( alternative to Request.UrlReferrer)


 Request.UrlReferrer is not working. can any one  help me to find the previous page url ?

Alternative to deprecated xp_readmail in MSSQL

I have inherited an MSSQL2000 application that uses xp_findnextmsg & xp_readmail to extract stuff from emails & insert it into the db.   It will need to be upgraded sometime soon, either to 2005 or perhaps 2008:  However, I note that both xp_findnextmsg & xp_readmail are deprecated, & that Database Mail is apparently for sending only, not for reading.  Have I got this wrong?   This would not appear to be a unique need.  Any clues gratefully received.   regards, Ian

any alternative for join tables?

 Hi guys, is  there any alternative for joining tables in ado.net? The problem is i have 2 tables: Transaction pkTransactionID TransactionDate FKTransactionCategory : refers to PKCAtegoryID   Category PKCAtegoryID CategoryName   I need to show a joined information from 2 tables in a gridview and be able to update data in tables. I can join them using linq to entity and show them in gridview. But i need to handle update and insert by myself then. Is there any way to make mapping so i can handle the data in those 2 tables as one table and bind it to bindingsource? Thanks in advance.      

data contract code generation for large/complex schema (HR-XML/OAGIS) - is there an alternative?

Hello, and thank you for reading.I am implementing a Service based on a predefined specification (HR-XML 3.0). As such, I am starting with the schema, and working my way back to code. There are a number of large Schema documents (which import yet more Schema documents) related to my implementation, provided by this specification.I am able to generate code using xsd.exe, by supplying the "main" and "supporting" xsd files as arguments. But there are several issues, and I am wondering if this is the right approach.- there are litterally hundreds of classes - the code file is half a meg in size- duplicate classes (ex. Type, Type1 - which both represent the same type)- there are classes declared as inheriting from a base class, but that base class is not generated/definedI understand that there are limitations to the types of Schema supported by svcutil.exe/xsd.exe when targeting the DataContractSerializer and even XmlSerializer. My question is two-fold:1. Are code generation "issues" fairly common when dealing with larger, modular xsd files? Has anyone had success with generating data contracts from OAGIS or HR-XML schema?2. Given the above issues, are there better approaches to this task, avoiding generating code and working with concrete objects? Does it make better sence to read and compose a SOAP message directly, while sti

MDX: Performance - Alternative to CurrentMember

Hi I'm trying to improve performance on an MDX query. Here is an analagous query that uses Adventure Works (2008 R2): WITH   MEMBER [Measures].[Marital Status]     AS [Customer].[Customer].CurrentMember.Properties("Marital Status")   MEMBER [Measures].[Gender]     AS [Customer].[Customer].CurrentMember.Properties("Gender")   MEMBER [Measures].[Yearly Income]     AS [Customer].[Customer].CurrentMember.Properties("Yearly Income") SELECT   {     [Measures].[Marital Status]     , [Measures].[Gender]     , [Measures].[Yearly Income]     , [Measures].[Internet Order Count]   } ON COLUMNS   , [Customer].[Customer].Children ON ROWS FROM [Adventure Works] Is there any alternative to the .CurrentMember.Properties("XXX") function, as this is having a significant impact on the running time of the query? Thanks, Julia.

Alternative to Thinapp

Hello!Thinapp emulation abilities provides a chance to make FW3.5 .NET app be runable on FW1.1 without FW3.5 installed. But Thinapp costs really much($4495)! Does anybody know cheaper alternatives?

Dynamic Query alternative?

Hi, I was trying to create a query to get some results for next five years and need to show next five years as Column names. So whatever the year user runs this query, it gives the results for the next five years. Then I realized this was not easy as I expected but managed to implement it using Dynamic Queries.I wrote the following code Ito implement that. But I'm not sure is this the best way to do this.   SET ANSI_NULLS ON  GO  SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER ON  GO  CREATE PROCEDURE sp_RS_ScenariosforNext5Years  @ticker nvarchar(10),  @variable nvarchar(100)  AS  Declare @SQL varchar(1000)  SELECT @SQL = 'SELECT CASE Scenario '  SELECT @SQL = @SQL + ' WHEN ''A'' THEN ''case1'' '  SELECT @SQL = @SQL + 'WHEN ''B'' THEN ''case2'' '  SELECT @SQL = @SQL + 'WHEN ''C'' THEN ''case3'' '  SELECT @SQL = @SQL + 'WHEN ''D'' THEN ''case4'' '  SELECT @SQL = @SQL + 'WHEN ''E'' THEN ''case5'' '  SELECT @SQL = @SQL + 'WHEN ''F'' THEN ''case6'' '  SELECT @SQL = @SQL + 'WHEN ''G''

Alternative coloring and Image background color

Hi        I wanted to simple create a report with alternative background colors. Which I could achieve easily. Now I have a column in this report which is supposed to display image. Based on value from the data field a red or green or blue icon is displayed in this column based on expression. Which is also working fine. Now the problem is after I place an image in this details column (with or without expression).  the alternative row coloring stopped working. its always white. I even tried creating a colored background image and still its not helping. Can some one help me out please? If the question is still not clear, please let me know.... for Screenshot please refer http://binabdu-fayaz.blogspot.com/2010/09/alternative-coloring-and-image.html Thanks a lot. Fayaz  

Alternative solution to folder level permissions

I have a document library with multiple levels of folders that group sets of documents. Each folder has unique permissions setup. Ran into issue with URL length limitation because of multiple levels. I am looking at an alternative solution using meta data columns and views to categorize data. Everything is fine except I am not sure how to implement security akin to permissions on folder. How would I implement security based on meta data columns ? One soution that I can think of is creating workflows using SPD. Are there any other solutions for this ?

alternative to publishing pages that are editable in sharepoint designer?

when i create a publishing page, i can only edit the page in the browser.  it's not possible to edit publishing pages in sharepoint designer.  i want to be able to edit my pages in sharepoint designer.  so, i'm using web part pages.   now, i want to change the way the title of the page is generated for my pages.  the template i'm using has this:   <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderPageTitle" runat="server"> <SharePoint:ListItemProperty Property="BaseName" maxlength="40" runat="server"/> </asp:Content>   i want to change that.  i can change it in each web part page individually in advanced mode.  i can also change the template so that new pages are generated with my customizations.  but i haven't found any way to automatically apply my customizations to all of my existing web part pages. the page layout feature of publishing pages would allow me to do this.  but then, i wouldn't be able to edit my pages in SD.  is there any way to be able to edit pages in SD, and still be able to apply customizations to all of my existing pages in one shot?

Alternative to Bulk Insert

 Hi, I have an asp.net web site which uses a bulk insert to insert a large number of records into a SQL server (2008) database.   I'm now migrating this application to a vb.net application. I'm trying to avoid uploading large txt files to the sql server in order for the bulk insert to work. I'd like to have the txt file on the client machine. the problem is that when I specify the text file (for the bulk insert) on the client machine, I get an error saying that the file could not be found, due to the fact that the server is expecting the file on it's own file system.   The way the system works is this. The user specifies a an excel spreadhseet which is read by the application. It may contain several thousand records. I then want to insert the records into a sql server database. I want to avoid iterating through a datatable and using an insert query for each row in the datatable, as it just takes too long. On the web based system (IIS and SQL server on the same server) the datatable is written to a text file and then the text file is used for a bulk insert. I'd like to read the spreadsheet into a text file on the client, but cannot use this for the bulk insert as the server cannot recognise the file.   Is there a way of using a data source text file which is not on the sql server, other than using shared folders? Alternatively is there ano

alternative for inline frames


 Hello All,

I have a question. A friend of mine has asked me to rebuild his website in asp.net.

The template he gave me consist of a menu on top, on the left and on the bottom.

Furthermore the page uses inlineframes. I have rebuild the template to a masterpage, and use a contentplaceholder for the content.

now I notice that the design is getting out of proportions cause of the missing of the inlineframe. is there any clever way to keep the design intact without using inlineframes?







alternative to SPWebConfigModification

I'm looking for a way to do what SPWebConfigModification does, but without using SPWebConfigModification.  In other words, I want something that programmatically modifies the web.config file of a web app for each server in the farm.  The reason I don't want to use SPWebConfigModification is because it seems too troublesome, especially when trying to ensure a connection string.  It seems to result in access denied a lot, or "web configuration modification is already running".  So is there a way to do this?
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can some one rafactore this cte or provide alternative options , the cte is paramterized


CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Asic]
[ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[NAme] [nvarchar](50) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL,
[ParentID] [int] NULL,
[LevelID] [nchar])
CREATE TABLE [dbo].[Project](
[ID] [int] IDENTITY(1,1) NOT NULL,
[ProjectName] [nvarchar](50) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NULL,
[AsicId] [int] NULL,
[Cost] [numeric](18, 0) NULL)
insert into dbo.asic(name,parentid,levelid) values('Education',NULL,1)

insert into dbo.asic(name,parentid,levelid) values('Construction of School',1,2)

insert into dbo.asic(name,parentid,levelid) values('Building of Rooms',2,3)

insert into dbo.asic(name,parentid,levelid) values('Private Sector',NULL,1)

insert into dbo.asic(name,parentid,levelid) values('Construction of Road',4,2)

insert into dbo.asic(name,parentid,levelid) values('pooring of stones',5,3)

insert into dbo.project(projectname,asicid,cost) values('Construction of building',3,100)
insert into dbo.project(projectname,asicid,cost) values('Pooring of rock by attaturk co',3,100)
insert into dbo.project(projectname,asicid,cost) values('Construction of building 2'

Alternative to Session???



I need to store a large amount of data in user's session but I guess using Session Object is not the best way of doing that. Is there any other way around???

Remember I don't have small variables to store, I have large collections.


Need a vista/7 alternative to RAW socket for LAN filtering


      I have been developing a Download(+upload) Usage Monitor on and off since the beginning of this year, and obviously wish to filter out all loopback and LAN traffic so that my monitor only counts what is used by the internet.

I only need these two bits of info:

  • Where each packet came from/is going to (either LAN, LoopBack, or Internet)(Local/Remote)
  • How many bytes in that packet (If from the Internet/Remote)

      I partially solved the problem for XP (With Admin) by using a Raw socket, and examening the IP info and packet size in the Packet's header, though this method only works for download, and I read that Raw Sockets were disabled or something in Vista and 7.

      I was wandering how to go about creating a Filter (or seperate filters depednind on operarating system) that can work for download and upload on xp/vista/7? surely this should be simple since there is no manipulation...just looking/monitoring, but all I can find that 'may' do the job is Windows Filtering Platform, which seems ridiculously overkill for what such a simple job, and possibly doesnt even work with VB! Any ideas?

Here is an Example of the download only 'filter' code I use with my RAW Socket...

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