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Communicator Presence Bubble - Can I Change / Hide the AD Properties?

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

My current project requires that I pull a list of users Contacts from Exchange, Present them in a web part and have the presence bubble enabled allowing the user to send mail, call, create meeting request and so forth. 

I'm calling it from code as normal: 


return string.Format("<li><a class=\"ms-imnlink\" href=\"javascript:;\"><img width=\"12\" height=\"12\" id=\"IMID12\" onload=\"IMNRC(&#39;", Contact.Email, "&#39;)\" alt=\"My SID\" src=\"/_layouts/images/imnoff.png\" border=\"0\" showofflinepawn=\"1\"/ sip=\" \"></a>&#160;{0}</li>", Contact.FullName);

IMNRC() Is going to Active Directory and populating the presence bubble with user properties from AD, such as email address, work phone, work mobile and so forth. 

I need to either find a way to populate this information from <b>Exchange properties</b>, or Hide the information all together while still offering full functionality of the p

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Share point + communicator presence bubble


I am showing a share point (SharePoint Server 2007) page in an iFrame which is located appx at 200x300px position on the page.

The communicator presence bubble is coming in wrong location when user puts his mouse on the user name. This happens only when the page is within an iFrame, but when viewing the page directly in browser, the communicator presence bubbles come in correct location (left corner of the user name)

Please let me know if this has been observed earlier and how this can be fixed.
Screen shot

how to create property widget and change the properties of dragged-dropped UIelement in canvas in wp

I'm new in WPF development. I'd like to learn it. I'm curious and having problem in developing property widget for the UIElements. I want to change the properties of the dragged and dropped UIElement from the Property widget. How could I do this? I'd glad if any help is suggested. I've listbox and canvas. Elements from listbox can be dropped to the canvas. I'm trying to change the properties of the dropped element through a property widget. I don't know how to do this. I'd be grateful to any kind of support.   Regards, Binaya

can we change the properties of any dimension member as from hidden to unhidden without deploying a

hello , well i just want to known that , can we change the properties of any dimension member/measure as from hidden to unhidden without deploying a cube.? well i have a deployed and process cube and i just want to change some measure properties to visible from hidden without reprocessing the cube so can we do like this..?.. plz help me out ...

Change webpart properties programmatically

I am attempting to modify the properties of another webpart when my webpart's button is clicked. The code compiles and runs, and stepping through it shows that the properties do change. However, they don't stay changed. This example attempts to toggle the visibility state, but other properties won't stay changed either. Any help is appreciated.     SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges(delegate() { // get the site in this context using (SPSite SiteCollection = new SPSite(mySiteGuid)) { // get the web in this context SPWeb myWeb = SiteCollection.OpenWeb(myWebGuid); myWeb .AllowUnsafeUpdates = true; // Hide/display another webpart. Microsoft.SharePoint.WebPartPages.SPLimitedWebPartManager mgr = null; mgr = myWeb.GetLimitedWebPartManager( "default.aspx", System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.PersonalizationScope.Shared); foreach (System.Web.UI.WebControls.WebParts.WebPart myWebPart in mgr.WebParts) { // If this is the webpart we want to modify... if (myWebPart.Title == "Other Webpart Name") { // Toggle the visibility state. myWebPart.Visible = ! myWebPart.Visible; myWeb.Update(); break; } } } });

Change Database and Log Properties

Hello, I have the following T-SQL code when creating a database: create database DBFA on primary ( name = 'DBFA_Data', filename = 'DBFA_Data.mdf', size = 40MB, maxsize = 2GB, filegrowth = 20MB ), log on ( name = 'DBFA_Log', filename = 'DBFA_Log.ldf', size = 20MB, maxsize = 200MB, filegrowth = 10MB ) This is working fine when creating a new database. But how can I define this properties but on a existing database? Thanks, Miguel

Change a controls properties from another window

I have a WPF App that opens a window (MainWindow) and has a button control that creates a new instance of a Window2 class and calls window2.show() When I click this button I disable it from within MainWindow code. The question I have is when the Window2 onclosing event is called  how do I access the Mainwindow button properties to enable it again. TIA Mike

How to get office communicator presence in WSS using object model


Dear All

We have one WSS site. We have a custom web part which will display the names of the users who created a post in a discussion board. We need to show the Office communicator presence of the user along with the name.

Any help on this would be much appreciated?


Sreejesh Chacko

Data Base Properties column Identity value will not accept value change


In the tutorial I am doing I have been requested to change a field in the colums properties of a table.  The ID column is currentl displaying NO and NO again for "is aIdentity.  I can Highlight the values but cannot change to yes.  either in the properties talbe or in the properties window on the right hand side of IDE interface.  How do I change that value?


How to change properties of all Controls within a TableLayoutPanel in c#


I have a TableLayoutControl that contains several buttons.

            tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(button11, 0, 2);
            tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(button12, 0, 3);
            tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(button13, 0, 4);
            tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(button14, 0, 5);
            tableLayoutPanel1.Controls.Add(button21, 1, 2);

how can I set a property for all Controls at once? For example: set all Dock properties to DockStyle.Fill ?

SSRS Change field properties dependent on the render type


I've built a report that has background images with text over the top, which when rendered as Word or Excel the images don't show and because the client has requested the text is white against the image, the text isn't visible.

What I'd like to do is run code within the report that identifies the render type and if xls will change the text color through an expression.

Any ideas would be greatful.


Unable to change autogrowth properties of SQL Server 2008 data and log files


I have used the GUI and the CLI to attempt to change SQL Server 2008 log file autogrowth property all to NO avail. In other words, there are NO error messages of any kind, indeed the CLI reports that the command completed successfully. But re-examining the database properties shows that NO change was effected.

For the CLI command, I have used the following with dots filled in for my database and logfile:


Why doesn't this work? How to make it work?


WPF 4 VisualStateManager sometimes does not change all properties to match the specified visual stat


I am using a visualstatemanager to animate a grid containing help information between a closed visualstate (collapsed and opacity 0) and an open visualstate (visible and opacity 1) and back in response to button clicks.  The behavior I am seeing is that normally this animation works fine.  However, intermittently the grid when animating to a closed state changes opacity to 0 but remains in a visible state (I have confirmed this using the Snoop tool).  In my app this prevents interaction with the button used to close the help information (as it is on the invisible gird) as well as with any of the other controls that appear on the user control underneath the help grid.

As you see from the control below this is all managed with declarative xaml and does not involve complex prism or other eventing logic.

In my App.xaml.cs file I am handling the AppDispatcherUnhandledException event, and no unhandled exception is being trapped, so I can't find an exception that is causing the issue.

Here's the declaration of the help control, including the button that triggers the close animation.  Instance of this control are used throughout my application for various features.

<UserControl x:Class="Ihi.LeadRetrieval.Client.Views.HelpView"

SSRS 2008 dynamic change to report parameter properties


I'm running SSRS 2008, and I'm wondering if it is possible to change a report parameter property based on user input in another report parameter.  What I need to do is to make report parameter #2 a required parameter if a specific value is selected in parameter #1.  Parameter #2 should be optional under all other scenario.

Thanks in advance.

Change animation properties during animation


Hello, what is the proper way to change the DoubleAnimation.To value when the animation is running?

I have tried databinding the DoubleAnimation.ToProperty but it does not seem to work either once the clock is running.

Thanks, Jan

Change the order of fields in the 'edit properties' screen in a document library?


How can I change the order of the fields in the 'edit properties' screen on a document library?

In a standard list there is an option for 'column ordering'. This option does not exist in a document library! In my document library I have added some site columns to be used for filtering of documents in the library. But I'm not happy with the order they are being added into the 'edit properties' screen. The order looks different to the order that is shown in SharePoint Designer in the doc library when I click the 'edit list columns' link.

Any help much appreciated.


How do you change the Boundfield Data Properties for CURRENCY to display a pound (or other) sign ins


Probably a Q more suited for a SQL forum, but I guess it comes up a fair bit in ASP.net web site design?

Hopefully the answer will be straightforward...

Thanks in advance.

Change in Properties of ActiveX hosted by AxHost doesn't reflect



I'm currently making a program that dynamically adds an ActiveX to a form. This would require me to make a class which will handle the ActiveX inheriting from AxHost. I also made a COM wrapper that makes some of the methods inside the ActiveX callable.

There where no problems in calling the methods. These methods actually sets the properties of the ActiveX. Example, it has a method SetText(string text) which will set the text of the ActiveX and RetrieveText() which will return the text of the ActiveX. It successfully performs these methods but the changes doesn't reflect in the ActiveX. This means that the text I set using the SetText method is what I get in the RetrieveText only that the change doesn't show in the ActiveX. It still displays the default text when the ActiveX was instantiated. I tried to redraw the ActiveX using Invalidate but nothing happens.

Are there any requisites before changes to the ActiveX can be shown? I tried early binding the ActiveX and set its properties, the changes can be seen. Does this mean that late bounded ActiveX control has complications with the .Net framework?

The ActiveX controls are constructed using C++ and my application in C# VS 2005.

I will really appreciate it if I can find the solution for this issue. Thank you.

Best regards,

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