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Alerts Inconsistent

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Our alert on a list are inconsistent. Notify for the addition of new items has been selected. Sometimes they fire, sometimes they don't. Any ideas?

Thanks, Dave

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Changing direction of pop-ups/alerts in RTL


Hello All,

I am not able to change the direction of popups/Alerts in Arabic culture which should be RTL direction.

Rest of my application is changed in above culture, only problem is with popups and alerts.

Thanks in advance.

ModalPopup/UpdatePanel from codebehind, inconsistent behavior onClick


First post bear with me please:

I have a simple form with a list of linkbuttons, each fires the same onclick event which sets an indicator image.  I have a dummy button with style="display:none" which I have set as the TargetControlID of the modal.

onClick event from the imagebutton, the modal is shown via modal.Show().  The cancel button inside the modalpopup fires an event which turns off the indicator image and hides the modal via modal.Hide(). 

The events fire perfectly, it's very simple!  Although after doing some testing I noticed the modalpopup is not presented after the 6-10th cycle of clicking the open event, then clicking cancel.  The grey background appears but it is behind the main panel and the modal is either presented behind this or is just simply not displaying. 

I spent hours researching various methods, implemented the CancelControlID to see if it was somehow tied to my call of modal.Hide() that fails.

This occurs with an updatepanel only.  The behaviour is much cleaner this way, so I would hope to be able to implement this.  I have basically eliminated everything but these two events!  Please help

User Alerts don't work


Hi there

our webmaster added a group and a few users on a page via Actions -> Alert Me -> Send Alerts To
the users are also viewable via Site Actions -> Site Settings -> User alerts
all neccessary users or groups are added for alerting.

even if everything looks okay, on just one site the alerting does not work when a user uploads a new document.

question: does anybody have any clue what i could test or do to correct this?

as i told, the same users work on another site, so it's not possible, that users or groups are not mail enabled.

thanks for any help.

Turn Alerts OFF on a single list


OK, I must be missing something here. 

If I turned on Alerts for one library and then decide I don't want to get the alerts anymore, how do I turn them Off?

Users not receiving alerts


At some point over the last 2 weeks, the alert functionality in our MOSS 2007 environment stopped working.  Users will receive the "You have setup a new alert" email when configuring a new Alert, but not any actual alerts when an item is added/changed.  I investigated the Timer Service on the front end web server and noticed it was Stopped.  I restarted the Service and some of the users received upwards of 200 backlogged alerts.

I can understand why the user received so many alerts, these would be the alerts that SHOULD have been sent over the last 2 weeks.  I just wanted to make sure that this is normal behavior.  If the service fails, then the alert emails are set to a type of "pending" status until the service is restarted?  Is this accurate or am I misunderstanding something.

E-Mail Alerts for users on Task List


Is there any way to send e-mail alerts to a specific user wihtout assigning them the task or having them subscribe to the list.

It's a Task List on WSS 3 on Win2k3 Enterprise'


How to send Viewers email alerts on approved items



I use the OOB Workflow approval to approve items in a document library. Once the items are approved I want to send out an email alert to a group of people with "read" access. The problem is that the email alerts don't fire. I even changed the alerts to fire on "All Changes", but still nothing coming through. I assume this is because of the workflow approval and perhaps that the event doesn't fire when an item gets published after approval?

But how can I get my readers to be notified of newly published (and approved) items? There must be a way of doing it?

Send alerts based on approval status

Hello, I have a list of posts on blog site and set alerts on this list. The problem is that every time I post a new blog entry an alert is sent to the users despite the approval status of this post. So every edit attempt causes a new alert. The users does have only read permission set on this Post list. Is it possible to configure the alerts so the alert is being sent only when the post status is set to approved? BR, Tomek

Document Library Alerts

I have alerts enabled on a document library, and am receiving them when a document is added to or edited in the root folder of the library.  The problem is when I add or edit a document within a folder in the document library, I do not receive an alert email.  Has anyone else had this issue?

how to Customize Alerts email

In the alert email directly under the "To" field there is section that shows a sharepoint image, the site name, list name and list url.I know that in the alertstemplates.xml file this line in the beginning of file controls it: <Header> <HTML> <![CDATA[<html dir = $Resources:core,PageDirection;> <head> <base href="]]> </HTML> <GetVar Name="SiteUrl" URLEncodeAsURL="TRUE" /> <HTML> <![CDATA["> What I want to do is remove the url from that and leave the image, site and list name.anyone know how to accomplish this?

Change "from" name of MOSS Alerts

Instead of site name, I just want to change the "from" name of an Alert of a MOSS List. Is there any programmatically solution for that (like custom alerts)? Also it is possible to add "choice" column to a list and get value of it as "from" name. Any code sample will great help for me Thanks,Kusala

Cannot create email alerts for multiple users

Hello, I created an email alert for a document in a library. In the "Send Alerts To" box, I added multiple user names separated by semicolons and saved the alert. However, when I open the alert again, only my user name appears and the additional user names are gone. Why is this happening and how do I fix this problem?  Thank you in advance.

core results web part - Property doesn't exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema sett

I edited the Fetched Properties section of my core results web part and added a mapped column <Column Name="owstaxIdKeyword"/> When I reload my page, I get this error: Property doesn't exist or is used in a manner inconsistent with schema settings.

mirroring with SQL Alerts or Sharepoint Failover?¿

Hi, I´ve installed a Sharepoint Server 2010 (RTM) Farm and configured database mirroring in SQL server 2008(both in Windows Server 2008 R2) by alerts that give control to the mirrored instance changing the alias in all Sharepoint Servers. It works fine, but I´ve just noticed that Sharepoint has an utility that makes Failover automatically if I configure it by scripts in Powershell. My question is, ¿which way is better? ¿can I use both? ¿Does Sharepoint Failover work properly when a database fails and how it do it? Thanks in advance

Seemingly Inconsistent Argument interpretation in MVC?

I'm new to MVC, so I'm probably missing something silly, but I would appreciate any help I can get on this.   I have created a controller (I'm calling it ClientController), which is in charge of my Client-related operations (Getting a full list, searching, viewing details, uploading associated images, etc), and I'm trying to provide a link to change client images either from the Details of an individual client or directly from the full listing.   When I use the helper method to generate a link on the listing view, it seems to resolve correctly (passing in the ID, which is a GUID, of the client as expected), but when I try to do the same link through the details view, it tries to pass an argument of ?Length=6, and I have no idea where that is coming from.   There are two UploadImage methods within the Controller (one loads the uploading view, and one handles the post back from that view): public ActionResult UploadImages(Guid id) {...} [HttpPost]public ActionResult UploadImages(Guid? id, FormCollection forms) {...}  This is the relevent code for my Index View (which works, and which is typed for <IEnumerable<Experiment.Models.Client>>) <%: Html.ActionLink("Change Portrait", "UploadImages", new { id = item.ID })%> And this is the code for

WSS 3.0 Sharepoints alerts are not working.

Hi,In our company we have problems with the sharepoints alerts (SP 2007 on windows 2003). No one receives the email alerts.Other mail functionality works correctly.When a user installs an alert he receives an email "You have successfully created an alert for ...".* It was a new installation so it isn't an upgrade problem.* The mail settings in the central administration are OK* Timer job status: Immediate Alerts oppnsps01 Succeeded 100% 1/3/2008 10:35 AM * In the logs i don't find errors* I tried the following commands: NOKstsadm.exe -o setproperty -url http://oppnsps01/sites/library -pn alerts-enabled -pv true stsadm.exe -o setproperty -url http://oppnsps01/sites/library -pn job-immediate-alerts -pv "every 5 minutes" * I've requested and installed the latest  hotfix package: NOK* It's not a permission issue -> i have the same problem and have all rightsCan someone help?Thanks.Gr,Frederik

How to set up alerts

Hi All, I am a student and i really need some help on how to setup alerts/notifications in SharePoint 2010. i am working on a project using SP2010. Any reply would be highly appreciated.   Thanks, Kunal
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