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WSP keeps on breaking owstimer.exe

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint



I have a dev environment that has server 2003 and MOSS 2007 SP2 running. I installed VS 2008 and WSP Builder. Something went awry with my wsp package as everytime that I deploy it, I get "An unhandled exception (System.StackOverflowedException) has occured in OWSTIMER.exe[872]


In the event log is see:

EventType clr20r3, P1 owstimer.exe, P2 12.0.6520.5000, P3 4ad3b441, P4 bcx.sharepoint.sasol.fe.calendar, P5, P6 4ca300ea, P7 7, P8 0, P9 system.stackoverflowexception, P10 NIL.

I've noticed something interesting in the SP logs: 33 heaps created, above warning threshold of 32. Check for excessive SPWeb or SPSite usage.

Other than that, the logs don't provide me as to why this wsp is causing this. I have managed to successfully deploy Gary Lapointe's wsp but the one created by WSP builder is just not going...

Has anyone had this sort of issue before?



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Breaking news crawing horizontally web part in MOSS site



I would like to know which approach would be the best to show breaking news which will craws horizontally in MOSS site

Breaking a URL to site and file url

HI,    I have the url of  a file. Now I want to run the GetVersion webservice to get the versions of the file but this webservice takes the file url. So I need to break the full url into two parts SiteUrl + fileUrl. How can I do that using webservice. I know a method using FPRPC method "url to web url" call but that method is not working if the file url contains character of languages other than English.If someone has any idea about this issue as well than it would be a great help. Thanks and Regards

Can I safely perform full backups without breaking log shipping? Can I do point in time restores if

I'm building a system using SQL Server 2008. I have log shipping set up across our WAN, and that's working fine. I need to perform local backups on the primary server so that I'm not relying on the (slow) WAN if it needs to be recovered from a server crash. Ideally, it would be nice to be able to perform point in time restores. I understand that I can use the transaction log backups, created for log shipping, to restore from. But I still need a full backup to start the restore from - and there seems to be some confusion regarding whether or not performing a regular full backup on the primary server will affect log shipping. Even on these forums, conflicting advice has been given, with some people saying it's fine as long as you don't do transaction log backups, and others saying you must run COPY ONLY backups (though they were talking about Server 2005). From what I understand, you can't do point in time if you use copy-only backups. I'm getting the impression that this used to be a problem under 2005, but under 2008 you can safely perform full backups while log shipping is running. Can anyone confirm my understanding before I make a career-altering error? :)

How to customizing TextBlock "line breaking" algorithm in TextWrapping?

Hi all, is it possible to associate a custom line breaking algorithm to a TextBlock in order to choose when breaking line? For example I have a text like the following one "Building 1.Floor 1.Room 4" and I would like auto-breaking only on "dots" character or on long text. For example the following are good breaking for me: Building 1.Floor 1. Room 4 or Building 1. Floor 1...   Is a good idea using a Converter for achieving this? Thanks all, Marzio.

w3wp and OWSTIMER processes taking 85% CPU resources

Hi All, My sharepoint site is performing very slow. I have noticed that it takes almost 30 seconds to load the site. Upon checking all processes on SharePoint front end server. I have analyzed that w3wp and OWSTIMER processes are taking almost 85% CPU resources. Any idea what is causing the problem. For your information: 1.We have deployed sharepoint with medium farm topology (that is SharePoint Front End and SharePoint database servers are on separate machines) 2. SharePoint Server machines are XEON based with 4 GB RAM 3. Total users in my farm are almost 250 4. Our sharepoint usage is mostly related to Content Management (Document Checkin/Checkout) and web based infopath forms. Any help in this regard will be greatly appreciated.                

Help with breaking the string of a row to multiple rows


I need some help with sql, where I have to break the string in each column and assign the corresponding values of the string to all, here is the example

ID Name Value
1 A;B;C 1
2 A;B

Breaking up large Dimension



I recently asked a question about shell dimensions here.  I have got this working nicely using my user account dimension.  The problem I have is the size of this dimension.  The cube I developed this with has a dimension with just under 1 million members.  I would now like to apply this to other cubes but I am not looking at a dimension of over 18 million members with all the problems of processing and query performance.

So, I was looking at splitting up the dimension using this concept :  Breaking up Large Dims

I created the 3 keys, and the small dimensions and linked everything up.  So far so good.

But I am not stuck on how to write the mdx to get the data in the shell dimension.  With the single dim I used:

Workflow Updating Infopath Form Dropdown Field Keeps Breaking


I am using SharePoint Designer to create a workflow.  I am experienced in creating workflows this way, but it is my first go around with SP 2010 + SP Designer 2010. 

I am using InfoPath Services and have the form published as a content type to a form library.  I have a dropdown field that when the workflow runs, it will eventually change to another value in the list.  This HAD WORKED.  But twice now, I come into work the next day to find  the workflow will no longer set that field value.  Twice, I just rebuilt the workflow, only to have it break for no good reason, again.  

The workflow indicates that it runs and completes. For trouble shooting I created a step that said (in pseudo) 1. Write to the history log that the workflow started, 2. change dropdown field to value X.  3. Write to the history log that the value had been changed.

Well I get the history logs, but the value does not change.  Again, this was working twice, I know the function is possible.  But I am hoping that someone out there would know of any known issues that would cause this to break?  Other than a possible large amount of local variables added to the workflow, everything else is pretty straightforward.

North to the Future

Getting unknown errors in central administration. Site backups always fail. OWSTimer Errors.


Originally we had a 1 server standalone MOSS2007 install. (All service packs applied)

Then we added another server to the farm to act as a web server.

We decided to take the web server offline. So that ideally we would be back to our 1 server standalone setup. All our sharepoint sites still work fine after we did this, but things on the central administration side are horribly broken.

1. The web server still appears in farm topology even though it is offline, no longer exists. It also appears as "Windows SharePoint Services Database".

2. Trying to go into "Servers in farm" under Operations causes an unknown error.

3. Trying to go into "Timer job status" under Operations causes an unknown error.

The error log displays the following each time I try to access "Servers in farm" or "Timer job status"

OWSTIMER.EXE (0x199C) The following error occured while trying to read the ConnectionString property.  Object reference not set to an instance of an object.     


Now before I try to do some serious reconfiguration I would like to backup my sites. If I use the "Perform a backup" feature in central administration, it tells me the backup job has been scheduled, but after waiting for hours it still hasn't started, and doesn't look l

Rollup breaking on people/group field.


I've built a rollup of a list that works great up until include a field called "Project Resources" which is a People/Group field that allows multiple selections. When I add that FieldRef to my ViewFields list the output goes from 4 rolled up items (which is correct) to 0 items. Each list has at least one person in the resources field.

It doesn't matter what form the select command is in (&lt;FieldRef Name=&quot;Project_x0020_Resources&quot;/&gt; or <FieldRef Name='Project_x0020_Resources'/> ) that field seems to break the rollup.

Any ideas?

Chris G.

EnsurePanelFix Javascript is Breaking Dynamic Validator Error Messages


I've created a user control with input fields and validators. It also has an update panel for adding adding an additional field. I'm loading this control within a web part and I have the EnsurePanelFix method running before I add the control. If I test the regular expression validators, I do not get an error message until I hit submit. However, if I remove this portion of the EnsurePanelFix method

RestoreToOriginalFormAction = function()
    if (_spOriginalFormAction != null)
     document.forms[0]._initialAction = 

Then the validator error messages work as they should and validate on the fly without needing to submit the form.

Any ideas?

Breaking inheritance and assigning unique permissions once a site is created programicaly


I am creating a site prosaically with an event receiver.  The actual creation code is here.

SPWeb site = parentWeb.Webs.Add(siteName, siteTitle, description, EnglishLocaleId, siteTemplate, false, false);

I can create the site and use my custom template.  Problem is I want to us unique groups and permissions.  I cannot find anywhere if this can be done with Webs.Add.

Can this be done, or is there another way I should be creating these sites and assigning the unique permissions?

Thank you very much.


Breaking change in the wcf proxy with change to MessageContract: Guid


Our existing APIs using DataContract objects all take a single request object that contains a RequestHeader object. This request header object contains an authorization token, as well as property of type Guid named TrackingId.


Our service is adding a new API that will be streaming data from our clients. In order to allow this, I am trying to re-decorate our objects with MessageContract, and set the RequestHeader as a MessageHeader.

This worked as far as being able to now pass a stream object in the request as the only message body value.


However, this breaks the proxy generation. The TrackingId property in the RequestHeader now is a string type instead of Guid. This will break our existing clients.

Breaking long query into small one using SQLDataSource (using Temp table)


Currently, I have long script which does major processing and then puts data into temp table.

Finally I read data from this temp table to show on the chart, based on user's selection of parameter. So I can divide my query into two parts and while I am researching this, I will appreciate any pointers/guidance.


Is it possible to do processing in one Datasource and read table from second datasource?

Is it even possible?

If not, what is recommended method for this (breaking large processing into small one)?

Breaking on Jscript runtime error?


I have used jquery in one omy requirement. I would like to know why this breaking on jscript error will occur? is there any reason.

breaking context (MDX)


We have a factless fact table that counts events associated to a role playing dimension.     When querying the data, there is a need to display the following

Dim A  (role play #1)       Dim B  (role play # 2)   Measure (tied only to role play #2)


The natural behavior is to assign the measure the context of both dimensions,  but in this case I need to break out the context of the first one and just leave the measure associated to the 2nd role  (as in this way, the proper dimension usage will link tables based on the correct surrogate keys)

i tried creating a calculated member similar to

Sum( (DimA.DimA.[All], DimB.DimB.CurrentMember) , [Measure] )

and it works in small sets of data but once I load more  (say, 150 Dim A members) then the query doesnt even come back after a couple of minutes

What am I missing?

Javier Guillen

Breaking Inheritance on a library destroys security on documents within that library



I have a document library with permission set to inherit from site.

I have "break inheritance" on documents inside this library and set a custom permission on each, when i accessed the security of the library and also "break inheritance" on it, security on items was emptied!

Shouldn't the security on the documents stay the same even if the security on the library is changed because items have their own custom security with “break inheritance” set?


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