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Search not indexing one particular list

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

hi all , i have a list of articles (about 20 columns) with only 15 items in it.  Search is not indexing it.  the tech support for this search implementation says that the list is being picked up for crawl but the items can not be enumerated.  He has no idea why but he asked me to create a new list and manually copy the data over to it.  I did this and we verified that the new list worked and got crawled.  However when i went in and changed all my old article lists to this new list, then deleted my old articles list and re-named this to articles - the search problem came back.  They said they have verified that there are not any special rules set up that exclude "Articles" names in lists but there has to be some reason for this.

So my question is does anyone have any ideas or know why search may pick up a list but not enumerate the items in it? 

Any ideas are appreciated.



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How to add List item in search results for anonymous in a publishing site?

Hi all,   For now, results in Library (document set or not) are shown and the link is the binary file. This is ok. But for list, anonymous users can't view results. As logged in I see the items in the AllItems.aspx page. How could I allow this result to be viewed by anonymous users too?      Thank you,   Benoit Pironet

Display the list column values along with the search result

Hi All, i created custom Scope (to search on specific list) and i need to display all list columns on my search results.  Say i have 2 columns in the list and i have created a scope to search in only in that list. If i do a search in tat scope i would like to get the list values which fits in the search along with the columns as well. thanks jayaraja

Set search scope as list

Hi, My requirement is to set the scope for a search box as particular sharepoint List/Library. By default, the search box has one dropdown to select the Scope, and i want to set the scope as a SP List. Please Guide me in this. Thanks in advance.

Create a custom search for searcing contents of a sharepoint list

Hi, I am new to sharepoint, i am working on a assignment to create a custom search for a specific sharepoint list . I would like to implement a search by multiple filter criteria's. I am using sharepoint 2007 and with no administrator privileges to the sharepoint server. Can someone guide me with this request. Thanks,  

MOSS Search Not Returning Results from A List

Hello All,   Problem: The MOSS Search is not returning results from a subsite (and list within it). It however returns results for most of the other sites in the web application. Environment: 2 Application Servers. One of these is the index and query server. The same server is also the search server for the content databases. 5 web front end servers. Other Notes: The MOSS installation has several web applications. We however have one site within it that is not returning the required results. The results that we are looking for are located in a particular list. When one searches against the items in the list, some appear and others do not. We also get results from RSS feeds that track changes to the list in the last week. Also, some of the results returned are links to the new item in the list (that is, when you click on new to create a new item). There are no search errors in the application log. The web application was recently upgraded from WSS 3.0 on a single server to MOSS 2007 in a server farm. There are no sql index errors. The WSS Search and Office Search Services are working and have been restarted. The credentials have also been re-entered. We get less than 20 errors in the crawl logs (out of close to 800k docs). I have checked the rights for the default content access account, and it has dbo rights to the content db and search db. It also has read (and now admin

BDC model in Search Server 2010 indexing error - Error while crawling LOB contents. ( Not a valid Wi

I have created a .NET connector assembly that pulls data from an in-house .asmx web service.  I have successfully created an external list in a search center site that displays this data without problem.   However, I've run into an error and a warning when indexing this list in search server 2010 for which I cannot find much information.  I've configure a content source with LOB data as the content source type and select my external data source from the list. After running a full crawl, I receive this error: Error while crawling LOB contents. ( Not a valid Win32 FileTime. ) And this warning: The content for this address was excluded by the crawler because this item was marked with a no-index meta-tag. To index this item, remove the meta-tag and recrawl. My .NET connector assembly looks like this:   public static WeatherEntity ReadItem(string id) { foreach (WeatherEntity entity in GetAllEntities()) { if (entity.LocationAbbreviation == id) { return entity; } } return null; } public static IEnumerable<WeatherEntity> ReadList() { return GetAllEntities().ToArray(); } public static List<WeatherEntity> GetAllEntities() { List<WeatherEntity> weatherEntities = new List<WeatherEntity>(); WeatherService.WeatherWS service = new WeatherService.WeatherWS(); WeatherService.DsWeatherDa

How to restrict search scope to a particular list?


I want to restrict the scope of Advanced Search box to a particular list.The scopes has only "All Sites" checkbox, but i want to search in a particular list.

Please tell me how can we restrict the scope of Advanced Search box to a particular list?

Thanks in Advance.

Can i use Windows desktop search indexing service to index a full sql database ?



i wonder if i can use the windows indexing service to perform indexing on a database instead of file system ?

i.e we need to use the windows indexing service to create index table that contains information from all rows in the database



How do a search a SP 2007 List

I am a very new user (but quick on take up) and have a question relating to how I search a specific list.

I have a list containing house details, it includes a number of fields such as reference number, street name, date on market etc.  It contains over 200 items many of which may have a similar name eg 5 Clover Street or 12 Clover Street.

If I want to edit 12 Clover Street, how do I find it without physically going through the whole list.  I have tried adding a filter web part to my list page but this only allows exact matches.  Is there any way in SPS2007 that I can search for 'Clover' and be returned with the two matches so that I can edit the one I want?

A pointer towards some instructions would be appreciated.



How to use Search Box in a custom list


I have created a Custom List with some fields, i want to implement Search box where I can type some text to search in the list

I have implemented a search box but when I type some text in the search box it is not showing the results,


Could u give me some steps how to implement this Search Feature ,

I am using Share Point 2010

Search data from sharepoint list and populate repeating table (Seach text should be entre in first f


Hi All,

I am newbie to infopath.

I have assignment to search data from sharepoint list and display it to repeating table. Below is the case in detail.

i. User enter search text in first textbox of repeating table.

ii. After text enter you will Enter or click tab button.

iii. As user press Tab /Enter, the other textboxes of repeating table will populate with data automatically.

iv. If searched data rows are more then one, then dynamically add new row's in repeating table and  show searched data.

I am working at offical assignment and it's deadline is very tough. i had made extensive search at google and msdn forum but unable to accomplish. I would appreciate and thanks is some provide me solution in form to a small infopath application and code snippet.




List view search and results - No Column view?



Recently we have moved from Portal server 2003 to Sharepoint Server 2010 and can't seem to find how to search a particular list vie(filtered view) and also how to have the search results return in column view.
Previously in Portal server 2003, our end users had the ability to do full text search in any list view. This allowed our end users to easily search a subset of a list. The returned results were also in a column view

In Sharepoint Server 2010, the list view search, searches all items in the lists(instead of the filtered list view) and also does NOT return the results in column view.

Is there anyway around this?

Michael M

need help on programmatically adding .pdf file type to File Type list in Search Admin


This is easily done in the GUI but how do I program this?

I looked here - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ms562090(v=office.12).aspx and they just say - Extensions are grouped within an ExtensionCollection object. Use the Create method to specify a new file name extension.

Great but how do I do that - I'm not a coder and I need some pointers

I loaded the sharepoint assemblies:

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::Load("Microsoft.Office.Server.Search, Version=, Culture=neutral,

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::Load("Microsoft.Sharepoint, Version=, Culture=neutral,

[System.Reflection.Assembly]::Load("Microsoft.Office.Server, Version=, Culture=neutral,

Where do I go from here?




SharePoint List Search in Moss 2007






Is there anyway to search the specified sharepoint List in the current site in MOSS 2007?




Indexing a share to make a list?


I have a windows 2003 CIF share that I would like to build sharepoint 2010 as a list without importing the data (or well maybe importing the data if I have to). I don't want to import the data into a library because of how the users need to access it and some meta tagging needs.

It seems like a should be able to build this list by making the share a external data source but I'll be dammed if I can figure that out. Maybe that wrong approach?



search current logged in user's information in sharepoin list


hi guys,

in order to prepopulate some user information, i used query to search the sharepoint list. my question is how to search loggin user's info in the list.

i used following testing query function. it works fine. however, it can only search specific text, cannot be changed according different user.

SPList IsExist;
                    IsExist = SPContext.Current.Web.Lists["somelist"];
                    SPQuery query = new SPQuery();
                    query.Query = @"
                                    <FieldRef Name='First_x0020_Name'/>
                                    <Value Type='Text'>XXX</Value> 
                                    <FieldRef Name='Last_x0020_Name'/>
                                    <Value Type='Text'>XXX</Value> 
                    SPListItemCollection found = IsExist.GetItems(query);

Sharepoint Search - Indexing Errors


Setup: Sharepoint 2007, 3 physical server farm (all servers Windows 2003 SP2); 2xWFE providing search services, third server running Search Indexing. WSS/MOSS SP2 and August 2010 cumulative hotfix pack (KB2276474) applied to all servers.  KB946517 fix applied to all servers.  Backend DB is a Windows 2003 SP2 microsoft cluster, SQL Server 2005 SP2.

Attempting to index a content source which is a network share on a remote site, \\server\share.  Crawler impact rules specify 64 threads be used against this content source.

Indexing proceeds as expected gathering about 2000 files.  Then suddenly 8000 errors appear in the log with the text "The server is unavailable and could not be accessed. The server is probably disconnected from the network."

The server is most definitely available, and the content access account has access to all files on the share.  What is causing these errors?  It is almost like MOSS loses the ability to "see" the remote server.  However, there are no network issues and other clients in the enterprise continue to access this share successfully during the period where the errors are logged.

[Debug log just shows thousands of entries like these...
CGatherer::CommitTransaction succeeded, URL \\ser

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