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MVC's steep learning curve

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 29, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

I'm going through the book Sams ASP.NET MVC Unleaded, which I'm kind of enjoying. The problem I'm having is that I'm finding the learning curve for MVC pretty steep. 

There's a hell of a lot to do and remember, even for a small application. Creating models, then an entity model, then a repository, and linking it all together. I'm hoping this all becomes easier as time goes on.

I've just got round to a part of the book on testing, and my first impressions were 'what the hell', there's probably a book out there all about just the testing aspect of things.

I've come from a PHP background, with a comfortable knowledge of .NET web forms, however I'm finding I understand the principles of many things in MVC, but I'm finding it hard to remember how to implement them.

Did anyone else find the learning curve this steep?

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I've always used some kind of ORM to fetch data,  LinqToSQL or NHibernate so i guess im spoiled - but now i have a prospective job where they primarily use stored procs.  Not my first choice as i'm not all too comfortable with DBs in general - but i like to brush up on stored procs - almost a Stored Procs for Dummies kind of thingWhats a good resource you guys use for this? I just wanna show that i some initiative and more or less hit the ground running when it comes to stored procs - assuming im selected.Thanks!

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I am attempting to create my first dataset and I need guidance because I don't know how to pick from the numerous bits of advice I am finding online.

I have a SQL table "Groups"; a dataset "ds" that uses this table (and others); class "Match" that uses the dataset; and code behind that is supposed to Insert, Update, and Delete the Groups data through Match class.

Groups Table:

	[TYPE] [varchar](1) COLLATE SQL_Latin1_General_CP1_CI_AS NOT NULL,
	[IS_FULL] [bit] NULL

Here is the Class "Match" and Dataset "ds":

Public Class Match

    Private tblGroups As DataTable = New DataTable
    Public Property Groups() As DataTable
            Groups = tblGroups
        End Get
        Set(ByVal value As DataTable)
            tblGroups = value
        End Set
    End Property

    Public Sub New(ByVal match As Integer)

        Dim iMatch_ID As Integer = match

        'create groups query - Groups
        Dim sqlGetGroups As String
        sqlGetGroups = "SELECT * FROM GROUPS WHERE MATCH_ID_FK=&

Sharepoint learning resources



                  I am trying to learn Microsoft sharepoint and I wanted your ask some opinion on some of the online resources available. I checked some of the training institutions (I am from India), but the courses are  very expensive there. I am looking for the following details

1 - What softwares are needed to learn sharepoint-  on my laptop I have Visual Studio 2008. Is that sufficient? If not, can you please provide me some details

2 - Training material - If there are some good online training materials for sharepoint, can you please let me know.

                  Typically, how long would it take to get some grasp on sharepoint? I have used visual studio and I am good in writing C# or VB.NET code. But I have no background on sharepoint. Thanks in advance.

Learning CIL, MS Endorsed Documentation


What is the best resource for documentation on CIL (Formerly MSIL) is there are any Microsoft certified volumes or textbooks that outlines how to code in IL?

Can I program CIL directly in unsafe code blocks?  Any help would be appreciated.

Learning layout design for developers?


hi everyone,

I have been diddling with ASP.NET for a while and I am having a terrible time learning how to design good layout.  I have been a developer for 12 yrs. and have written some very nice client applications.  However, as I'm trying to learn ASP.NET, the biggest wall I constantly face is designing pages that look nice.  I am used to being able to drag and drop controls in VB.NET anywhere I want on the form.  I have no problems with any the server controls or getting things to work.  I have read all of the popular books on ASP.NET and have spent hours and hours on layout and I always scrap it because it's not right.  I have also read books on CSS and HTML.

So, I am posting this to see if anyone can help direct me to some good resources to help me learn DESIGN LAYOUT?  I can't possibly be the only one who is struggling with this issue.  This is why people end up using tables instead of DIVs and I am almost to that point, but I keep reading over and over not to use tables for layout.  The examples I find are either too basic, or too difficult.  The starter kits are not helpful to me because they contain too much stuff that isn't applicable for what I'm trying to do.  I'm really just looking for good resou

Learning/Watching WPF messages/events

Back in the dark ages, I pointed a Microsoft utility at my application and watched all the messages being sent and received in that application. Ostensibly this was for debugging, but I used it more to uncover which of the many messages was the correct one for attaching some custom behavior (thanks to fairly good internal names for the messages). Is there a way to do this with Visual C# 2010 Express? I am using WPF, but not using Forms. Fundamentally, I am trying to figure out where to put application GUI initialization code after all the WPF initialization is done.
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