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House of Web Services: Accessing Raw SOAP Messages in ASP.NET Web Services

Posted By:      Posted Date: August 21, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net

Web Services exchange XML messages. Most of today's Web Service toolkits do their best to hide this fact from developers, by exposing a Web Service's behavior as method invocations against objects instead.

Tim Ewald

MSDN Magazine March 2003

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House of Web Services: Mandatory Headers in ASP.NET Web Services


The ASP.NET Web Services infrastructure includes support for programming with SOAP message headers. Unfortunately, the model for handling mandatory headers is flawed in that you need to write additional code so that a Web Service will not execute when a mandatory header is not processed. This column explores a specific problem that arises when you deal with mandatory SOAP handles and presents three solutions.

Tim Ewald

MSDN Magazine May 2003

Web Services: Building Reusable Web Components with SOAP and ASP.NET


XML and HTTP are cross-platform technologies especially suited for building applications that can communicate with each other over the Internet, regardless of the platform they are running on. Web Services in the Microsoft .NET Framework make it easy to write components that communicate using HTTP GET, HTTP POST, and SOAP. An understanding of these concepts, along with knowledge of synchronous and asynchronous operations, security, state management, and the management of proxies by the .NET Framework is essential in building these applications. This article has been adapted from David Platt's upcoming book introducing the Microsoft .NET Platform to be published by Microsoft Press in Spring 2000.

David S. Platt

MSDN Magazine February 2001

Accessing Profiles from web services


 I have a simeple web service set up to call from JAVASCRIPT.  That works.  Can someone tell me how to access profiles from a web seervice. I get arofileCommon could not be found......


I have included the following in the service but it doesn't seem to solve the problem:







Accessing BLOB Data from External Systems Using Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint Server

Learn how to use BCS in SharePoint Server 2010 to access and surface BLOB data in the SharePoint user interface and search.

Sample: Accessing BLOB Data from External Systems Using Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint

Download sample code as you learn to use BCS in SharePoint Server 2010 to access and surface BLOB data in the SharePoint user interface and search.

Module 6: Accessing External Data with Business Connectivity Services in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 provides a new set of technologies known as Business Connectivity Services for retrieving, editing, updating, and deleting data from external systems.

SOAP Class and Web Services

I need access to the SOAP Class to make certain elements of Web Services available. However, I am getting some behavior I can’t explain. I have found two resources on the Microsoft site: Microsoft.Web.Services2.dll and Microsoft.Web.Services3.dll There are several MSDN references that refer to one or the other in their examples. However, when I try to use them, I have temporary success and then the system seems to forget them. I end up with a warning such as: Warning       1      The referenced assembly "Microsoft.Web.Services3" could not be resolved because it has a dependency on "System.Web, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b03f5f7f11d50a3a" which is not in the currently targeted framework ".NETFramework,Version=v4.0,Profile=Client". Please remove references to assemblies not in the targeted framework or consider retargeting your project.  I have placed the DLL in my WPF project directory. I go to the ADD reference menu, browse and add the dll, I have gone to the “My Project” screen and added it as a reference and added imports Microsoft.Web.Services3 to the module. Intellisense works for a while and even lets compile and run the program, and then without warning, it pops up with this warning, or sometimes it is an error that it can’t f

Database Access Using SOAP and REST Web services

Hi Guys, Can anyone post the links regarding DATABASE ACCESS USING BOTH WEB SERVICES. How to query the database using the web service. Suppose i have SQL statement like " Select empID,empName,CName from employee,company where empID=CID;".  How to  send this sql query to database server using REST and SOAP web Services?  Thank You

Access Denied and Null Returned while Accessing Web Services from remote server.

Please go through following scenario.  I am writing a web Service and one of its web method, I want it to download a png file in form of buffer from remote server. And My consume application will write that buffer retured by Web service in to file on User's Computer. However, I am able to do this using Local Web Service but when I published that service on my web server, I always get null retuned And even in one of my test code while copying file from that server , I always get Access Denied.  Following things I have done for above issue. 1] I even tried making the Anonymous user for the web service the system administrator (with the correct password), to no avail. 2] I also tried sharing out the folder I'm pulling files from to allow access from Everyone.   [Previously same service was working fine on another remote server with IIS 7.0, we checked server IIS Settings but in vain.]   if you know where we are mistaken please guide me to resolve this issue as its very urgent. Please go through following scenario.                  

WCF services testing with SOAP UI

Hi, I am using soapUI tool to test my wcf services.It is working fine when using basicHttpbinding but not working with WSHttpbinding.Please tell me how to test WSHttpbinding with soapUI tool.Thanks,Vijay

Couple of soap errors on invoking a webmethod in ASPNet web services


Hi there!!

I am consuming an ASP.Net webservice from a simple .Net application by
adding a web reference. However when I invoke the web method, we see a
couple of soap error entries in the application event log with the
result that the http request is not successfully completed.

We even tried to invoke the web method directly from the asmx page in
IE providing in the required parameters. We still get the same errors.

Please note this problem is intermittent and does not happend

The following are the event log entries:

Soap error: XML Parser failed at linenumber 0, lineposition 0, reason
is: The download of the specified resource has failed.
Soap error: Soap client is not initialized.
Soap error: One of the parameters supplied is invalid..
Soap error: Loading of the WSDL file failed.

Sometimes we get a little different kind of event log entries as given

aspnet_wp.exe  (PID: 2228) stopped unexpectedly.
Soap error: One of the parameters supplied is invalid..

Soap error: Loading of the WSDL file failed.

Soap error: XML Parser failed at linenumber 0, lineposition 0, reason
The system cannot locate the object specified.

We fail to understand as to where is the problem. We can easily browse
to the wsdl file successful

WCF Services and accessing methods


Hi. I have been developing for a while now but I am new to WCF.  I have been reading a lot about them and having a go, but I just have a simple question and I am hoping a stupid one that I don't need to worry about.  If I create a webservice and put it on a hosting server for my website, how can I ensure that nobody else can access the webservice? Is it possible for them to simply navigate to for example: http://myWebsite.com/myService/Service1.svc and access the methods for themselves?


Reporting Services 2005 accessing SQL 2008

I saw a post that Reporting Services 2005 can access SQL 2008 databases.  I see this as well.  However when I attempt to use the Visual Designer I get the error message:  This server version is not supported.  You must have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Beta 2 or later.  Is there a way to get the Visual Designer for the SQL Client to work?
Larry Charlton

Installing and Uninstalling Services

Installing and Uninstalling Services.Unlike most projects you create in Visual Studio .NET, Windows Service projects cannot be run directly from the development environment by pressing F5. This is because the service in the project must be installed before the project can run.

You can quickly install your service application by using a command line utility called InstallUtil.exe.

Getting Started with Windows SharePoint Services

Of all of the capabilities of SharePoint, I thought I would start with the most basic installation - as a corporate intranet. It is likely that we will need to discuss some of the elements of SharePoint as we go along, so this also gives us the opportunity to review these elements for future reference.

Before going into too much detail, I would like to point out that you can try the core SharePoint framework (known as Windows SharePoint Services or WSS) for free. On Microsoft's Web site you can download a trial version of Virtual PC 2004 (VPC). Using VPC, you can install the Windows 2003 Evaluation Kit and the WSS add-on. This combination will give you 45 days to evaluate the setup.
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