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Multiple Workflows hosted in IIS / WCF using WorkflowService causes SqlWorkflowInstanceStore polling

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Windows Application

Not really sure how to ask this, but I will describe what I have and what I want.

1) I will have 10+ WCF wrapped Workflows created as Workflow Service xamlx files.  These are all in the same project.

2) I have configured the services to use the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore in the Web.Config

3) Everything seems to be running and i can execute the workflows.


Each WorkflowService polls the database for runnable instances. These means I have 10 "Workflow Runtimes (WorkflowService)" polling the database for runnable instances and/or locks.

On top of this, I will be hosting these in a Web Farm of ~ 5 servers.  This means there will be 50 WorkflowService instances polling my database.


Is there a way to configure the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore to only run once under each App Domain/Application?
It seems the SqlWorkflowInstanceStore only instantiates runnable instances of the given workflow thats polling.  I want a "global" SqlWorkflowInstanceStore that polls for all runnabled instances regardless of the workflow that created it.

NOTE:  I am aware of Appfabric, but we are not ready to deploy it. I wanted to get this working first. 


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SqlWorkflowInstanceStore fails when you have multiple cores

Hello!I have a quite simple program, it basically creates workflows and resume one bookmark in each. When I'm not using an SqlWorkflowInstanceStore, the program works fine no matter if my operating system uses 1, 2 or 4 cores. If I use SqlWorkflowInstanceStore the program seems to work correct if my operating system uses only one core. If I use 2 or 4 cores the program always fails after a number of iterations. It looks like the larger the number of cores the sooner the program fails.The above mentioned result happens deterministically. The only things which differ is how many concrete iterations it takes until the multi-core attempts will fail.To me this looks like a typical situation where mutual dependencies in true parallelism have not been programmed correctly, perhaps in situations where quasi-parallelism do not bring the problem.Will this be fixed in .Net Framework 4.0 RC and above?Best regards,Henrik DahlDocumentation, as I've switched on tracking in the app.config file: System.Runtime Error: 57396 : 57396Throwing an exception. Source System.Runtime.QQQQ.exeSystem.InvalidOperationException, mscorlib, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=b77a5c561934e089An incorrect implementation of the IAsyncResult interface may be returning incorrect values from the CompletedSynchronously property or calling the AsyncCallback more than once. The type System.Data.Com

Options to host multiple workflows with WCF access

I have multiple workflows which have multiple Receive Activities.  I want to know which options I have to host them, where the workflows are accessed through the Receive Activities (WCF) only.  I know IIS is one option but what else can I use?  I currently use the WorkflowServiceHost but that of course can only host one workflow at a time.  I prefer to use Windows Service but do not know how to set it up for this.

WCF Service to be hosted on the server with multiple IP Address


Hello all,

I am new to WCF Service. Following is my scenario

I have got a Windows Server 2008 with two NIC ie. two IP Addresses



I have got Apache server running on 1 and IIS on 2.

Now when I publish the WCF service on my service and have explicitly set the iplisten for IIS to 2. Still I am not able to access the service.

One more observation the link which I get after publishing is "svcutil.exe http://servername/Webservice/Service.svc?wsdl "

I need to have IP Address instead of servername in above URL.

Because I think the servername is causing the confusion as both IP Address 1 and 2 point to it.

Please suggest what needs to be done

Thanks in Advance.

Possible to get Multiple Operations (workflows) on one service?



I'd like to get something like this:


with multiple operations:

Workflow1(), Workflow2(), etc

So that in the client, the code would look something like this:

var proxy = new ServiceReference1.ServiceClient();

var data1 = proxy.Workflow1();

var data2 = proxy.Workflow2();

Is that possible?  Advisable??  How do I go about this if it is possible and advisable??

I'm setting up my services in code like this currently, but can't get more than 1 operation on a service:



                 string baseAddress = "http://localhost:8082/";

                 Uri address = null;

                 Activity workflow = null;

                 WorkflowServiceHost host = null;

                 address = new Uri(baseAddress + "MyService");

                 workflow = new Workflow1();


Multiple workflows in a sharepoint feature


Hey guys,

Really simple - I'm wondering if it's possible to pack multiple custom workflows in a single wsp-solution/feature.

I thought I could just create the workflows, and then add multiple instances of workflow elements in the elements.xml, but only one of the workflows is selectable in sharepoint (the first alphabetic I believe)

Is there any way? I would hate to have to create a feature for each workflow :/

Multiple database support with Entity Framework

One of the features introduced in Entity Framework is being database independent. Which mean each database provider can support Entity Framework by implementing its provider.

This feature allows you build applications independent from the underplaying database provider. In this post I'm going to show how to build an application that support multiple databases using same conceptual model made by Entity Framework.

Binding the multiple drop down boxes in GridView using JQuery in ASP.NET

Here is the code for binding the multiple drop down boxes in GridView using JQuery in ASP.NET

Upload Multiple File using JQuery in asp.net

In this article I have explained how to upload multiple files using file upload control. I have used jQuery plugin for uploading multiple files.

I have also explained how to check for file type, file maximum size limit using jQuery & also using server side validation code.

Adding Multiple Columns and Rows in GridView without using a Database

This article describes on how to add multiple columns and rows in GridView without using a database. Basically the GridView will be populated with data based on the values entered in each TextBoxes on Button Click and retain the GridView data on post back.

GridView Multiple Filter AJAX Control

This AJAX control enables the user to filter data within any column inside a GridView. The user can add multiple filters and can delete existing ones too.

Multiple Column Dropdownlist for the ASP.NET DataGrid

Based on my previous control "Multiple Column DropDownList for ASP.NET", I received many emails asking for the same control to be used in the DataGrid for web applications. Here we go.. This control can be used as the regular MS DropDownList in the DataGrid and also as a regular dropdownlist. It has all the properties, like DataTextField, DataValueField, DataSource, SelectedIndex etc. The download file contains the samples both in VB.NET and C#. In this sample, I have used the Northwind database of SQL Server.

ASP.NET Multiple Selection DropDownList with AJAX HoverMenuExtender

Recently, I was looking for a multiple selection dropdownlist control for my new project. After spending some time researching for it, I decided to put together all my finding in one web user control. This web user control consists of an ASP.NET AJAX HoverMenuExtender, JavaScript, StyleSheet and CheckBoxListExCtrl . The final product will work with or without a MasterPage and you can drag and drop more than one instances of the control on to the page.

SharePoint 2007 Workflows - Things to Consider Before You Start

SharePoint 2007 (MOSS) utilizes the Workflow Foundation (WF) to enable workflows on lists and content types. But before you start doing cartwheels there are few things you should know before you get started. The experiences I'll be discussing are not from book smarts but from building real MOSS solutions that are in production today.

jquery autocomplete multiple values


i got some samples and i did autocomplete using jquery , its working well for single input values

but i need to pass multiples values after one by one in the textbox. Is it possible to pass multiple

values in the textbox for autocomplete in jquery in asp.net?


Gmail style multiple Sign-in type combo...is it possible in asp.net?


I am developing a multi-company application and want my users to give the functionality like the following to switch companies.


Is this possible? then how?

Please help


Multiple Instances of User Control


I have a user control that I place on a page severl times.  When I make a selection on a ddl in one one control the SelectedIndexChanged event fires for all the control on the page for that ddl.  So I get duplication of an insert that I do.  Is there a way to make sure these events are isolated so this doesn't happen.


>>>How to update multiple rows of gidview by one click



I want to add multiple rows of a gridview if the data for multiple fields are same.

Idea for this is that a user may search a record with some parameter e.g. Sector, plot.

For example 15 records being displayed in gridview.

There should be checkbox before every row and if user wants to update Plot and Flat No that is same for 10 rows out of 15 so he will check the rows and update.

For this a dialog box should appear asking for the parameter i.e. Plot and Flat or something else next time may be it will be City or country. Moreover, there is already an Edit button to update records, when user click it another page open for the record to be updated and whatever he wants to update, it updates.

Hope everone understand the scenario.

I don't want to disturb the already provided Edit functionality and want to provide same record to be updated.

Any idea in this regard would be appreciated.

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