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Audience Targeting in SPF2010

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi, I wish to know how to set audience targeting of a list in SharePoint Foundation 2010.

I installed the SharePoint Foundation 2010 on a win7 machine.



Based on the link above, sharepoint foundation does have the audience targeting feature, but I had been searching quite sometime with no luck.

Hope someone can give a help.

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No Audience Targeting Option in SP2010 WebParts

Has anyone found a fix for the missing Audience Targetting option in WebParts?  Every book I have read, SP2010 Standard should have that as an option.  I have it enabled in my list but doesn't show up except in Content Query WebParts.  The books say it should be able to be used in ALL webparts.  Is there some other feature that needs to be enabled??

Multilinguale content with audience targeting



I have created multilingual site using the variation feature.Requirement here is that Site should support content in multiple language as well as it should be audience targeted.So like If content is "Message of the day".It should be in multiple languages and based on the audience, content should be change.

Please suggest me best approach. 



SharePoint Audience Targeting


Hi ,

I was trying to control SharePoint Audience targeting for single document library or list from code behind but looks like we dont have any control over that

I know that we can control this situation by adding Audience Field As XML to library or list

but what I am looking for is like having API to do this for us

anybody is known to such thing?

Warm Regards, Bhushan http://www.passionatetechie.blogspot.com

Audience targeting implementation


I have sharepoint 2010 farm and it is configured with audience targeting. I have created a publishing portal and  implemented the audience targeting on pages and webparts. 

My question is when I'll move the site backup on other farm how audience targeting will behave.Do I need to reconfigure the pages and webparts again with the same name audiences or SharePoint app will pickup the audiences defined with the same name in farm.

Sourabh K


Audience targeting implementation


I have sharepoint 2010 farm and it is configured with audience targeting. I have created a publishing portal and  implemented the audience targeting on pages and webparts. 

My question is when I'll move the site backup on other farm how audience targeting will behave.Do I need to reconfigure the pages and webparts again with the same name audiences or SharePoint app will pickup the audiences defined with the same name in farm.

Sourabh K

Unable to Add Audience Targeting For Content Editor Web Part



I have a problem with Audience Targeting Property in Content Editor Web Part.

When i am adding the content editor web part using web browser it is not showing the Audience Targeting Property of Content Editor Web Part.

I tried also with SharePoint 2010 Designer by adding <IsIncludedFilter>;;;;SuperAdmins</IsIncludedFilter> to Content Editor Web Part but still it is not working.

The mail functionality here is Inserted Content Editor Web part should be accessible to "SuperAdmins" Group. But it is not working.

Please help me



Audience Targeting not Targeting, Duplicate AD Group


MOSS 2007 Enterprise SP1.

Symptom:  Audience Targeting seems to ignore Active Directory (AD) groups and allows all to view targeted content.  All announcement items are viewable to all users regardless of AD group targeted on an individual announcement item.


Scenario:  Created stock Announcements list called “Global Donuts” and enabled Audience Targeting on the list.  Added a new item “Donuts are in the Break Room now!” and targeted “Chicago Office” AD group.  Users in the “New York” office group (who are NOT in the “Chicago Office”) can see the announcement and all other announcements.



How to set item level audience targeting for a Links List?


Sharepoint 2007 Server Standard:

I created a Link List where each item has a specific target audience from the Active Directory group assigned. I added this link list on a page as a web part.

I am trying to get the user to ONLY be able to see the items on the list to which they have access to from the target audience field.

Basic Instincts: Multi-Targeting Visual Basic Applications in Visual Studio 2010


Visual Studio 2010 lets you create applications that target versions of the Microsoft .NET Framework from 2.0 to 4, and each step in between. We take a look at how multi-targeting works in Visual Studio today, and explain how you should approach multi-targeting in your projects.

Spotty Bowles

MSDN Magazine June 2010

Can't find AD security group while creating Audience rule


Hi guys,

I'm trying to create audience rule : all members of AD group. But when I try to choose a security group I need I can't find in search window. Though I see another groups. So in a whole the problem is I can't see all the AD groups but only some of them. It doesn't depends on on its type (global or local domain).

What could be a reason?

RPC Unavailable error when configuring SPF2010 on DMZ

I'm having trouble configuring SharePoint Foundation 2010 in a DMZ environment.  My SharePoint web and application server is on the DMZ, along with an Active Directory Read-Only Domain Controller.  My target database server is on the internal network, as is the AD domain control referenced by the RODC. When running the SharePoint Configuration Wizard, I answer all of the questions and it starts chugging along, creating an admin database, but the progress bar never advances past "task 3 of 10" before failing with the error: "An exception of type System.InvalidOperationException was thrown.  Additional exception information: An error occurred while getting information about the user netportal at server mydomain.net: The RPC server is unavailable" The RPC service is running on the web server, database server, and RODC. Is there some sort of temporary opening of AD access that needs to occur in order for SharePoint to successfully configure?  Should I configure the web/application server inside the corporate network, then move it to the DMZ afterwards? I'm thinking that SharePoint is having a problem with the RODC, but I'm not sure what. Has anyone else run into a situation like this?

Audience Configuration Question

I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but this appears to be the most appropriate location.  I'm trying to understand the targeting feature and there is one specific issue I can't seem to figure out.  When creating an audience rule  using the "User" and "Member Of" settings, the "Value"  field is described as "Enter the name of a Windows security group or distribution list".  However, when I click on the "Book" icon to browse the list of available items, the (limited list of) entries that I see in the selector by default are all SharePoint Sites, NOT any type of "Windows security group or distribution list"...and there appears to not be any way of selecting/finding actual Windows or SharePoint security groups.  Where are the default values that are shown in this browse control pulled from and is it possible to control WHAT shows up in this list?  Why does it show SharePoint sites? This is currently set up in a small DEV environment with everything on one server, so there is no AD integration, all users/groups are local to the server. Is it not possible to set a rule where a user is a "Member Of" a Sharepoint group?  Thanks  

.NET 2.0 Project won't build when targeting .NET 4.0

Hi, I'm in the process of giving a .NET 2.0 application a brand new UI using WPF. I created a whole new solution but there are a few .NET 2.0 class library projects from the original that I have copied in. They build fine by default. I want to change them to target the .NET framework 4.0 though so that this application won't require two different versions to be installed. When I change it to target .NET 4.0 client profile it gives me a big list of errors saying that references to a another custom 2.0 library (not in the solution) don't exist (E.G. The type or namespace 'x' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?)). I'm not missing either. In fact the very first error is complaining about the line containing my using directive. Can you not reference a 2.0 library from a 4.0 project?

Target Audience in Share Point 2010

Hi there, We've managed to migrate  MOSS 2007 to MOSS 2010 for one of our customer. Everything went well except Target Audience. Sharepoint2010 does not seem to recognise the AD groups and no matter how many times I reset them, I see the error of "No exact match found". Appreciate if someone can advice.   Thanks.    

Import a document library into SPF2010

I have a document library that I exported from MOSS2007. How do I import that document library (which has additional fields from the base document library) into SPF2010?

Audience Membership and Rules

Hi all Im having trouble adding a rule to my audience that includes all members of a distribution list or security group in AD.  This is how it looks in 2007: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/6788/moss2007.gif The members of the audience are populated by users being a member of 'NTU All Staff' as seen here: http://img716.imageshack.us/img716/3535/moss20072.gif Im trying to emulate that in SP 2010 but cannot seem to surface this (or any other) distribution/security group when i add a rule to an audience.  On creating a new audience called 'All Staff' and assigning an owner (not sure what this actually does, or who should own an audience), i go to create a rule to includes members of a group and get the following: http://img36.imageshack.us/img36/906/moss2010.gif Is there something i am missing here?  Can anyone shed any light? Cheers Asher Fast, Cheep, Good. Choose any Two!
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