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An incremental crawl on a file share always has about 9000 successes although nothing has changed

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi everybody,


We have several file shares (based on Windows servers) that we want to crawl with our SharePoint 2010 system. It is all set up and running, not too fast but that might be another topic. I noticed that every incremental crawl on a file share with about 50 GB of data leads to 9000 successes (according to the crawl log). I did some investigation and saw that there are about 9000 folders on this file share.

It looks like the crawler always recrawls all folders! Is this how it should be?

I think that if there aren't any changes no recrawl should be necessary. Moreover this could speed up the incremental crawl.


Any ideas?


Thanks for your help!





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File Share Crawl and Security Trimming

I have configured a file share to be indexed by SharePoint using the crawl domain account (which is a farm admin account as well). The crawl account has the necessary read permissions on the share and the crawl was successfull. However when an unauthorized user performs a search, the restricted files are still returned by SharePoint even though the user gets access denied message when clicking on the link. Can anyone please provide me with some information of why that may be happening?? I ensured that the user does not have any permissions on that share and any files in it. Thanks in adavace.

using SSRS Windows File Share subscription to send file to sharepoint

Hello, I'm looking for the simplest way to automate sending SSRS reports to a Sharepoint document directory.  I know a document library is not a real directory but I am able to run copy scripts into one using the virtual path thats shown when I do Actions-> Open in Windows Explorer. However when I set up a subscription to send a report to this directory, I get an error: Failure writing file \\intranet\projects\docs\test.pdf : The network name cannot be found.  Just checking if anyone knows if this should be able to work or not. Thanks

Migrate documents from File share to Sharepoint Services 3.0

Hi, everyone! One company is planning to migrate from File share, where they are storing all company documents, to sharepoint services 3.0, and begin to use document versioning, is it possible to migrate mass of documents to sharepoint services 3.0 ? Now I have no opportunity to test it, that's the reason why I'm asking.

Error when accessing an InfoPath file on a file share

Some users get an error when they try to open an InfoPath (2007) file which is location on a file share.  The users getting the error are from our South America domain.  All users, regardless of domain, have the same permissions to the file share folder and they can open and save other files on that file share, txt file, Excel file, etc.  They get this error when trying to open the Info Path file:  "InfoPath cannot create a new, blank form.  InfoPath cannot open the form.  to fix this problem, contact your system administrator.  The query cannot be run for the following data source:SoftwareList"

Need to find File Share Excel Rendering time--SSRS 2008

we are using SSRS 2008 file share subscription to generate EXCEL reports,Requirement here is need to find the file rendering/completion time in order to send the excel file as attachement using xp_senddbmail. Your help is highly appreciated-- Sathish

BCS Incremental Crawl Configuration

I tried unsucessfully to implement incremental crawling on my external list data.  The external list is created from an external content type using a BDC model.  The BDC model is created using a .NET conenctivity assembly which makes web service calls to retrieve the data.  The LastModifiedTimeStampField property is configured as the name of a DateTime field (DateModifiedTimestamp) on my entity object.

I am able to view all of the data in the external list.  However, when I try to index the external list in SharePoint Search Server 2010 through a full crawl, it fails after a couple hundred (of 12K+ records) sucessful record indexes with the error "Error while crawling LOB contents. (Not a valid Win32 FileTime).

The SharePoint log contains this: FLTRDMN: Errorinfo is "Not a valid Win32 FileTime."    [fltrsink.cxx:553]  d:\office\source\search\native\mssdmn\fltrsink.cxx

The obvious reason for this error might be that the DateTime field configured with the last modified date data does not contain a valid datetime value.  However, I have confirmed that I can parse all of the dates returned from the web service (I created a console applicstion to pull the records and parse the modified date).

Move folder from file share to local C:/ drive on same box



I need to copy a folder from a file share to my local C: drive. Is there an easy way to do this in SSIS, or do I have to write a DOS batch file and execute it from SSIS.

Any help would be appreciated


Dave SQL Developer

.MDF file's Security permision is get changed after creation of Setup project - it become read only


To All


I have generated a windows application. I have used .MDF file. The project is working fine but when I have attached setup project to it and installed it.

The security permissions of .mdf file get changed and become read only not able to write/update.(When Setup project copying the .MDF file that time the permission of the .MDF file is get changed and become read only)

I am able to change the permission of .MDF file manually then after working fine.

But is not correct way of deployment So please guide me what should I do now so I can read, write and update properly. What code should i use/ technique should i use so I can do so.


I am using :

Visual Studio 2008,

C#.net 9,

dot net framwork 3.5 sp1

MDF FILE of Microsoft Sql server 2008 Express RC2

what should be changed to web.config file if i deploy my application to actual server ?



I have developed a web site application with vb.net code behind.Debugging mode was on.

I have deployed my web site in actual server machine ,but when i open my home page some error is coming related to web.config file.I directly deployed my application to actual server without any change to web.config file.

So, is there any settings required if i deploy my application ? 

SSIS Import - incremental file import



Is it possible to import an incrementing file in SSIS using a different file name each day?
For example – on Monday I want to import “file1” on Tuesday I want to import “file” and so on.

This is so I can set a package up in SQL server to run everyday using a different file.

If not, are they are similar work arounds?




Subscription file share with UNC name spaces



I need to save a subscription file share on this location:

\\Freja\Program Files (x86)\Logica\eBS-Connect\outbox

My problem is that I do not know how to write the path in UNC when there is spaces in the path.

Can anyone please help me?

BR Rasmus

About Windows file share delivery for a data-driven subscription



In order to try the data-driven subscription with the windows file share delivery, on my machine I have created a folder and then I have shared it adding my Windows account with full-control. The UNC of my shared folder is like \\mymachine\mysharedfolder.

When the subscription starts I can see in the report server service log an error about the access to the shared folder on account or password isn't valid.

Now, how can I solve this issue, please? Do I change some settings in the config files of the report server? Many thanks

How does SharePoint Incremental crawl works


Hi All,

I am investigating a lot on how the incremental crawl works in SharePoint.

I know that it uses Change Log.

But when it comes to Deletes, how does it work

As i have observed, Chnage Log has only Top level delete event ie., If a List containing List Items has been deleted,

Change Log has only SPChangeList event.

How does SharePoint incremental crawl deletes all its children as there will be only dead reference to the List.

Can someone please help me in understanding on how does this work?





Best way to find out if a very large PDF has rendered on a file share?


We are building our bill system printing process and part of the process is to generate a huge PDF to a file share with single page bills inside to print on our folding / stuffing appliance.  Currently, there is a one time subscription created on the report server that is then executed from SSIS in the form of a "Execute SQL Server Agent Job Task" which will send a PDF to a file share defined in the subscription.

We are noticing that this process can go wrong at many points and need to find a way to account for each potential problem.  We first notice that SSIS is totally unaware of almost all failures of the report subscription except the most basic failures that the SQL Server agent is aware of like the subscription being faulty or the database being down; we can capture that easily enough; but it isn't sufficient. 

SSIS executes the SSRS subscription in seconds even though it might take 45 minutes or longer to render.

After SSIS has called the subscription, we have noticed a few problems can happen.

1. A permissions issue can occur on the file share if your password expires (Failure writing file: A log on error occurred when attemp

Check file permission in (local/network share) directory?



I need to check whether a user has read/write permission to a file on any directories (local or network share).

Can someone provide a short code sample?

I've seen many examples online (pinvoking NetShareGetInfo, DirectoryInfo.GetAccessControl(), FileIOPermission.Demand(), etc), but I'm still unable to correctly check if a file in a network share directory (e.g, \\networkPC\sharedFolder) is readable/writable.

All my checks will pass, but when I attempt to write a file, I get UnauthorizedAccessException ("Access to the path ... is denied").

Should I really be doing my checks this way?

public static bool IsFileWritable(string fileName)
  bool isWritable;
  FileInfo file = new FileInfo(fileName);
    using (Stream stream = file.OpenWrite()) // attempt to open a write stream.
    isWritable = true;
    isWritable = false;

How to link or hyperlink files form a File Share from SharePoint


Hi all

We want to put a hyperlink to a directory in a shared drive where there is plenty of space for archive and the overflow of documents.

When someone goes to a document folder and wants to upload their document on SharePoint, when they click, instead of going to the upload page, is there a way that they are hyperlinked to a share drive folder where there is plenty of room.

Is there a way to link or hyperlink  directly from a SharePoint document library to a file or file share?

Please advice


Crawl Log - Error - Language database/cache file could not be found



I'm getting a lot of errors - Language database/cache file could not be found - in the Crawl Log. Does anyone know what they are and how to fix them?


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