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Simplest way to have a standalone Sharepoint2010 without AD

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint


I tried to install a Sharepoint 2010 on a single Server2008 machine. No AD, no domain or anything in this direction. I just want to create 5 users, and test a little bit. There are some problems, I think I know how to fix some, but not all:


- When I want to access the machine from outside (for test purposes) I have to make sure the computer name matches the domain A record. I think I can achieve this by setting the computername to e.g. subserver, and the DNS suffix to e.g. contoso.com --> by this the machine name should be subserver.contoso.com and if I configure the A record of my webpage to point the test machine IP, I should be fine...


- User-Mail Issue

When I create new users in sharepoint, using existing simple windows account (like UserA, UserB) everything works nearly fine. The only problem for simple tests, the e-mail field in Sharepoint does not get filled (there is no E-Mail field in the normal createUser dialog in Server2008). But for some tests, like schedule a meeting and invite people, you need an e-mail set.

I looked into AD (AM) or AD LDS, but this seems way overkill, and I do not even know if it would work. I tried to manually add the e-mails into sharepoint, by editing user preferences (there are a ton of posts about this), but it took me two hours, and the result was nothing.

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Simplest way to open my script files?

Hi everybody, I usually save my scripts in the default place offered my SSMS (the location of that place is hard to find). However, if I open a script from a disk from different location, now when I need to open my saved scripts it looks in that folder and not in the folder where all my scripts are kept. How can I open the script from the right place if I don't remember where that folder is and I don't want to re-start SSMS? Thanks a lot in advance.  Premature optimization is the root of all evil in programming. (c) by Donald Knuth Naomi Nosonovsky, Sr. Programmer-Analyst My blog

Cost for SP2010 Enterprise for standalone developement?

I need to set up a SP developement environment.  It will be a standalone system and not used for test or production. I want to install SP 2010 enterprise for this but will need it longer than the 180 day eval period.  My question is - Does this install, in this environment, require licensing i.e. cost money?  We have the enterprise installed and licensed but I want a separate dev install. Any ideas on where to go to get this information? I can't find it anywhere that I am looking.

Running website in standalone PC

Is there possible for me to use the website I developed using Microsoft Visual Studio for standalone PC??? Or it's a MUST to upload it into the server then only can be used??? 

how to add custom site collection template in central admin site in SharePoint2010?

hi all, how can we add custom template in cendtral admin in sharepoint 2010? In 2007, we can add by using the stsadm tool addtemplate operation....but 2010 tremplate is saved as a solution file not a .stp file...so how we can add this template in central admin site in SharePoint 2010? Please give me some suggestions...... thanks in advance.....

Visual Studio 2010 can't find the Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Server when compiliing, Standalone vs

I'm wondering if we installed Visual Studio correctly cos when we get into Visual Studio 2010 the "Deploy as a Farm Solution" is the only available button option and the "Deploy as a Sandbox Solution" is un-selectable, grayed out, assuming the "Sandbox" solution is the "Standalone" approach? So when we go to compile a Workflow, the error message says the Sharepoint Server is not found" Could this "Deploy as Farm Solution" be a problem when we were instructed to install Sharepoint 2010 Foundation as a "Standalone" install? in other words we're trying to find out why when we go to compile a Workflow in Visual Studio 2010 that it can't find the Sharepoint Server Step 3: Install SharePoint 2010 1.  To install SharePoint Server 2010 or SharePoint Foundation 2010, open a Command Prompt window, and then type the following at the command prompt: On the Choose the installation you want page, click Standalone to install everything on one developer workstation. Thanks very much for any suggestions, ideas or pointers! BobK

SPDiagnosticsService.Local is null on Win7 standalone configuration

I'm trying to programmatically change various diagnostic logging levels for various categories.  When I try to get the SPDiagnosticsService.Local, it returns null as if I'm not a WFE.  I am wondering if this is because I'm running on a Windows 7 standalone configuration.  Anyone else have this problem?

Regarding Claims Based Authentication in sharepoint2010

Hey, i have an web application which is in classic mode. now i want to extend same application as claims mode? can you please sugguest me a proper process Thanks in Advance!Share Knowledge and Spread Love!

Restore Snapshot with SharePoint2010

I have a SharePoint server 2010 + 2010 + ProjectServer Language pack (Portuguese br). Was done on a 15 days ago snapshot (Hyper-V.) Today when the snapshot restore my SharePoint server, the server works only local, SharePoint pages open successfully from within the server itself. But it does not work in the domain, on other machines. The following tests performed: 1) I restored the snapshot I did reset the account from AD, I removed the server from the domain and placed again. The SharePoint services does not rise in the IIS web applications are in stop. Retype the password for the user of the service in IIS for each web application, windows services and doesnt work. In the event view, all errors indicate authentication failure . 2) I restored the snapshot I did reset the server account. (Reestablish trust with the Active Directory) Disconnected the server SharePoint farm. When I reconnect the server does not recognize the services: ProjectServer and Language pack, asks to install again. Are already installed. Through this I have done: 2.1) I repare all instalations 2.2) Installed again ProjectServer and Language pack None of the attempts wizard recognizes that. I have installed the programs to continue and add the server to existing farm. The wizard not recognize, then I Cant add my server in the farm. Retype the password for the user of the service in IIS for eac

No Standalone Option Given when Installing Sharepoint 2010 Foundation

I downloaded the Sharepoint 2010 Foundation installer ran the prerequisites installer then ran the Sharepoint Foundation install but i do not get a Standalone Option during the install only the install path then it goes strait into the configuration wizard asking for the server farm info can anyone help server 2008 DC r2 x64 on a vmware esxi box Thanks, craig

How to use LocalDatabase.sdf as standalone Database in Application



I have to create a data driven application for my Utility but the problem is That I can not use a sql server database due to company policy and also I do not have any sql express server.

I tried to use .sdf file as database for my application but I am not able to use it properly as I am not able to insert or update records as it is might be a session type of thing there, I dont know properly

I use it to insert record and select records in next step it works well but when I see it in databse it is blank

I can use xml as well but i am not expert in it and it will be not so easy to use xml as database because insert update delete and select with condition might be difficult in xml.

My database will have 4 tables with relations


incoming email on WSS 3.0 in a standalone server environment


Hello Everyone, I have a windows SBS 2008 with exchange 2007 and WSS 3.0 2007 all on one server.

My problem is as follows, I have been trying to set up incoming email inside of wss 3.0, but every guide, blog, and wiki says I need to have SMTP installed, I however cannot have this installed with my configuration. I have created a exchange send connector, created a drop folder, and when I try to email a document to a document library, I get a failure in exchange as follows:

Diagnostic information for administrators:


Generating server: SCS01.scs.com

Simplest way to get a month change event on WPF Calendar (.net 4.0)



is there a simple way to receive some event as soon as someone turns the wpf calendar to the next or previous month?

The calendar is used as a user control part. (If this info is necessary)

At least i tried to handle this over some code via "DependencyProperty" to access the contend and the changed event of the "PART_Header...".

Unfortunately that won't solve my case.

Best regards,


simplest query

How can i make paging in sql query....

Installing Integration services as standalone on a existing cluster


Hi All,

  I have SQL Server 2005 std edition installed on a windows 2003 clustered server. As integration services does not support i was asked to install it as a standalone on both nodes. When I had started the setup it showing on both the nodes. How do i install it only one node at a time and not on the cluster. Do i need to have separate instance of sql server too.



Chandra Mohan



search api SharePoint2010


Hi All,

My requirement is as follows,

there is a simple search textbox.When the search text is entered, on the search button click, it should display the document names & the URL of that document.

Pls. help me to code for the same as I am new to SP. Thnks in advance.


search api SharePoint2010


Hi All,

My requirement is as follows,

there is a simple search textbox.When the search text is entered, on the search button click, it should display the document names & the URL of that document.

Pls. help me to code for the same. Thnks in advance.



search api SharePoint2010


Hi All,

My requirement is as follows,

there is a simple search textbox.When the search text is entered, on the search button click, it should display the document names & the URL of that document.

Pls. help me to code for the same. Thnks in advance.


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