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Store Publishing Pages in a library besides "Pages"

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :SharePoint

Hi everybody,

I'm trying to see if there's a way to store publishing pages in other libraries and keep their functionality.  For example, I want to make a library called "Things" and move a publishing page from "Pages" into "Things".  This is in order to have the URL's of pages in the site be something like example.org/info/faq.aspx instead of example.org/pages/info/faq.aspx.

I have already tried doing this, enabling the Page and Article Page content types, but I get some weird problems:  The edit button isn't always available, when I try to create a new item in the library it doesn't take me to the page creation page (even though I have pages as the default content type), and moving pages from one library to another breaks the top navigation link.

How could you customize the URL's of your pages without using a redirect or any other hokey solution?



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How to set create-only permissions to publishing pages library?

I have publishing site where users can add their own pages to some libraries. I have problem with permissions when user creates new page. Here's how I set permissions: all users are added to members group (by default they can view pages) members group has view permissions also for master pages library For site where users can add pages I set the following permissions on pages library users can add view pages users can add pages When user adds new page then he/she gets automatically edit permissions for this page. So users can edit only their own pages. I found out that add permission is not enough - when user creates page then he/she gets access denied error. The minun that doesn't cause problems is approver permission to pages library (of course, now users can do everything on pages library they ever want to do). Is there any way to avoid making users as approvers?  They only need view and add permissions for page library and view and edit permissions for pages they added. They cannot do anything more. Approving and denying of pages is administrators job. With best regards, Gunnar Peipman   Also visit my ASP.NET and SharePoint blog!

Show wiki page library columns on wiki pages- SharePoint 2010

I created a wiki page library in SharePoint 2010 and added a few columns to the library. However, these columns do not show on the actual wiki pages as they did in SharePoint 2007. I looked through the library settings but didn't find anything to turn on this feature. Does anyone know how to do this or if this feature was even included in SharePoint 2010? Thanks.

alternative to publishing pages that are editable in sharepoint designer?

when i create a publishing page, i can only edit the page in the browser.  it's not possible to edit publishing pages in sharepoint designer.  i want to be able to edit my pages in sharepoint designer.  so, i'm using web part pages.   now, i want to change the way the title of the page is generated for my pages.  the template i'm using has this:   <asp:Content ContentPlaceHolderId="PlaceHolderPageTitle" runat="server"> <SharePoint:ListItemProperty Property="BaseName" maxlength="40" runat="server"/> </asp:Content>   i want to change that.  i can change it in each web part page individually in advanced mode.  i can also change the template so that new pages are generated with my customizations.  but i haven't found any way to automatically apply my customizations to all of my existing web part pages. the page layout feature of publishing pages would allow me to do this.  but then, i wouldn't be able to edit my pages in SD.  is there any way to be able to edit pages in SD, and still be able to apply customizations to all of my existing pages in one shot?

sharepoint publishing pages permissions not copying while using variations



I have multilingual publishing site build on sharepoint 2010.We have break the permissions of the publishing pages  on the source language and assuming the same permissions will apply on the target site publishing pages also. But target site publishing pages still inheriting the permission from the site. Just want to assure, is this the default behavior of the sharepoint or something is wrong in environment setup. 


Sourabh K

Project publishing as a compiled package (DLL+aspx). Can I revert to aspx and editable pages?


First time 4.0, the project is a complied DLL - is there any way to revert to just normal aspx and editable cs?



HTML Editor not working in publishing pages - SharePoint


Hello All,

I am developing a SharePoint publishing portal wherein I make use of HTML Editor(third party control) in my page layout for editing the contents.

When I try to edit the page using the publishing console, the HTML Editor which I have added in my page doesn't appear at all. I monitored the design at run time using firebug and it showed no content. Where could I be wrong?




Site Pages Library Event Handler not working



I have created an event handler for Site Pages library in SharePoint 2010. In event Handler I have given the list template id (119 - wiki web page library) but the event handler is not working. Do I need to use different list template id for this.?

Linq to Sharepoint to query Pages Library



I have generated class using SPMetal.exe on site lets say http://Toplevelsite/subSite/Subsite/.

In this subsite pages library have item associate with three different content type.

Now i want to query which filter by content type  using linq against Pages library how can i do that..

something like give me all items from Pages library which content type is "ABC".

Please guide me


Thanks Ron

Variation site: publishing pages

Hopefully some one will have solution. I have a source publishing site A. where I have bunch of webparts, contents, documents. Now once I publish, all the content propagates with few exception like: 1) items in document library 2) images 3) Note board to name a few. any work around.... and the other thing, how the partial page updates works? as propagate only those items have changed in source page. bcz people dont want to customize target sites each time when they publish from source right?

When trying to create a site i get - 'Failed to create the 'Pages' library. Please Help...



I get an error in SharePoint 2010 when trying to create a new site in my site collection root. I beleave I have set up everything correctly security-wise, but maybe I missed something. I am set as site collection owner.

Any thoughts or ideas appreciated! Thank you in advance /Jesper Wilfing

EventLogger tells me:


Event log message was: 'Failed to create the 'Pages' library.'. Exception was: 'Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: User cannot be found.

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPUserCollection.get_Item(String loginName)

at Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow.SPWorkflowNoCodeSupport.LoadWorkflowBytesElevated(SPFile file, Int32 fileVer, Int32& userid, DateTime& lastModified)

at Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow.SPWorkflowManager.AddDeclSiteTemplates(SPWeb web, String visibility, SPWorkflowTemplateCollection wftemplates, SPListTemplateType templateType)

at Microsoft.SharePoint.Workflow.SPWorkflowManager.<>c__DisplayClass2.<RegisterNoCodeTemplates>b__0()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSecurity.<>c__DisplayClass4.<RunWithElevatedPrivileges>b__2()

at Microsoft.SharePoint.Utilities.SecurityContext.RunAsProcess(CodeToRunElevated secureCode)

at Microsoft.SharePoin

SharePoint 2010 : Publishing Pages by Administrator



We have a requirement where administrator/approver should be able to directly publish the pages of a library where publishing approval workflow is enabled.

But, the Publish button on the ribbon is greyed out even for administrator and approver.

Any ideas on how to get this working?




Plan for massive update of publishing pages



We have a subsite which is currently in production, but we are planning to make changes to a lot of pages that will only go live on a certain date. The thing is we have to start making the changes as it is impossilbe to make all the changes within one single day. I wonder what the best approach is while the current pages might change daily and we are going to replace a lot of the pages with the new content on a certain date.

Please advice. Thanks in advance

get the pages 3 to 13 from the pages document library and exclude the displaying page in the sharepo



I have requirement which is ,i am having page document library in the sharepoint site from there we are going to display the all article pages.

My question is:I want get pages from the page document library from top 3 to 13 and exclude the current displaying page.

Explain:i am having a.aspx ,b.aspx,c.aspx,d.aspx pages in the page document library,i need to show those pages in webpart, suppose i am in a.aspx page now i can display b.aspx,c.aspx,d.aspx in that particulate page,And suppose i need to show the pages from 2 to 4 then i can display c.aspx and d.aspx pages in the a.aspx page


please help me ,really appriciate


Web Part pages in the Pages library don't inherit the Site Icon?


I just noticed that for Web Part Pages created through the UI and placed into the Pages library don't seem to inherit the Site Icon. I tested this in two environments.

I want to keep using the Pages library as I've linked the page to the top link bar, and it highlights it properly if it's in the pages library. However I can't seem to be able to fix the Site Icon on that page. 

Is this a known bug or have I done something wrong?

How to hidde Web part group from ribbon in a publishing and wiki pages?



I want to hide Webpart group for users with special permmision.

I have created this custom action

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<Elements xmlns="http://schemas.microsoft.com/sharepoint/">
   Location="CommandUI.Ribbon" Rights="ManageWeb">
          Location="Ribbon.EditingTools.CPInsert.WebParts" />


But when I do edit page->insert I still have this group.

Can you help me?



publishing site & master pages



I have a publishing site for which I am creating a master page. I created a couple of test pages so I could see what my master page looks like.  I created a page layout and some new pages to use for a test. I can view my pages with the master applied in SP Designer 2007, but when I look at it on the web, it's not picking it up.  I approved the master page  and the page layout, but I didn't publish them. ( I get the warning that the local and remote sites are the same- not sure what this means).

I am assuming I don't have to publish the master page to see it on the website. Is this true?

Also, when I look at the pages(aspx) in the MasterPage Gallery folder in SP Designer, I can see that the master pages custom & default options are selected. Also, the page layout's "set as default master page" ( it's an aspx file) is also selected.  Does this sound right?  

Does anybody know what I am missing? 


thanks much.


Issue - Copy pages from one publsihing site to pages library in other publsihing site



I have a strange issue, I am copying pages from pages library in one site : http://testsite/subsite1/ to http://testsite/subsite1/subsite2

the pages get copied, I can see the count increasing when page library is viewed from "View All site content", but when I open the library, it only shown default.aspx and not the copied pages. Can any one suggest what can be the reason. Is it related to some rights?

Count in page library shows it has 10 items but when I open library, it only shows 1 page.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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