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Comparison between .Net and ADF

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF

How does .Net compare with ADF based on following broad parameters:
1. Productivity
2. Performance
3. Learning Curve
4. Availability of skill sets in market
4. Scalability

• How does .Net compare with Oracle ADF in terms of performance?

 Are Java applications inherently less optimal in terms of performance when compared to .Net because of double pointer concept?
 Support for Caching & Memory Management

• How does .Net compare with Oracle ADF in terms of productivity? The following points can be preferably used as reference for comparison:
 Ease of development
 Ease of maintenance
 Lines of code
 ‘User Productivity’ features in applications, for example Search, Filter, Sorting etc.
 Visualization components like graphs, charts, animation etc.?
 Support provided during the application development i.e. certain guided procedures / framework that enables to adhere to a particular set of standards & best practices?
 Application Lifecycle Management

• How .Net compare with ADF in terms of Scalability?
 Platform Independence
 Load Balancing

• What is learning curve for Oracle ADF as compared to

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VB.NET and C# language syntactical comparison


Here's a nice VB and C# reference page that does a syntactical comparison of both languages.  Useful for someone fluent in one language but needs to understand or code in the other one.


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hexstring comparison

dears,2 hex strings i am pasting as follows.i have two exe files. S1.EXE and S2.EXEwhen byte converting to hexstring S1.EXE result is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 same byte converting to hexstring S2.EXE result isFFD8FFE00104A4649460110010100FFDB0430C88A88CAAACCCE101C121010101022181A141C28222A28262226262C303E342C2E3A2E2626364A363A40424646462A344C524C44503E444642FFDB0431CCC10E1020121220422C262C4242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242424242FFC401F001511111100000000123456789ABFFC40B5100213324355440017D123041151221314161351617227114328191A182342B1C11552D1F024336272829A161718191Ay same byte result is different here?actually S1.EXE hexstring is correct.but i dont know the code of that EXE.in S2.EXE byte converting to hexstring as followsDim strTemp1 As New StringBuilder(Bytes.Length * 2)        For intIndex = offset T

Comparison of DataSources

I'm new to ASP.net and I'm developing my first web site.  I have a question about using datasources.  MS Supports multiple different data sources in ASP.net 3.5 when working with a SQL Server Data Layer.  Which data source do you use and how would you compare them with respect to (a)  Development Time,  (b)  Processing Speed, and (c) Supportability.     SQL DataSource     Object DataSource    Linq DataSource    Database DataSource    Entity DataSource For example I understand that the Linq DataSource is slow especially if you use it to display lookup data in noneditable fields in a Gridview.       In your development activity, do you always use one or another? Or are the some situations where one is better than another?  For example, would you use one in Gridviews and another in FormViews?   Thanks for your help                 

Comparison of Performance Point and Oracle Business Intelligence

Hello, Can someone provide me with an article that compares Oracle BI with Performance Point? Thanks in advance, Shelley

Real time face comparison


Hi, Recently i faced a reqirement, for comparison of face i have my webcam and i need to compare the current image with already stored image. this is very urgent please someone help me.

SSAS databases comparison tool


There are a lot of tools for comparing “regular” SQL databases, but I couldn’t find any tool for comparing SSAS databases or cubes. Is there one or is it just no need in such a tool among BI community?

Selecting record based on domain url and email comparison


I want to limit the selecting of data records to only the user who created the record, OR a users who's email address belongs to the domain of the record being edited.
So, if the producer has a value in the URL of "www.mydomain.com" and their email address in the Membership is "someone@mydomain.com" they will be able to see the record.

I have the following table:
Table -  Producer
Field: ProducerID
Field: ItemUserID
Field: URL

I have figured out how to select based on the ItemUserID (see code below), but I don't know how to compair the email address values of URL and the Membership.

protected void SqlDataSource1_Selecting(object sender, SqlDataSourceSelectingEventArgs e)
      if (Page.User.Identity.IsAuthenticated)
     //get id of user logged in
     e.Command.Parameters["@ItemUserID"].Value = Membership.GetUser().ProviderUserKey;

Can someone show me how to code my requirements?

Memory consumption comparison between WCF x Remoting on Host


Dear sirs,


I did a small winform host application to register a simple service (Hello Word) 500 times on Remoting and on WCF.

I noticed that WCF consumes much more memory than Remoting just to host the services. About 150 times over .


I´m just talking the necessary memory to run the following commands:

- [WCF] ServiceHost.Open   versus  [Remoting] RemotingConfiguration.RegisterWellKnownServiceType

I´m not talking about message, client x server communication...


Here is my sample application results summary:

-WCF Service - GC Memory (gcMemoryEnd - gcMemoryStart) : 9691 KBytes

-Remoting Service - GC Memory (gcMemoryEnd - gcMemoryStart) :61 KBytes


I can send to you my sample application. Just ask me. (mrctito@hotmail.com)

You can download from [http://cid-063f615d2720e2bf.office.live.com/self.aspx/P%c3%bablico/MemoryConsumptionComparisonWCFversusRemoting.zip] too.

I would be very glad for any help.

Thank you.

Problem converting varchar values to numeric format for comparison


I've got an SQL-2008 database containing our network inventory (it's from LanSweeper - a low-end and very recommendable network management tool). In a table are all logins with the IP-address of that moment, where the IP-address is defined as VARCHAR(15).

I need to compare IP addresses with those in the table defining the IP segments, where the segment addresses are also defined as VARCHAR(15).

In order to be able to compare reliably, I need to convert the addresses to numeric format. I cooked up the following SELECT statement for that:

SELECT TOP (100) PERCENT Ipaddress, (
CAST(SUBSTRING(Ipaddress, 1, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, 1) - 1) AS DEC) * 1000000000 +
CAST(SUBSTRING(Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, 1) + 1, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, 1) + 1) - 1) AS DEC) * 1000000) +
CAST(SUBSTRING(Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, 1) + 1) + 1, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, 1) + 1) + 1) - 1) AS DEC) * 1000 +
CAST(SUBSTRING(Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, CHARINDEX('.', Ipaddress, 1) + 1) + 1) + 1, 3) AS DEC) AS IP, Computername, logontime, Username, ADsite,
FROM dbo.tblCPlogoninfo

Case insensitive string comparison using Like


Consider this code;


		Dim Var1, Var2 As String

		Var1 = "TEST"
		Var2 = "es"

		If Var1 Like "*" & Var2 & "*" Then
			'No Match
		End If


It returns no match because it is case sensitive. I need it to return a match (so case insensitive) and it needs to be fast because i am using it to filter records on the fly as the user types. Using .ToLower is slow when you are dealing with 1000's of repetitions.

Is there a more efficient way to do what i want without the performance penalties of converting them both to lower case every time?

String.Compare doesnt seem to cater for it.

string comparison in ssis2008?


hi all,

i was shocked by the fact that "9:9" < "99" returns true in the Derived Column component in ssis 2008.

what did i misconstrue?


Andrew Chen
Interested in BI related technologies

Pondering ASCII ordering in a string comparison



The following query on SQL Server:

Select case when '9:9' < '99' then 1 else 0 end
returns 1

Given, according to http://asciitable.com/ ':' comes after '9' I am surprised that the above query does what it does. Then again I'm clearly making a wrong assumption somewhere.

Can anyone explain this?




http://sqlblog.com/blogs/jamie_thomson/ | @jamiet | About me
Jamie Thomson

SS Analysis Services ( SSAS ) DB schema comparison tool?

Does anyone know of a tool that compares SSAS databases? Not their data, just schema and maybe partition definitions.

Table Data Comparison




I have two tables that have the following fields:

Table A (ID,DocID,Debit,Credit,SYSid)

Table B (ID,DocID,Debit,Credit)


1.I want to select DocID and Debit or Credit in Table A that do not match DocID and Debit or Credit in   Table B and then insert the results

convert date from YYYYMM to date for comparison


I have a column char(6) that I need to use as a date for comparison.

My YR_Month is the 6 char string that I need to use like this







DataTriggers with comparison



I have the following set the Image Source of an Image if the Field CustomsYN = True and this works fine.



DataTrigger Binding="{Binding Path=CustomsYN}" Value="True">

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