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Link opens new window without toolbar but can't sizeable

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 27, 2010    Points: 0   Category :ASP.Net


I use html link to open new sizable window without toolbar. But my code does not work. not sizable and no scrollbars. Please check my missing.


                                                                            <a href="<%#GetAFB(Container)%>">
                                                                                <img id="globe" src="../Images/Location.png" height="15px" border="none" />


    Public Function GetAFB(ByVal cell As GridCell) As String

         Dim strHref As String
        strHref = "javascript:void(window.open('../ATracking/ASTFB.aspx?" & _
        "ACode=" & cell.RowElement.GetRecord().GetValue("ACode") & "&LocationID=" & cell.RowElement.GetRecord().GetValue("LocationID") & _
        "','BedBoard', 'toolbar=no', menubar=no','scrollbars=yes','resizable

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Window.Open in AJAX Accordian Panel Opens Link in Same Window

I'm using the following span to open a page in a new window. What is INCREDIBLY odd is that it is exactly the same code from three different pages, but the first refuses to open in a new window. The only difference is that the first example resides within an Ajax Accordian Panel so I suspect that it might be an Ajax related issue. Ideas? Does not open in new window.<span onclick="window.open ('http://[domainname]/Mercury/production/content/directory/DirectorySideBar.aspx','mywindow','width=271,height=498,scrollbars=no');">   Opens in new window<span onclick="window.open ('http://[domainname]/Mercury/production/content/directory/DirectorySideBar.aspx','mywindow','width=271,height=498,scrollbars=no');">   Opens in new window<span onclick="window.open ('http://[domainname]/Mercury/production/content/directory/DirectorySideBar.aspx','mywindow','width=271,height=498,scrollbars=no');">  

Open a link in new window from a custom fields description MOSS 2007



I have kept a help link (ex: http://www.msdn.com) under a document library field's description. i want this link to be opened in a new window with out navigating from that page.

any ideas greatly appreciated.




adding Window Media Player into IE Toolbar

Hello: I am facing a problem in adding a Window Media Player Control into IE ToolBar. I found a project written in C# on Code Project site that can add a text into IE toolBar. But I can't add the window Media Player into IE. The Project I found constitutes of 2 projects BandOjLib and SampleBars window Application C sharp where the development is happening in it. So what you do in SampleBars project will be embedded into BandObj Project after compilation and start without debugging both BandObj and SampleBars respectively. When I am adding the Window Media Player into TOOLBOX, then to drag it into window Form => it gives me this error: Assembly generation failed -- Referenced assembly 'AxInterop.WMPLib' does not have a strong name. I have tried to give it a strong name but with no vain???? I am sending you the project link http://www.codeproject.com/csharp/dotnetbandobjects.asp?select=1113574&df=100&forumid=3788&noise=1&mpp=50&fr=51#xx1024015xx. So please if you have any advice try to inform me.   Regards, R0nda

when webform contents changed, a new IE window opens with new contents. why?

I am implementing a web form, and when a checkbox is clicked, contents of the form are changed (i.e. additional checkboxes are being selected), and webform is refreshed to show the new contents. however, instead of displaying new contents within the original IE window, a new IE window is openned with new contents, and the old window remains there without any content update. i did not request for window.open or provide a _blank to specifically indicate a redirect should go to a new IE window. I just want the original IE window being refreshed to reflect the content changes. i have worked with asp.net for years and i think that be default refresh of the webform to reflect new changes always stay in the same IE window and thus never pay attention on how to open or surppress a new IE window? i think it is some config, but don't know what config and where i should look for it. please help thanks michael huang    

In data view web part - how to display document name with link that opens lookup document rather tha

I have a list with a lookup column to create relationships with documents in a separate library. I am creating a data view web part to display each item in the list. One of the fields I want to display is the document field (the lookup column). I want this to be in the form of the related document's name with link to directly open the source document itself (Word, PPT, ...). Now I am only managing to display the document name linked to opening the document's display form of the related document library, and then I have to click the document's name there to open it. Alas one unnecessary click too many. Any wize tips? Henning

refreshing (reloading) the self page when it opens the popup window

silbut = e.Item.FindControl("button4")         silbut.Attributes.Add("onclick", "window.open('firmaus.aspx?i=" + rrid.Text + "&s=" + Session("firma").ToString + "')") Hi all,I add an attribute on data bound event to the datalist with following codein studentlist.aspx page :deletebutton = e.Item.FindControl("button4")deletebutton.Attributes.Add("onclick", "window.open('studentus.aspx?i=" + rrid.Text + "&s=" + Session("studid").ToString + "')")but i want deletebutton to refresh parent page (studentlist.aspx) when i click it, with openning the page (studentus.aspx...)how can i add this attribute?thanks for helps.

how can I attach a window to my IE toolbar button extension similar to IE8 'Favorites' toolbar but

down vote favorite

I managed to add a tool bar IE using the BandObjectLib which is written in C# and uses DESKBANDINFO struct and others the thing is I want to attach a window when a button is clicked that has some input like button and lists etc..The window is not part of the toolbar, but rather it is The project I am using is the following http://cgeers.wordpress.com/2008/02/16/internet-explorer-toolbar/#download

I created a separate window control but it's appearing as if it is a separate unit. I just wanna be able to detect the exact location of the toolbar button relative to the screen..

Any suggestions?

make Gridview data as hyper link with alias open in new window



I have one asp.net C# page in which i have gridview..

This are the url comes from database and binded in gridview




what i need is i need to show this url has like this

www.xxxxxx.com/A/Default.aspx is like Test1

www.xxxxxx.com/B/Default.aspx is like Test2

www.zzzzz.com/C/Default.aspx is like Test3

if user click Test1 it will open a new browser window with www.xxxxxx.com/A/Default.aspx

if user click Test3 it will open a new browser window with www.zzzzz.com/C/Default.aspx 

how to make this in gridview please help me in this...

popup window does not hide navigation toolbar


i am opening some data in pop up window my code is follows

<script type="javascript">

function popup(str)


var pageurl= "popup.aspx?id="+str;



it works properly but how could i hide popup windows  navigation toolbar it still displayed in firefox browser but doesnot display in IE

is there any way to hide navigation toolbar?

Open link in a new window


I have a cutomlist with a field of type "Hyperlink". I would like the link to open in a new Window.

I have searched this forum, and have tried to insert some javascript code that would iterate throught the links and add a taget=blank attribute, but I cant get it to work.

Does anyone have a solution?  

asp.net :-modaldialog opens one more browser window



I have a modaldialog  window in which i have few controls like drop down, grid & button to export data to PDF whenever i click any control in ModalDialog it opens new browser window with same controls in it



How to Open a Navigation Link in a new Window?


Go here in SharePoint 2010: Site Settings\Top Link Bar\New Navigation Link

There is no option to open the link in a new window.

I tried even this to add in "Type in the Web address:" section and didn't work:

="java script:void(window.open('http://www.microsoft.com','_blank', 'toolbar=false'))"

Please could you advice?

InfoPath 2007 or infopath 2010 doesn't opens in ink entry mode when using window xp

when using info path 2007 or infopath 2007 on tablet pc InfoPath 2007 or infopath 2010 doesn't opens in ink entry mode when using window xp i tried to go to tools options but didn't find the INK Tab, but when using window 7 i don't have any kind of problem. Why i am facing this problem and is there a solution for it?

How to open popup window when i click hyper link field in grid view?

I have data binding through web service using vss2008,here i have one hyper link column is there,so when i click hyper link the page is open like pop window(without toolbar,status bar, menu bar,and scrollbar)

Modal popup window in ASP.Net

A Masked div or modal popup window is a child window created from the parent window which prevents the user from interacting with parent window before he returns to the parent application.

MSDN Abstract Classes Link

MSDN Reference For Abstract Clases

lossing focus from model pop up window controls


hi i using a model pop up window with some textbox but when i click on textbox of model pop up focus move to back to page textbox control plz help me 

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