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Posted By:      Posted Date: September 26, 2010    Points: 0   Category :Sql Server

hello all...
is there a table where all the updates, inserts and deletes are logged... like i dont need to know the values inserteds, updateds or deleteds... i just need to know on wich table such events took place...

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SharePoint's Sandbox: Developing, Deploying and Monitoring Sandboxed Solutions in SharePoint 2010


The challenge in SharePoint development has always been the balance between creating and deploying solutions that you can trust not to damage or impair a SharePoint farm. A new feature in SharePoint 2010, called Sandboxed Solutions, enables farm administrators to feel comfortable that the SharePoint farm is safe, gives site collection administrators the authority to manage applications in their site collection, and provides developers with the flexibility to create solutions they know will be deployed in a safe and rapid manner.

Paul Stubbs

MSDN Magazine November 2009

C++ Q&A: Performance Monitoring, Managed Extensions, and Lock Toolbars


In the June 2004 issue of MSDN®Magazine, I described a class called ShowTime that you can use to do simple performance monitoring for your app. ShowTime uses its constructor/destructor to record the start/stop times of its existence so you can instantiate it in a block of code like so: { ShowTime st(_T("Total time is:")); // some lengthy operation } .

Paul DiLascia

MSDN Magazine September 2004

Performance monitoring and baselining

Hello, While collecting the baseline data through perfmon I had come across few basic doubts in my mind which I need to clarify with your help. Suppose we have lot of RAM available and we launch an application (say a huge SSRS report with 5 million records). This takes up all the RAM and we see a steep decline in the perfmon chart. Once this report is generated , we notice a rise in the available memory. Does this means, the memory is released automatically by the report server? What is the concept behind this? Can we forcefully make SQL Server (or report server) to release the acquired memory at any point of time? Regards.

SSIS Package Execution Monitoring

How to monitor the execution of SSIS packages through Dtexec? I need to show Start Time, Status of each Task in package and estimated time to complete the execution while package is being executed.

Server and Database Monitoring using SSRS

Hello, Everytime I search for this I keep getting reports on the SSRS server. What I want to be able to do is: Monitor for a week CPU% time vs time graph it and e-mail it to myself as a PDF. So, Monday - Friday on the 24hr clock data put onto a graph as an e-mailed PDF. I know its possible but not quite sure of how to tackle! Help!!

Monitoring a database entry

Hi, I am  building a web application in which when I create an entry, I need to monitor a status for 10 minutes. I am not sure how I can achieve this?  I am entring the data to database as soon as the user creates the entry. I can obviously use a trigger to see if the status has been updated. But how can I get the database to check the entry 10 minutes after it has been created? I would really appreciate some useful feedback. Thanks 

Monitoring Rights Management Services

Hi, I've a requirement to monitor AD RMS state,AD RMS cluster state and performance. Are there any .Net libraries that facilitate these monitoring capabilities. Similarly are there libraries to monitor RMS server,Client and RMS-enabled applications. Thanks, --Prasad

Monitoring and moving SharePoint foundation 2010 database on SBS 2008


I have successfully followed the white paper for upgrading SharePoint Services 3.0 to SharePoint Foundation 2010. Other than an authentication link problem all went smoothly.

I do have two small problems. The Small Business Server console reports that SharePoint is not functioning (it is functioning as I can connect to the site), this is more a nussance as my daily reports are inaccurate and I hope if this is normal there is or will be a hotfix to repair the reporting. This also comes to the second more serious problem.

In upgrading the process moved the database from it's own drive back to the system drive. I should have payed more attention to the directories in the upgrade process. Live and learn. Since the reporting is wrong in the console the move database wizard also does not work. Knowing that SBS gets cranky when things aren't done with a wizard or in a super specific order, is there a proper way to move the database? I am beging to get the long list of warnings as the drive fills up.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.



Database Job monitoring


Hi is there any FREE tool for monitoring MS SQL 2000 scheduled jobs?  

MOSS 2007 farm monitoring tool.


I am looking for the tool (reasonable cost) for monitoring the MOSS 2007 farm?

I need to monitor below points:-

- WebApp URLs
- Crawl Logs
- Timer Jobs
- Errors in ULS Logs
- SharePoint Errors in Evnet logs

Can someone suggest any tool?

Purpose of Monitoring Server


Hi Im setting up Log shipping between two SQL server (different location)

My question will be why do we need a separate monitoring server ?

From my understanding its roles is redundant whereall the belows can be done at primary/secondary server
-details of log shipping
-last backup of primary server
-last copied of secondary server
-last restored of secondary server


ASP.NET Health Monitoring. How can I do this?



I want to use "ASP.NET Health Monitoring" with an SQL but without the usual ASP.NET database and tables.

I think I need to create a custom provider. How can I do this?

Is the source of the native SQL provider available so I can follow it?

Basically it will not be much different. 



Monitoring License Use


Could someone please explain to me how the user licenses in Sharepoint 2010 work? For example, I have 100 licenses. I created 31 users in my sharepoint groups. Does that mean that I am always using 31 licenses, or is it just how many people are connected at once?  Also, how can I monitor my license use? I would imagine there is some way to view it in central administration.

Replication Monitoring Questions

We have a pretty extensive replication topology at our organization. The
publications are 99% transactional with a couple of snapshots thrown in for
articles that do not change very often. these are used for some mission
critical BI processes, so making sure they are in sync is one of my top

I am finding it pretty much impossible to ensure that everything is up to
date without manually opening each publication/ subscription in replication
monitor and verifying that the flow of transactions is behaving properly.
This process takes literally hours for me to complete. I had created a job to
run sp_publication_validation against all of the publications coupled with
alerts to email me when validation failed, and this seemed to be working fine
until this morning. During my morning checklist routine, I found two
publication marked as "Critical Performance," with each having 57 seconds of
latency. When I opened the Distributor to Subscriber History tab, I found
both had a status of "Initial snapshot is not available," and apparently had
not been updating properly for roughly a week. My job did not pick these off
as failing validation. I manually ran a subscription validation against both,
and no results were ever returned.

My question to

how to monitoring cpu usage use cell phone??



i'm te new begginer in this forum and in mobile device

i want to ask to you all about monitoring hardware using cell phone especially cpu usage and memory usage. can you all help me, give me some example code, please....

i hope you all can answer my question soon, cause i need to finish my last project for complete my study...

thanks a lot...

Replication monitoring



On replication monitor publisher is not in connected status.when i am trying to add publisher it is giving message like it was already in connected status.And then i tried to connect distributor then i am getting message

login failed for user .the user is not associated with a trusted sql server connection :error 18452

Authentication mode is in mixed mode.but still i am getting this error.

We are using sql server 2005,standard eddition.

So please help on this issue..

Thanks in Advance..



Monitoring SSAS

Which discover parameters be best to determine to cancel queries? What does read/write Bytes used read means for a Query?
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