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scrolling the bitmapdata

Posted By:      Posted Date: September 24, 2010    Points: 0   Category :WPF


I'm trying to build a spectrogram. I did this using a picturebox and it worked out but it flickered a lot so I had to try something else. I now have a panel in which I display bitmapdata and that works fine.

Now, whenever the bitmap has to be updated, for example 25/sec, then I need to have the bitmap shifted one pixel (to the right in this case) and I need help how to do this efficiently. When I have done the shifting of the bitmap then I can insert my FFT magnitude data in the first column of the bitmap.

I was thinking about handling each row of my bitmap at a time using marshall copy (copy columns 0:N-2 to 1:N-1) but that would not work out since the each pxel copy would overwrite the next pixel to be moved and I don't think mashall copy can copy backwards. Hope this makes sense!

I've been dealing with this problem for a few days and I'm gradually loosing patience :)

Hope to hear from you


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scrolling region for disclaimer?

I might have posted this int he wrong spot the first time.  I have a disclaimer that I need users to acknowledge before submitting my form which was built using IP07 on Forms Services.  This disclaimer is quite lengthy so I've been looking for a way to include it int he form without having two pages of disclaimer take up the form.  I thought I could do this with a scrolling region that that functionality seems to be disabled for IP Forms Services.  Is there any way I can do a scrolling region or even some kind of work around?  I cannot just do a rich text box because the default text will not let me do paragraphs inside.  I'd prefer to do this w/o programming.

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I have a fairly complex SharePoint Designer 2007 Data View they have added two more requirements.

1. Have the columns on the right side be able to scroll left to right as there is a large number of columns, while the first 3 columns on the left side stay locked in place.  This is only one list not two, and because of some other requirements I have it must remain to be just one list.

2. Then they also need to have scrolling up and down of the entire list with the headers locked in place.

The first requirement is more important than the second, but preferrably I need to do both.

I am new to XSL so not familar with the syntax. Is this something I can do on a custom Data View? Does anyone have any examples of how?

I have a drawing that show how it needs to look but I don't see an option here to upload a graphic.

So here is a link to my graphic example uploaded to my blog area: http://lindachapman.blogspot.com/  or just the image here: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_aB01ue__NvQ/TGL42MOvrGI/AAAAAAAAAA4/c3xP4uCy4BU/s1600/Scrolling.png

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Hi , I need to scroll the list view on Button click . I tried adding it as  a command target but it is not working as the item source is binded. Can u please let me know how it can be achieved using xaml only . The code snippet i tried is as below: <local:SortableListView x:Name="headLinesGridView" IsSynchronizedWithCurrentItem="True" Style="{DynamicResource ListViewStyle}" ItemsSource="{Binding Source={StaticResource TestDataSource}}" ItemContainerStyle="{StaticResource headLinesGridViewStyle}" ColumnHeaderSortedAscendingTemplate="HeaderTemplateArrowUp" ColumnHeaderSortedDescendingTemplate="HeaderTemplateArrowDown" ColumnHeaderNotSortedTemplate="HeaderTemplateTransparent" ScrollViewer.VerticalScrollBarVisibility="Hidden" ScrollViewer.HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Hidden"> <ListView.View> <GridView ColumnHeaderContainerStyle="{StaticResource gridViewHeaderStyle}" ColumnHeaderTemplate="{StaticResource HeaderTemplateTransparent}"> <local:SortableGridViewColumn Header="ID" DisplayMemberBinding="{Binding ID}" SortPropertyName="ID" Width="50" /> <local:SortableGridViewColumn Header="First Name" DisplayMemberBi

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Hi All,   I Implemented drag and drop for listbox in wpf. The scrolling also working, but It's not working as expected. for example, I have 15 items in my listbox and I dragged 1st item to 8th position, the scroller goes to the extreme location(15 position) and if I scroll up its goes to the first location of the item(scrolling is happening very fastly). Please any one can guide me to resolve this. Please let me know if more infor required.   Thanks, Karthikeyan Manickam.

Scrolling through lists extremely slow

Hi , When viewing lists in SharePoint 2010 it's abnormally sluggish when scrolling especially with the scroll wheel on the mouse. If you grab the scroll bar with your mouse its abit faster but when scrolling with the wheel it jumps up and down. Viewing a list with 500 items on a page (which worked perfectly without issue in MOSS) is unbareable. Also when trying to edit the page that this list view is on, it takes for ever to load. Seems like a javascript issue, has anybody else experienced the same issue and know how to fix it? Note: the list with 500 items has been migrated from MOSS by upgrading a MOSS 2007 DB if that makes a difference. I have tested with a brand new list and the issue still occurs

Float the Page Title Zone when scrolling down the page?

I would like the horizontal nav and everything above it to float (stay in view) as a user scrolls down the page, like the Ribbon (SharePoint:SPRibbon) does. Basically, this tag <div id="s4-workspace">     /bac

Sys.Extended.UI.DragDropManager no auto scrolling on IE

Hi, I need to move rows order inside a GridView. Recently I tested the following code : http://weblogs.asp.net/rajbk/archive/2007/06/13/the-gridview-row-drag-overlay-extender.aspx  This is exactly what I need ! And thanks to the author. This is working perfectly on FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari. But I noticed a strange behavior with Internet Explorer.On the others browsers (FireFox, Google Chrome, Safari) when having a very long page (gridView larger than browser page viewport), I could drag the row passed down the browser viewport and then browser automaticly scroll down the page to allow me to reach a lower gridview row. However on Internet Explorer that does not work ! The page does not automaticly scroll, Nothing happens. And it is not possible to do scroll it manually with the mouse wheel during dragging operation. So my question is : Is there a workaround that achieve the same behavior as others browser ? PS : I already migrate the code to only uses the AjaxControlToolKit : I mean : (Sys.Extended.UI instead of Microsoft.Web.Preview). I though it could be related to an older version of drag javascript but now I'm using the latest AjaxControlTooklit release and the problem is the sameBest regards  

Can animation extender be used to replicate Twitter's smooth-scrolling, latest-tweet control?

I'm not going for the exact same control, but if I can find a smart way to automatically/smoothly scroll through text from the database on Timer Tick intervals of 5 seconds... then I can use that as a template. My main idea would be to just dynamically create panels with the text inside of them, then dispose of them when they come towards the bottom of the list... but 3 things stop me 1) it would be a lot of work, 2) when the last panel cycles to the bottom of the display area then how do I make it smoothly disappear? 3) What would I use for the display spot?- a Panel won't work because if its contents exceed the set height, it either just expands to fit it or adds scroll bars. I basically want it to have slideshow functionallity how the images smoothly scroll every few seconds (without the scroll bar), and instead of images I want to use text. Any ideas?

Why is the scrolling with a scroll wheel on a mouse so choppy in VS.NET 2010?

I have a Microsoft Mouse that contains a scroll wheel used for scrolling the vertical scroll bars in applications. IE, Word, Outlook, Safari, you name it have smooth consistent scrolling when using the wheel.  However in VS.NET 2010 it is real choppy, like the scroll bar moves in steps or increments. Is there a configuration specific to VS.NET 2010 for configuring this?

Creating mixed logo and text scrolling control

Hello I have a scrolling control that I use for text.   After a while, I switched to a picture combining the text messages and a logo in between.  So the process became: 1. Get message. 2. Get logo. 3. Create a picture of the text messages and the logo in between. 4. Scroll the picture. All was in the plain C# language.   My question is if I can do the same with WPF without creating a picture?   Thanks Eli

Scrolling of headers in matrix.

Hi,    I am trying to make the header of a matrix scrollable. I have tried the coloumn and  row group editing to check the scrollable option. Only the rows that are grouped are scrolling on checking the scrollable option but not the coloumns. I have a coloumn group as static coloum. When I edit it to check the srollable option, it gives an error "The properties of the currently selected item is not valid.Please correct all erorrs before continuing". And for the Static group in coloumns I get only the add option and not the edit option. What should be done in this case? Thanks, Amuda

HOW can i write code for scrolling images in asp.net

plz help me in this topic in one perticular area the image should scroll for every 45 sec's
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